We make fun of Muslims by taunting them about weekly bath but have we checked for self? Do we really bath daily?


Bath = Shower + soap = is ignorance

Bath = Self-examination + Meditation + Exercise + Oil Massage + Mitti (not soap) + water + dhoop is complete package.
Physical Cleansing happen when the pores are open (By exercise). What is the use of shower and soap when the pores are closed?
The invisible energy (प्राणिक channels) pores are opened and cleaned by Pranayam
The mental pores are opened and cleaned by meditation and worship/prayers.
Do you really bath daily? 😛 😉 Your luxurious bathroom fittings are useless if the process is not complete. 😉
Think about it. Hiding Grey hairs behind clean shave and hair dye won’t slow down aging. Take care.