1) Can the material medicine cure migraine caused by nearby Mobile tower radiation, once and for all?
2) Can the material medicine supplement Prana Shakti lost in processing food?
3) Can the diagnosis test show why and how blood sugar increased?

Certain illnesses depend upon environmental and humane factors. Certain illnesses have roots in Prana (Energy field of the body in plain terms) or Mind (mindset of the patient). Machines drive physicians away from these factors.

Machines relentlessly direct the attention of both doctor and patient to the measurable aspects of illness, but away from the humane factors & environmental factors.

Over-quantifying illness is not progress but digress.

“So, without realizing what has happened, the physician in the last two centuries has gradually relinquished his unsatisfactory attachment to subjective evidence—what the patient says—only to substitute a devotion to technological evidence—what the machine says. He has thus exchanged one partial view of disease for another. As the physician makes greater use of the technology of diagnosis, he perceives his patient more and more indirectly through a screen of machines and specialists; he also relinquishes control over more and more of the diagnostic process. These circumstances tend to estrange him from his patient and from his own judgment.”