Collecting paid and scripted wrestling sports’ cards. Remember? Teens and kids collect their cards, compete with each-other for their dream hero. Never ending gossip about them.

This role-model worship is natural in teen age as teen age is the time when we seek ideals to act upon. Since kids born after 90s have so many bombarded Idols, they worship them.


What is surprising that, this teen age tendency remains in adult age. And that is worrisome. So many Indians (including those who call them sincerely working for Sanatana dharma or Indianness.) gossip daily about Cricket. Gossip about so called greatness of scripted actor Kohli (Earlier it was Sachin).

Pathetic psychological disorder. Remaining childish forever.

Either when a society is devoid of real heroes or when it is a weak feeble minded insect tribe, they worship false and fake identities and spend valuable lives in gossip about fake identities. Oh, insects cannot produce heroes.

Gossiping about backward class(BC) is national epidemic. Deadly infectious disease. It won’t only kill individuals but severely damage national fabric too. 100 years of celebrating what? Bollywood? No, gossiping epidemic.

BC = Bollywood and Cricket.

Rule no.1: Stay away from people who cannot stay away from gossip. Rule no. 2: Follow rule no. 1.

Role model! Who?
Who is your role model?
अन्धात इह को विशिष्यते ?
रागी |
क: शूर:?
य: ललना-लोलन-बाणे: न च व्यधित:|

Who is worse than the blind man?
One with attachments. Petty perverts.
Who is brave?
One who is not shaken by the shafts of amorous glances. The peaceful warrior!