Who could produce Shivaji? We need SHREE SAMARTH RAMDAS along with mata jija bai.

Here is the description of Shivaji’s Guru.

  • Shree Samarth had a very fair colored skin and  was a moderately built man. 
  • He used to exercise regularly and had a  very fit body. 1200 Surya Namaskar daily.
  • He had sparkling eyes and a pointed nose.His whole body had an inherent inner glow.
  • As he liked solitude and as he was a brisk walker and climber he most of the times preferred to stay in the forests surrounding Sajjangad or in the crevasses of the mountains. 
  • He was a very good swimmer, horse rider and was proficient in warfare as he could use all the weapons used at that time. 
  • Yet he was humility personified. He never spoke with a raised tone to anyone. If someone asked, how the things were going he would just say, “As per Lord Ram’s wishes”. 
  • He won the hearts of thousands with his charming speech and total selflessness. 
  • He was very fond of kids and used to play with them. 
  • He liked to read and write. 
  • His memory was very sharp. 
  • He liked poetry and music and even was a nice singer. 
  • Despite his stern looks he was a very kind hearted person.
  • Having toured all over India he knew the customs in various parts and could speak many languages, prominent amongst them being Hindi, Marathi, Urdu and of course Sanskrit! 
  • His observation was very minute and analytical. Himself being very kind and a workaholic he naturally liked people having these qualities. He totally disliked idle people and literally abhorred them. 
  • He always said that you shouldn’t harp on imaginary things; rather you should do whatever is worth doing and then tell others about it. 
  • He was a very kind hearted man and therefore couldn’t see anyone in grief. These qualities attracted thousands of people around him. 
  • He had an uncanny knack of quickly assessing the capacity of a person and used to assign a particular job accordingly. 
  • Most people used to be awed with this power of his