It is my fundamental belief that wherever we are stationed, stationed for the purpose. At our localized location (our home or workplace), we continuously are engaged in reception and transmission of forces,through which all are either nourished or perished.

If you are in company of negative forces for large pie of the day, you are being sucked. On the other hand, when you spend time in company of good, you are rejuvenated.

Each thing exists to nourish all others, and, in return, to be nourished itself. But since humans use their will and are full of negative traits, they sometimes play a role of destructor.

My gardener friend told me one incident : There was one farm house that he visited last year. Entire garden was died. The owner spent too much money behind it but no success. Previous gardener blames quality of water and soil. My friend took over it and transformed it into sacred grove (not garden!) within a year! He said, Mother nature sends blessings provided we know the right frequency to tune in. Sure, water and soil was not suitable for traditional garden. But that does not mean, it is not possible to transform into green. He put efforts and changed the landscape. Point here is: Learn to tune in with mother. She is waiting for showering blessings. Right frequency and boom! Magic!

So plants around us – they are keen to nurture us. What they want in return is: transmission of good energy, full of Prana shakti and love. Farmers killed this Prana in self and in the soil so …you know state of global farming and despite abundance of food..we sleep with starving stomachs.