Many youngsters think, they can bring change via Facebook or by their online activism.

I see fundamental disconnect in virtual world. Disconnect of Prana. There is no exchange of Prana. This is the reason, 60 years of anti-corruption movies could not change the nationwide scenario.

We can exchange information but the change? I doubt. Yes, it can generate temporary wave or following but change in humans? Difficult. Even if it happens, it is not due to online exchanges but person’s own inherent will power for change.

Facebook is just a first step. If you seek change in you or fellow travellers, get connected in real life. Work locally. Experiment ideas with your terrain, the water way.

The average lifetime of an H-bonded connection between two H2O molecules in water is 9.5 psec (picoseconds, where 1 psec  1012 sec). Thus, about every 10 psec, the average H2O molecule moves, reorients, and interacts with new neighbors.
How many humans do you interact with daily for betterment of ecosystem, society and individual empowerment?

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If you are in public domain (working with humans), learn the water way of communication, detachment and attachment in favor of change and sustenance.

Attachment to post, person or public is dangerous, will never allow you to justify your role. Learn to detach when time is right.