Word ‘आयुर्वेद’, is free from any reference to medicine, cure, therapy. The word has only one meaning i.e. science of life and living.Insult if compared it with any -pathy.

There are number of differences among digestive fire and ability to absorb nutrients at all 7 layers of dhatu by different individuals. Even in same individuals, digestive fire changes rapidly based on environmental factors.

Since आयुर्वेद is a science, it naturally takes care of factors influencing living. Factors not limited to geographical, climatic, seasonal, racial, familial, behavioral, constitutional, and dietetic.
Take fore example of वामकुक्षी or siesta. It is normal to sleep during summer! Or every day if you are living in a terrain where temperature remains above 40 for most months of the year. Go to western India and you will still find shops closed in afternoon in major Gujarat cities. They need it, they deserve it.
This part of considering all influencing factors is lacking in modern medicine. Modern medicine uselessly prescribe or rather bombards medicines by ignoring most of these influencing factors.