As they say, cancer is a disease of uncontrolled cell proliferation. Because the proliferative behavior of cancer cells is so aberrant, we might imagine that cancer cells invent entirely new ways of programming their growth and division-that the control circuitry within cancer cells is organized quite differently from that of normal, healthy cells.

But, any living cell carries with it the experiences of infinite experimentation by its ancestors. This rich set of learning, since birth, protects us from all abnormalities, all anti-national (anti-body) activities. And still, cancer happens. Frequently now. Imagine the depression blow, stress level that triggers cancer like self-centered autonomy in cell-community?

Let us think about citizens, society and individuals.

Corruption cancer is result of 2500 years of slavery and submission. In last 200 years, many man-made famines, artificially constructed, politically motivated social discrimination and many such oppressive tactics played as societal stress. Avg Indian common man is suffering from this stress. Hence corruption. Hence cancerous environment. As a solution, replenish them with new ideals. Re-emerge Vedic life-style by demonstration. As an individual, be audacious in performing your dharma at all level (as an individual, as a citizen, as a grihasthi, as an employee). Blue vision of ideal life should become visible in real lives. Help others to recall glorious experiences of infinite experimentation by its ancestors.

Gau-mutra is cancer medicine. It works on correcting protein signaling. Repairs damaged DNA. Helps cells to recall their real identity and forget uncontrolled proliferation.

Gau-mutra (Gau = Speech, mutra = outcome) i.e. Education always play important role in repairing cancerous society/community. Not the so called schools but Gurukuls. Selfless sages, reaching out to common men in remotest corner and sharing Vedic life by demonstration.