If you don’t teach war-simulation games to toddlers, by not giving them toy-weapons, by keeping them away from games like Kabbadi, kho-kho, kusti, you help them in becoming weak and dependent citizens.

Instead of avoiding war-simulations altogether, teach them right usage! Impart correct value system!

Insects don’t have values, can’t protect self and get crushed first in giant and powerful wave.


Here is the interesting conversation from Arya Chanakya.

Chanakya’s way of creating a non-salaried army:

C = Chanakya S= Shivanath

S: A large army would inflate the defense budget. How can the state support it? To what extent we can increase the taxes before the public revolts?

C: We should build an army that doesn’t require salaries.

S: How is that possible? Who will work as a solider without salary? You are talking strange. The size of the army is dependent on defense budget.

C: Yes. The public will revolt if one has to raise a huge army for a war that comes once in life time. Public gets dissatisfied with the govt if the taxes go beyond the tolerable threshold. When the public develop apathy towards their rulers/govt, enemy doesn’t have to indulge in a war to win the kingdom. That is why I suggest we build an nonsalaried army.

When we develop patriotism in the citizens and offer them military training, they become nonsalaried army in the time of need. We also need to instill dharmic-fervor in them. Religious rituals are part of every individual’s life. So we need to develop patriotism intertwined with their religious/dharmic lifestyle. One cannot have patriotism unless one’s belief system is rooted in the lands they live in {KEY POINT}. That is why the need of the hour is to intertwine hindu dharma with these land. Land without religion is like a palace without foundation. Religion is the concept that uplifts animism into humanism and humanism into God-consciousness.

Bring together every citizen between ages 16 and 40 of every village into one place on a regular basis. Give them military training. Make it a sportive event. Instill discipline while training them in military skills. Make them sing patriotic songs. Identify suitable instructors in each village. This should not appear as an activity done for the state. It should appear as a sportive event for the benefit and entertainment of public. The king must establish indirect control on these village committees and encourage them as necessary.

Such activities instill unity and friendship among villagers. In times of need the villages will not only become self-protective but also offer trained army to king’s battles. This is an army without salary or state-budget. It has unlimited capacity (numbers).

In addition to this a salaried army will always be in the control of the king for unforeseen situations. The people’s army will act as an addendum to the regular army.
S: What a wonderful concept.

Ref: Arya Chanakya by Sri Vedula Surya Narayana