Utopian disconnected from roots, western ideas fed urban armchair intellectuals say: “Not more than 2% should engage in Agriculture!” 😀

But they want daily milk!

राम राज्य?

I wish UP CM, with his roots of cow-protection, will lead the govt to establish राम राज्य in real sense. And may the govt at center learn from him!

Rama gives instruction to Bharata as regards the duties of a king and the polity under an ideal monarchy under the pretext of enquiring about the welfare of his father and others.

Here, Rama is checking with Bharata whether he is taking care of Farmers or not.

कच्चित् ते दयिताः सर्वे कृषि गो रक्ष जीविनः |
वार्तायाम् संश्रितः तात लोको हि सुखम् एधते || २-१००-४७
तेषाम् गुप्ति परीहारैः कच्चित् ते भरणम् कृतम् |
रक्ष्या हि राज्ना धर्मेण सर्वे विषय वासिनः || २-१००-४८

“Are you cherishing all those who live by agriculture and cattle-rearing, O, dear brother?! The people living on agriculture and cattle-rearing indeed prosper well.”

“I hope their maintenance is being looked after by you, in providing what they need and eschewing what they fear. All the citizens are indeed to be protected by a king through his righteousness.”

Farmers suicide, govt sponsored slaughter houses, govt sponsored genetically modified farming, govt sponsored chemical farming, govt sponsored exploitation of cattle by dairy…

राम राज्य? Ha ha ha! Are you joking? It is रावण राज्य! Greed, Greed, Greed! विकास! विकास! विकास!

How many families read Ramayana, from womb to tomb? Without such vital hints, who will impart ideas of राम राज्य?