In photography, moment is very important. Timing is vital. Great timing can create classic illusions. Those who will observe your photographic work, will be tempted to invest their visual processing circuitry and stress on inference, logic and emotions to come out with best idea about imagery captured in photograph. This is possible only when picture is captured at right moment. If you miss the moment, charm is gone unless you do Nature photography(minus wild life photography 🙂 ) 🙂.

Media photographers are masters of timing. They will capture image in such a way that they can easily propagate their motives. Do you blindly believe all photographs? You should not.

Photography is a language that speaks only in particularities.Its vocabulary of images is
limited to concrete representation. Unlike words and sentences, the photograph does not present to us an idea or concept about the world, except as we use language itself to convert the image to idea. By itself, a photograph cannot deal with the unseen, the remote, the internal, the abstract. It does not speak of “man,” only of a man; not
of “tree,” only of a tree. You cannot produce a photograph of “nature,” any more than a photograph of “the sea.” You can only photograph a particular fragment of the here-and-now–a cliff of a certain terrain, in a certain condition of light; a wave at a moment in time, from a particular point of view. And just as “nature” and “the sea” cannot be
photographed, such larger abstractions as truth, honor, love, falsehood cannot be talked about in the lexicon of pictures. For “showing of” and “talking about” are two very different kinds of processes.[1]
Pictures needs to be recognized, words need to be understood. Pictures will give you objective ideas while words will give subjective ideas. As an “objective” slice of space-time, the photograph testifies that someone was there or something happened. Its testimony is powerful but it offers no opinions–no “should-have-beens” or “might-have-beens.”

Photography is preeminently a world of fact, not of dispute about facts or of conclusions to be drawn from them.

Take care. Save yourself from false propaganda, serve yourself by life enriching propaganda. 🙂

And if you are artist, take care that you don’t unnecessary participate in mass mind corruption game 🙂

PS: I am not against this wonderful art. Just don’t want to get infected my mind by visual propaganda powerful enough to corrupt mind. Positive propaganda are more than welcomed.
[1] This paragraph is taken from Neil Postman’s writings