Shivratri preparation for next year 🙂
[Written on Feb 21, 2015]
शिशिर = कफ़ dominant season
कफ़ स्थान = Upper Respiratory Track (Brain, Nose, ears, throat)
Since eternity, end of शिशिर is known for कफ़ प्रकोप.
प्रकोप = Flu (ये स्वाईन फ्लू क्या है भाई? :D. )
To burn the कफ़ , exercise is important. उपवास & जागरण (Remember महा महीनेकी शिवरात्रि? Just passed by for this year) helps in कफ़ balance. Sports play critical role. Trekking in jungle helps. Camping by river front helps. Homam in seclusion helps. Burn the excess cough. Go, play. Become child again.
Some of us do जागरण. How? Passive by watching movies :D. . Where is your involvement? 🙂 Spend time in darkness. Observe the sky. Talk with the falling stars. Chant. Sing. Dance. Watching movie ? :O
Side note:
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Kids are full of Prana. Prana provides innate intelligence to alter activities based on change in environment. In my village, kids games also change with season. In winter, they used to play with wooden top. Games played at one place, without excessive movements. As soon as Spring approaches, there is a change in evening sports. All of them prepare a stick and a wheel and roam around in the fields. Mother nature puts instincts in kids to alter routine, food choice with season change. Parents should be intelligent enough to note these changes. (Urban kids miss these opportunities as they are kept isolated from nature). Urban parents/schools should design activities based on season change. HRD minister, anyone free to do this research and implement? 😀 Or we are busy in IITs and IIMs 😀