पितृ, पितामह, and प्रपितामह- This (पितृ पक्ष) is the time to worship them.

Who are they?

विष्णु पितास्य जगतो दिव्यो यज्ञ: स एव च |
ब्रह्मो पितामहो ज्ञेयो रुद्रो हि प्रपितामह: ||

विष्णु जिसको दिव्य यज्ञभी कहते है वह जगतपिता है, ब्रह्मा पितामह & रूद्र प्रपितामह.

‘पितर’ बहुवचनात्मक है. Plural. Pluralism.

Post-monsoon (भाद्रपद) is the time when innumerable combinations of मरुतगण are active in our environment. Once गणपति is stable, we worship मरुत गण. गणपति controls मरुतगण. मरुतगण are of 49 different qualities. They are real पितर whose father is ऋषिगण (7 universal senses).

PS: Sorry if this is not understood. I cannot explain much at this point.


वायुर्वायुर्बलं |
वायु ही आयु और वायु ही बल है |

पितर रूप वायुओ कि शुध्धिका पक्ष : पितृ पक्ष

मासिक अमावस्या is prescribed for पितृ कर्म & शरद ऋतू is also prescribed for पितृ कर्म.

पितृ कर्म performed on मासिक अमावस्या keeps पितर (मरुतगण) satiated for a month while पितृ कर्म performed during श्राध्द काल keeps पितर (मरुतगण) satiated for entire year.

पित्त विकृतियों तथा तज्जन्य रोगों के उपचार में पेट से मल का रेचन उपयोगी है| रेचन is one of the Panchkarma. In simple terms, it means : दस्त लाकर पेट से मल निकालना।

During वर्षा ऋतू, प्राकृतिक रेचन (Rain) happens which keeps the Universe fit and healthy by doing treatment of देव & पितर.

Post-रेचन (Post-monsoon) , new cycle starts. For next year’s proper rain, we must act now. So during श्राद्ध काल, we don’t only clean and restart our body cycle but also keep seasonal cycle intake by doing पितृ कर्म.

शरीर शुद्धि> गृह शुद्धि> वातावरण शुद्धि.

It starts in श्राद्ध काल, continues during Navratri and ends by Diwali. Annual cleansing process.