When I wrote this, many felt is extreme. Try to understand. It is not that casual. Random cases of cancer to kidney failure we see around, they are not random!



Personally, I will never suggest adharmic to stop eating factory-made food. It is waste of time. Instead, make sure, border-line dharmic minds are saved from toxic brainwash-led craze for factory food and antibiotics short-cuts.


The ugly factory farming of animals pump unlimited amount of antibiotics in your chicken for weight gain profit. Story does not end with heavier chickens. This antibiotics make your body vulnerable to Antibiotic resistant bacteria and can invite unforeseen bacterial infections. This is not just meat-eater issue. Due to feces of such animals (and their eaters) merge with soil, air and water, entire ecosystem around poultry farms is getting polluted. Making everyone’s lives miserable and sick.


I know many traditionally vegetarians now eat meat for the taste and status. Some idiot doctors prescribe it for nutrition! :O Think about it. Is it worth to promote factory farming by demanding more and more meat?

Read it and realize the danger. Save like-minded dharma-lover friends and family members from silent bombs.

Old notes:

Protein Delusion and The Chicken Butter Masala Generation

Oral Antibiotics May Raise Risk of Kidney Stones

CHOP Urology and Nephrology Researchers: May Partly Explain Increase in Stone Prevalence, Particularly in Children

Data shows link between certain antibiotics and kidney stones

The study team drew on electronic health records from the United Kingdom, covering 13 million adults and children seen by general practitioners in the Health Improvement Network between 1994 and 2015. The team analyzed prior antibiotic exposure for nearly 26,000 patients with kidney stones, compared to nearly 260,000 control subjects.

They found that five classes of oral antibiotics were associated with a diagnosis of kidney stone disease. The five classes were oral sulfas, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, nitrofurantoin, and broad-spectrum penicillins. After adjustments for age, sex, race, urinary tract infection, other medications and other medical conditions, patients who received sulfa drugs were more than twice as likely as those not exposed to antibiotics to have kidney stones; for broad-spectrum penicillins, the increased risk was 27 percent higher.


  1. Desi chicken would be better in that regards,right ? ( It costs more though and yields less meat but still more nutritious ). Older generation used to eat chicken only once/twice a month and ate only desi chicken but nowadays due to mass consumption, they use a different variety and fatten them up with antibiotics .

    “I know many traditionally vegetarians now eat meat for the taste ” —- Now,is it possible that impaired protein synthesis in body might cause natural craving for meat, eggs etc ? The detoxification process seems to be dependent on few key amino acids (for eg sulfur containing amino acids have quite an affinity for heavy metals) . Maybe be impaired detoxification in this highly polluted world causes this craving for meat !!!

    • The craving is more due to three factors

      1) Low cost compare to veg food. Poor families prefer even chicken gravy over daal/rice. Cheap and instant.
      2) Middle class mimicry of elites and abrahmic around. Veg teens are mocked for being conservatives
      3) Doctors prescribe!

      The craving you are talking about can lead to many things, not necessary to meat.