रोगाः सर्वेऽपि मन्देऽग्नौ सुतरामुदराणि च
अजीर्णान्मलिनैश्चान्नैर्जायन्ते मलसंचयात् |

Root cause of all diseases is reduced digestive fire (manda-agni), toxic food, constipation and accumulation of stool in colon for prolonged time.

95% of urban dwellers suffer from constipation and indigestion due to there irregular life style and uncontrolled food habits.

This is seed-event for all major sicknesses. And yet, we do not consider this event sincerely and act upon it.

If we can correct this, 90% of sicknesses will disappear from society soon.

मलसंचयात् – This is because of अपान वायु derangement. अपान वायु can be corrected with the help of food grown using Gau-dung and Gau-mutra. Both prasad( dung and mutra) are full of अपान. अपान वायु works for purge processes of organism.

Constipation is due to weak fire and weak Prana shakti. Gau-dugdh and Gau-ghee are full of prana. They can correct the प्राण वायु. Even Jaggery and honey can help. हरड too can help.

Ginger can help in increasing digestive fire.

If there are not enough bacteria colonies to digest food, dahi and butter milk (except in monsoon and sharad) can help in re-habitation of gut bacteria.