Old note written decade ago.

Raag Malhaar?Are you crazy? Humbug! Stupid!
“Hey! Look at this poster.Moment it is sensed that season’s Rain is delayed,we will see festivity on classical singer’s face.You know this classical music fraternity exaggerates and lives in delusion.” I said while looking at Shiv Kumar Sharma’s malhar concert poster in music college.

“Why do you think so?”

“Take popular example. They say, it rains when someone sings technically perfect Raag Malhaar.”

“What is wrong in it?”

“Have you ever seen rain pouring out when someone sung Raag Malhaar? I put it on my iPod several times during summer but it never”

“My dear friend,you heard it right, it does bring rain.It showers rain of rare human emotions inside you when you sing/listen it with devotion(Give more emphasis to this word ‘Devotion’ It can fall into endanger feelings of ardent love.In hindi you call it ‘भक्ति’. Most of your generation laugh loud at Bhakti and Bhakt but never mind, you too will understand science behind it soon.Stay tuned with nature(prakruti)). Don’t expect rain outside if you cannot feel rain inside. If our sensitivity is not developed enough to pour out rain inside, we must not expect rain outside.And must avoid marking every puzzle as ‘humbug’. Remember? You,now being ardent follower of Yoga,declared ‘Yoga’ humbug 10 years back?”


“If you fail to understand social/life puzzle mentioned in your scriptures,do try to solve it with the help of current science. If you fail to solve it, do experience it at least. भक्ति is one such science calling for research papers as well as ardent भक्त.

यदन्तरं तद् बाह्यं यद् बाह्यं तदन्तरम् |
Let what is inward turn outside, let what is outward be within.

Let uprightness be the nature & see the magic.Learn to live hypocrisy free life and see the magic. Be who you are all the time and Nature will surely pour rain for you. My challenge to you. If you will perform selfless sadhna,you will be able to help yourself for inner rain of emotions and Raag Malhaar will serve you best.Details about sadhna and bhakti, some other day. We are late for our appointment with dean.”

“Ok.Thank you once again.”

It rains inside first. Rain outside is easy then.