Majority of next generation kids, afflicted by plethora sicknesses, will cry and ask God about root cause of their suffering, following answer will come:

यतेनसो मातृकृताच्छेषे पितृकृताच्च यत् ।
उन्मोचनप्रमोचने उभे वाचा वदामि ते || Atharva Veda – 5-30-4

“If you are lying there sick, it is due to your mother and father’s carelessness!”

You are suffering because of your parents. They were stupid. They did not take care of environment. They mindlessly consume Prana. They had no restraints in life. They were worse than animals. The generation of 21st century. They are the root cause of your suffering.

You (Parents/Would-be parents) are the architects of future. Be responsible!