Picture representing this blog is an artist’s imagination of ऋषि दीर्घतमा- He was the chief priest of King Bharata. Some of the most complex hymns of Rigveda are attributed to him. Hymns 140 to 164 in the first Mandala of the RgVeda. He is role model for inquiring minds of the science and तत्वज्ञान of the Universe.

ऋषि दीर्घतमा’s mantras are enigmas. Trying to learn from him by understanding his riddles.

Fatherhood, motherhood and riddle
Fatherhood, motherhood and riddle


य ईं चकार न सो अस्य वेद य ईं ददर्श हिरुगिन्नु तस्मात् ।
स मातुर्योना परिवीतो अन्तर्बहुप्रजा निरृतिमा विवेश ॥ऋग्वेद: सूक्तं १.१६४.३२॥
He who has made this cosmos, does not comprehend it. From him, who saw this, the creation, is hidden.

He enveloped in his mother’s womb, source of prolific life, has entered the region of motherhood.

Rishi दीर्घतमा is bold enough to show equal importance of father-principle and mother-principle of nature. He declared loudly that Creator who made all this, does not know, what to speak about individual self who is witnessing and taking part in this puppet show.

In second part, Rishi talks about individual soul who is witnessing cosmos creation in mother’s womb but from him too, secret of Creation is kept hidden.

If you cannot imagine what is going on in Human mother’s womb, you have Earth portrayed as mother for easy realization. Being an individual cell, learn to respect mother, and be part of cosmic body taking form in her womb.

Indeed, the greatest mystery is the principle of motherhood.