If you are from medical field, this is not new fact (I hope so! 😉 ) but sharing for general mass living under Genetics dogma.
You and me, are groomed by Watson-Crick Structure of DNA. Very powerful concept. Right? Even so many discoveries based on it. Every other day, we discover a gene responsible something!
Let me share two simple facts.
1) Red blood cells (RBC) are the most common type of blood cell and the vertebrate’s principal means of delivering oxygen (O2) to the body tissues—via blood flow through the circulatory system.[1] RBCs take up oxygen in the lungs, or gills of fish, and release it into tissues while squeezing through the body’s capillaries.
These red blood cells naturally throw away their nuclei , containing all of their genes, during maturation process, yet they continue to live for around 120 days after purging genes containing nuclei!
What cell biologist Bruce lipton has to say?
The notion that the nucleus and its genes are the “brain” of the cell is an untenable and illogical hypothesis. If the brain is removed from an animal, disruption of physiologic integration would immediately lead to the organism’s death. If the nucleus truly represented the brain of the cell, then removal of the nucleus would result in the cessation of cell functions and immediate cell death. However, experimentally enucleated cells may survive for two or more months with out genes, and yet are capable of effecting complex responses to environmental and cytoplasmic stimuli (Lipton, et al., Differentiation 1991, 46:117-133). Logic reveals that the nucleus can not be the brain of the cell![1]
2) On the other side, A cell that kept its genes but lost the function of its proteins would be dead within seconds. Yes! Within seconds!
This is where we must break the dogma that genes are command center of our body! It is environment within cell, outside cell, outside organism, that is responsible for protein movements which in turn decode the genes and help cell survive beyond 120 days like RBCs!
What is the benefit of breaking this gene-centered dogma?
Too many benefits! You will start understanding value of microbes! Energy fields. Prana. Indra (electrical fields). Internal wind (Vayu/Vata) channels, external environment! You will start caring about your life habits, food, your local environment, water, air! Healthy life will be easy to achieve and we can shift so many doctors for more constructive work like combating natural epidemics (certain natural cycles we cannot avoid and their impact on local population) than exploiting gullible patients! We can truly achieve preventive care!