Ramayana, Mahabharata and Veda and all – they are all related to human body and internal working of different organs and all. Tales are mere outcomes of highest possible human creativity.
Hmm, that is how post-Indologist era (1700 to 1900 at least) Indian intellectuals think. In the language of myth.

With that view, do you consider Mother Earth dead? If not, what is happening inside, happens outside too. Ramayana, Mahabharata and Veda – they are as related to human body as they are to human mind and the outer reflection of the universe.

Like several versions of Ramayana are alive inside each one of us, there were infinite cycles of Avtar outside, on this land, here.
Don’t jail Rama on mere दैविक (Body) & आत्मिक (Mind) realms as famous self-proclaimed interpreters do (e.g. Yes, I am talking about Devdutt Pattnaik). He is as relevant on भौतिक realm as he is on other realms.

Rama lived here. He ruled our hearts. And he will forever.