Avg mini tractor price = 6 lac + diesel + maintanance
Avg bull price = 1 lac

You get 6 bulls in one tractor price. By rotating them on the field, one can grow gold.


The left side (First picture) voids toxic gases, makes land homogenous in nature and robs fertility of soil. Hence, invites more germs and insects. Gradually, converts fertile land into barren land that farmers/govt sell out to more polluting industries.

The right side (Second picture) is truly right. Ox or horse or your local helping hand, contributes by excreting urine and manure, which maintains soil fertility. Compare to left side machines, they go soft on soil and keeps it in natural form. Does not kill healthy microbes (मरुत) as it does not emit toxic gases. Overall प्राणवान वसुधा -> प्राणवान crop -> प्राणमय जीवसृष्टि.

Only those who has vested interests in keeping Indian villages in dire state, would suggest machine based agriculture.