Declaring exam dates beforehand and taking exams on planned schedule is major folly of our education system.

Relying on fix pattern of open tests every year is another folly.

Showing IIT IIM dream to all kids is the worse folly.

In such system, any छगन or मगन or चंदू can pass the exam by mugging up or practicing same pattern of problems again and again. What is so big deal? 😀

It is a very narrow and colonial vision of education that imagines that education is intended only to pass competitive exams and get good salary jobs. The real social use of education is on the frontiers of day to day life applications where right education helps the subject/student to excel living with minimum struggle and minimum efforts.

No wonder, such system have hardly produced mighty scientists, philosophers, doctors and researchers but have produced clerks on mass level (This included so called engineers and MBAs of my age! 😀 )