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There is marketing lesson taught in many MBA schools. ==> “Pick them early. As early as you can. By hook or crook. By toys, cartoons and movies.”

This is not festival celebration. This is process of making consumers out of innocent kids. Future customer base creation.

We also played with गुड्डा/गुडिया but not under such intense marketing gimmicks.

In name of toys, little girls are brainwashed to make up like imaginary character. Behave like adults. Talk and walk like adults.

Child body is not Adult body
Child mind is not adult mind
Do we realize the havoc when we force kids to imitate adults?
Do we realize the impact of media, entertainment and so called liberal product marketing impact?

Even though, they share same human body, Children are not “Little Adults”. 🙂 Their state of living is radically different from adult needs.
Our highly mechanized and materialistic living ignore this.

The radical difference is not just growing body vs aging body but the re-sketching (because I believe in re-birth) of mind from the scratch. And we treat them with same sick adult food and entertainment. 🙂

Can you imagine the impact? You and me won’t realize the pain of early puberty (as we had relatively better mind-space in absence of Television and mobile) but our kids will. Grown up adult body with same growing mind/psyche. 🙁 Thanks to food for body and mind we can best offer to them in present urban environment.

No wonder why we had Gurukul, away from Grihasthi life, in jungles, protecting childhood innocence and nurturing it by mother nature’s magic wands.

They are shown dreams to buy merchandise associated with doll. From make up to bed to fans to TV to what not! Consumer more! And live in imaginary world!

Things don’t stop here. When kids grow up, they become faithful customers of the system.

Being part of the same system, I see my son slowly getting consumed 🙁 Feeling helpless?

Take radical steps. Alone, you cannot. Form a tribe of like-minded parents. Spend spare time together, away from toxic influence of entertainment and market.