Why plants are sicker than they were 100 years back?
Why humans are sicker than they were before industrial civilization?
In my limited understanding, I consider microbes as physical manifestation of प्राणमयकोश of Bhu (soil). Like our physical body is (full of integrated body cells and 10 times more microbes). Pattern of microbes change based on प्राणमयकोश constitution (and interaction with each other), of the soil. (Like our Gut).
7 Prana = 7 Maruts = 49 Marut Gana …list goes on based on different combinations.
Lack of गोबर & मूत्र in forest/farm = Lack of अपान प्राण in प्राणमयकोश of the local body (forest/farm) = Compromised intuitive intelligence for plant’s प्राणमयकोश for elimination process = Accumulation of toxins (आम) = Diseases
हरि प्रेरित तेहि अवसर चले मरुत उनचास।
अट्टहास करि गर्जा कपि बढ़ि लाग अकास।।
When all 49 मरुतs are in your favor, no one can stop you. Hanuman is one vibrant example about being unbeatable.
Life is effortless when all 49 Maruts and their combinations are in your favor! Or in other words, you have control over arranging and managing favorable Marut(s) as per your age, season, varna and terrain. Same is true for plants.
We may grow Olive in Rajasthan. It will give good results for few years but then, you will start seeing sicknesses. Mark my words. Reason is : Mismanagement of Maruts! Forcing Maruts to act against their nature! Think about it. ( Same is true for farmers growing Sandalwood in Gujarat or MP for getting rich in 15 years! 😀 )
मरीचि मरुताम् अस्मि | Gita 10.21 |
From the group of 49 Marut(s), I am Marichi.