Have you ever thought to pilgrimage in your body?

Holy sites on the banks of river Ganga (Blood flow) where critical exchange of gases happen?

Next time, when you sit for meditation, imagine yourself visiting one of the घाट @ one of the seven rivers or their rivulets.

Meditate while Oxygen and CO2 are exchanged. Meditate while nutrients are exchanged between blood and cells. Meditate as if you are @ Kashi and the blood is flowing through the heart. Meditate as if you are @ Ayodhya. All within Body.

Imagine yourself as one of many elements flowing in the blood.

Imagine yourself as electric impulses visiting different घाट(s).

Try it. You will start realizing value of Mother nature around. And how important role we have to play to maintain the surroundings. Real essence of environment day. Even if 20% of our body start behaving like how we act against the larger form of organism called mother earth, we should be dead by now. It is sheer love of mother that is keeping us alive