Without her, who are you?

There was discussion raided by colleague about big fat Indian wedding virus spreading in all sections of society and how it is waste of resources.

This is happening because we really don’t want to live life at subtle level. We really don’t want to spend time in performing rituals by understanding their stand in our life!

Your daughter and his wife is not a doll! She is center of the universe!! And never a big fat waste on wedding! Let Ambani(s) and Tata(s) do it! They spend 0.1% of wealth. You spend your entire saving in it!!

ध्रुवा द्यौर्ध्रुवा पृथिवी ध्रुवं विश्वमिदं जगत्।
ध्रुवासः पर्वता इमे ध्रुवा स्त्री पतिकुले इयम्।।

हिन्दू परिवारमें ,स्त्री ध्रुव है| विवाह समय, पति पत्नीको यह बातसे अवगत करवाता है|

Would-be groom make sure that her would-be bride realize that she is the center of new universe they are forming together!!

He is not doing his job of making her realize.
She is not doing her job to act as a center.

🙁 May Maa bless all couples wisdom to realize this विवाह मंत्र

Related reference from ऋग्वेद


ऋषि: (Rishi) :- ध्रुवः

देवता (Devataa) :- राज्ञःस्तुतिः

छन्द: (Chhand) :- अनुष्टुप्

स्वर: (Swar) :- गान्धारः


The Mantra with meters (Sanskrit)

ध्रु॒वा द्यौर्ध्रु॒वा पृ॑थि॒वी ध्रु॒वास॒: पर्व॑ता इ॒मे । ध्रु॒वं विश्व॑मि॒दं जग॑द्ध्रु॒वो राजा॑ वि॒शाम॒यम् ॥

सब वस्तुओं का आधार जगत् नियम में ध्रुव है स्थिर है, नक्षत्र एवं ग्रह मण्डल का आधार द्युलोक ध्रुव है, मनुष्य पशु पक्षी वृक्ष एवं पाषणादि का आधार पृथिवी ध्रुव है ऐसे ही प्रजाओं का आधार राजा भी ध्रुव नियम में रहना चाहिये ||४||