Skim milk hoopla
Skim milk hoopla

Once upon a time in India, selling skimmed milk was an offence. There was a law to restrict selling of skimmed milk (milk remained after removing all fats).Not only due to law but citizens were wise and knew that skimmed milk is nothing but greed-based scam.

Now, skimmed milk is marketed and sold predominantly as health drink. 🙂 😀 lol

If you are recommended by your doctor for it or you are under delusion due to heavy marketing, please stay away!! It is white poison for you!

Your skim milk, organic or not, is a highly processed food. When your milk is pasteurized it undergoes high heat, killing all the microbes, good and bad. This leaves the milk inert and toxic to the human digestive tract leading to lactose intolerance, allergies, and a whole host of other issues.

Homogenization makes the milk a uniform thickness by putting the milk though a high pressure process to reduce the size of the fat particles. This process puts the milk at risk of rancidity.

Finally, the skimming process not only strips the milk of essential saturated fats, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2 and healthy cholesterol; but also most reduced fat milks have powdered non-fat milk added which contributes toxic nitrates and oxidized cholesterol.

In our tradition, churning is prescribed method. Churning gives ghee and butter milk. Both healthy. Good for body.

Overall, it is foolish to give high price for junk milk. On top of it, to sell you junk, dairy promotes worse than slaughter type torture on milch animals.