As I always say, modern healthcare is not way pro-patient. It is pro-business. (I am not talking about some genuine people but about system)

Every year in this season, pro-business administrators in health ministry and medical industry, exploits citizens by creating fear about Dengue and Swine Flu.

Epidemics during Sept-Oct in tropical region is not new thing. It has been going on for long. Only illnesses have changed based on the amount of rain and heat of Sharad Ritu and how much care is taken to keep pancha-mahabhut pure (internal body as well as environment).

There was spell of 40 years (between 1896 to 1936), when Western India was afflicted by plague every year October! Can you imagine? Same is the story of dengue and chikenguniya now! This is season of epidemics!

Mother Nature is so loving. She shares all her त्रिकालज्ञान by plenty of signs. Not only that, she also prepares us for upcoming seasonal catastrophe. So much wisdom if we just spend life with her and learn from her nurturing!

रोगाणाम शारदि माता (Season Sharad is mother of all disease) – Current season (from 14th Sept) is known as season of epidemics. It is season when Mother Nature prefers to balance the population.
End of monsoon, humid & hot – perfect setup for pathogens to expand their rule.

If you just follow the routine guided by Mother Nature for Sharad Ritu, you will be just fine! 🙂

Sharad Ritu : Importance of night
Sharad Ritu : Importance of night

रात्रि विहार is best for health. Avoid exercise in afternoon (or after 7 am). Not even in Gym. 🙂

Sharad Ritu. Surya Bhagwan is in form of Vivasvan & Tvashtha. Fierce form. Scorching heat. Rising Pitta Prakop and subduing Vata Prakop. Time to alter food regime.

All night festivals. Navratri. Sharad Purnima. Diwali.

Time to resume milk based food and mithai (except butter milk). Time to eat more sweet so that pitta remains in control. Bitter and pungent food along with sweet.

Best wishes and prayers for everyone’s good health. More on Sharad as time progresses.