ઢેચણીયુ,ઘુટણીયુ,ઢીંચણીયું – જમતી અને સુતી વખતે ઢીંચણ નીચે રાખવામાં આવતી એક લાકડાની બનાવટ.

It is a knee-prop made up from wood. There used to be norm in society to keep this under knee while you seated for meal or sleeping on either left or right side. See first photo.

Do you know the purpose?

Is it mere rest support for longer sitting position?

Yes, it is. It keeps knee relaxed. But that is not the only use!

It is being used during meal or post meal rest. Post-meal, वामकुक्षी is suggested. To rest on the left side.

At any point of time, either our right nostril is active or left. Right nostril represents Surya Nadi. The Sun energy. The active Prana. Prana that is needed to fuel the bodily fire. Fire that is needed to digest the food!

When you are resting on left side, your right nostril becomes active. When you put such knee props below knee during rest on left side, the process become faster and keeps digestive fire flamed for better digestion.

🙂 Modern science suggest it too. But not the left side focus! 🙂

Now? Now, we eat on dining table. And we hardly have time to take nap after meal! Indigestion inevitable.