Prolonged TV

And our excuse would be?

“Oh I just watch for 2 hrs daily!”

lol 😀

As if 2 hrs per day won’t cause you anything. 🙂

Poison is poison. Sometimes slow and sometimes instant.

TV is not just idiot box but a slow poison. Avoid it. Make sure your kids are not addicted to it.

बाकी आपकी इच्छा | आपकी जिंदगी…आपके निर्णय..

And this list does not count mental disorders TV cause. Brainwashing TV does. 😛 😉 And this only talk about TV. I add laptop/computer/mobile in same category.

What do you do to counter compulsory exposure to screen at work? Do you exercise? Do you take small breaks? Do you do running ? Do you visit jungles and rivers often?


On average, 80% of American adults watch 3.5 hours of television per day and multiple observational studies have demonstrated a link between TV viewing and poorer health. In this new study published in the December issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, investigators reported an association between increasing hours of television viewing per day and increasing risk of death from most of the major causes of death in the United States.

Virtually all Americans (92%) have a television at home and watching TV consumes more than half of their available leisure time, potentially displacing more physical activities. Previous studies had reported a relationship between TV viewing and elevated risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease. In this study, researchers at the National Cancer Institute looked at more than 221,000 individuals aged 50-71 years old who were free of chronic disease at study entry. They confirmed the association for higher mortality risk from cancer and heart disease. In addition, they identified new associations with higher risk of death from most of the leading causes of death in the U.S., such as, diabetes, influenza/pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease, and liver disease.