In marriage, we should seek complement (not ‘compliment’ 🙂 ) in each other. If my wife and I share same taste, same inclination and same capability, there is no growth for each other. Successful marriages celebrates complements. To be complement of someone means to make other self complete or perfect; supply what is wanting or form the complement to. Being complement nurtures sense of fulfillment.


Very true. Superb! So sweet! That is how we should choose better half!
Part 2 – So called communal non-sweet truth

Gotra means lineage. We Sanatani(s) trace our ancestry to seven rishis. We call ourselves Rishi putra.

So does this imply a belief in exclusive lineage? The answer becomes clear when you read in the Vedas that the seven rishis reside in the brain as far as आधिभौतिक plane of the Universe matters!

The primal rishis are the senses, or cognitive centers. The rishi lineages or Gotra simply celebrate the association of one dominant sense or another in the family’s ancient history.

So if someone get married in same lineage, सगोत्र , he and she miss the chance of being complement! And very purpose of spiritual progress by Grihasthi is forfeited as dominant sense in both wife and husband will consciously or subconsciously strive for competition and not the complement.

Of course, it is different thing that our blood is corrupted to the core in past 2500 years. But that does not mean, we mock the tradition. Corrections are always welcomed.
Few days back, I had discussion about how sex exchanges vital प्राण and why multiple-sex partners is physical, mental and spiritual stress. I also discussed such uncontrolled indulgences as root causes of fatal sicknesses, not limited to cancer, AIDS and immuno-suppression.

Recollect that post with the concept of Gotra. Before marriage, you (bride) have Gotra from father but after marriage, since you live life with the environment shared by another Gotra, you slowly develop inclination for the new family’s strengths. Your Gotra changes. Some new hidden potential emerges with legacy from biological parents. गृहस्थ maturity for both bride and groom. That is the time when mother of the groom hands over or share the home-management to/with newly wedded bride.

What I wrote above is highly superficial but common sense. More research and realization required. 🙂

Such a wonderful way of living gifted by our forefathers! Alas! 🙁 We now act like a generation of rational fools. 🙁