Life Science
Life Science

Sometimes you hear stories about people on the road (frequent flyers) that by drinking water of XYZ region, he or she lost hairs drastically (Vata Prakop) or caught up with new bodily weakness/sickness. This is due to change in water. (And this is the reason continuous travelling is avoided in dharmic civilization)

Water flowing through different soil has different swabhava (Vayu,Pitta,Kapha). Based on predominant dosha of the water, dosha of the population relying on that water is fixed over the period of time.

To avoid the prakop of Water’s dosha, specific shape of the pot is designed by potter scientists. And glass with same shape should be used to take water from pot and drink. Based on individual’s prakriti copper, clay or other metal (silver/gold etc) is prescribed.

Every year, on Ganesh Chaturthi, one should break the pot and get new pot. This is to avoid graha peeda (pain) (We call it viral or bacterial infection) arises due to accumulation of doshic properties from water by pot soil, through out the year.

Pottery is a perfect life science.