Best wishes for the festivity!

यज्ञ, दान, तप – Festivals of हेमंत/शिशिर/वसंत are designed to make us active for यज्ञ, दान. Our duties toward समष्टि & समाज. Act.

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Teach your children about farming, native cattle and cow worship before flying first kite of the day!!

Remember, if this is missed, Kala/Time will remember you as ignorant and careless parent.

Without protection and respect for native cattle, what will your kids eat in future? Don’t allow media and so cool modernity kill their respect for native place, rituals and food! Without native, we are living dead! Let them enjoy realization of being part of grand construct called the universe!! Sun’s movements help very much in this realization! Gau Mata helps in this realization too! (How? Next Uttarayan!)

मकर संक्रान्ति & गौ is not just about pampering and worshiping Gau mata on physical plane. Her reflection on आध्यात्मिक & दैविक plane, equally need nurturance.

It is mother Gau, who actually inspires to take care of Gau on other planes.


Best wishes!