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Body as Ecology, Gut as Forest and Restoration as Cure


Body is not only ecology system. Like our mother earth, it also has self-healing attribute!

If we talk about Svabhavaparam-स्वभावोपरम principle of Ayurveda, educated arrogant Indians see it as DESI and inferior guess-work. But when a western university scientist talk about it with modern terminology, it is cool, trendy and perfect!

Probiotic food, Rama, Ravana and Dussehra

स्वभावोपरम : Principle of Self-healing

To return to stable state is not only nature of the human body but our mother earth and all her children. What we need to administer is nothing but a support for speedy recovery.

Chronic diseases of modern times are result of torture, be it mental or physical. We see body as machine and ignore it for first 30 years. And when it is in aging route, we start feeling different issues! Body also tries to restore normal state but since aging and torture, both are at work, we often see premature deaths.

Here is the interesting paper and perspective. Hope we learn from it.


OSU biologist advocates ecological approach to improving human health

Chronic diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders and obesity may ultimately vanquish the efforts of medical intervention unless people change their diet, an Oregon State University biologist argues in a paper published this week.

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and put on a monoclonal antibody inhibitor for life,” he said. “Except that I cleaned up my diet, stopped getting the gut irritation, cut out the monoclonal antibody inhibitor, and my symptoms are gone. Two doctors overturned the Crohn’s diagnosis in writing.

“All of that inspired me to think about ways that my knowledge of restoration ecology might help to guide physicians away from treating and misdiagnosing other people the way that they had treated and misdiagnosed me.”

Gut microbes perform a wide range of beneficial functions. Among other things, they produce nutrients in the form of short-chain fatty acids and vitamins, control blood sugar and weight, reduce inflammation and even improve mental health and psychological well-being.

And as with natural habitats, where successful restoration techniques will vary from year to year and place to place depending on individual circumstances, gut restoration requires a similar approach – one toward personalized medicine given that no two gut sets of gut microbiota are identical.

Except for that they’re all essential to the person’s health and all subject to disturbances, including the food people eat and the medicine they take.

“Nineteenth-century research identified microbes as agents of disease and set the stage for 20th-century breakthroughs in antibiotic therapies,” Orr said. “But antibiotic resistance is now a global crisis, and we’re also now aware that antimicrobials can harm beneficial species too.”

You are what your mother ate!


I extend this research and say: you are what your 7 generations ate. Not only food, but also mental imprints, habits, conditioning and all!

So, your food habits (or all habits) in teen age or youth , are not only affecting your old age but all upcoming generations! Don’t curse them by your mindless living!

If you have teen-age boy and girl, groom them. Explain them importance of living and eating disciplined food!

Do read, learn and take care for all would-be mothers! Parenting is National duty!



You are what your mother eats

For years, pregnant mothers have questioned their nutritional habits: “Will eating more cause my baby to be overweight?”  Or, “I’m eating for two, so it won’t hurt to have an extra serving, right?”

While many factors, such as the age of the mother, overall health and genetics ultimately play a role, the correlation between a mother’s nutrition habits and metabolism has been proved to directly impact the growth of her child. And researchers at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, believe they may be one step closer to knowing why.

In a study published online in Nature Communications, the research team, led by Jae W. Lee, Ph.D., has demonstrated that two neurons key to growth and metabolism — GHRH and AgRP — are developmentally interconnected.

Located in the hypothalamus region of the brain, within a grouping of neurons known as the arcuate nucleus, GHRH, or growth hormone-release hormone, neurons orchestrate body growth and maturation. Meanwhile, AgRP, or Agouti-related peptide, neurons stimulate feeding and suppress energy usage.

Rural India, Chemical Agriculture, Kidney Failure



Two old notes showing how rural India will be devasted in next dacade. Some states are already failing (Punjab, Gujarat)


Agricultural workers, working under tremendous stress of toxic chemicals, suffer from Kidney failure.

We consume what they grow. Full of chemicals. Chances are high that many of us will suffer from this lethal epidemic of kidney failure. We may not get impacted so blatantly as workers are but chances are high.

In fact, Renal failure has increasingly become visible in infants (As discussed with pediatrician Dr recently)

Why do we want to wait until this epidemic reaches our door step?

Take action now. Spend your weekend with farmers and ask them to provide chemical-free food.


Why there are increasing number of cases of Kidney failure, Liver failure, liver Cancer, urinal tract infection?

This report may explain why.

As I said earlier, impact of chemicals in processed food or food grown by chemicals is random. How and when it will pop up in life is not in our hand.

This is the reason why we should either grow our own food or support all those farmers who are willing to grow chemical-free food for us.

And to grow chemical-free food in India, we need help from Cows. Without her, it is not difficult but impossible.


CDC will explore kidney failure epidemic among agricultural workers

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched three new studies to examine a lethal epidemic of kidney failure that has killed agricultural workers along Central America’s Pacific coast and in regions of Sri Lanka, India, and Egypt.

Chronic kidney disease of unknown origin, or CKDu, has crept up on health authorities in the affected countries, affecting many poor rural communities far from research centers. India’s epidemic, concentrated in the Uddanam region of Andhra Pradesh, emerged after research into typical forms of chronic kidney disease had found large numbers of young men with the disease who had neither diabetes nor hypertension—the usual precursors of kidney failure.

Pesticide Residues In Urine Of 3-Year-Old Are 670% Higher After Eating Non-Organic Food

“The system currently used for risk assessing chemicals is suitable only for one substance at a time. There is, therefore, no approved method for making an overall assessment of the effect of multiple chemicals simultaneously (i.e. combination effects, popularly known as the “cocktail effect”). There is an awareness that this is a major shortcoming.”

Pesticide Residues In Urine Of 3-Year-Old Are 670% Higher After Eating Non-Organic Food


My Ideal Temple : Temple is not mere prayer place!



Do you know why Japan is more admirable Asian country than anyone else?

They never neglected their roots and yet walked on the path of innovation.

On the other hand, we only learned to mimic the west.

This is what I envision as a temple (Read my 2-3 days posts on temple)

You do all you want to do for the good of the society but always keep temple in the center. It is the magical force to keep the noble task going

Read more here how Japan’s innovation stems out from temples! [1]


विद्यालय मंदिर नहीं,मंदिर विद्यालयके लिए है|
गौशाला मंदिर नहीं,मंदिर गौशालाके लिए है|
चिकित्सालय मंदिर नहीं,मंदिर चिकित्सालयके लिए है|

मंदिर was/should be social-economic foundation for any lofty selfless सर्वजन हिताय community work.
Without मंदिर as foundation, no social-economical activity will sustain for long term. Yes, you may see some short-term spikes.(NGOs – not their fault that they don’t know about this concept) But not like 100+ years of traditions as we used to have for many known and unknown temples.

Think about it. Why so?

Temple2 Temple

Your genes (in turn your environment) suggest you food preference.[2]

Genes also suggest which deity/God you should worship.
Your personal deity, इष्ट देवता, कुल देवता,कुल देवी, ग्राम देवता!

The one with whom your mind can connect effortlessly and get nourished by their blessings! The way food bless us if we follow the suggested local food by region and season.

**One God for all is an insult to genetic and environment diversity.**

Similarly, ‘All Gods are same’ is also not perfect sentence. Yes, the common sameness of consciousness does pass through all of us but that does not mean this fabric has different colors at different places!

[1] Robotics classes in temples: Tradition and innovation in Japan

Robotics classes in temples: Tradition and innovation in Japan

[2] Genetic and environmental influences on food preferences in adolescence

Conclusions: Food preferences had a moderate genetic basis in late adolescence, in keeping with findings in children. However, by this older age, the influence of the shared family environment had disappeared, and only aspects of the environment unique to each individual twin influenced food preferences. This finding suggests that shared environmental experiences that influence food preferences in childhood may not have effects that persist into adulthood.


She is center of the Universe!


Without her, who are you?

There was discussion raided by colleague about big fat Indian wedding virus spreading in all sections of society and how it is waste of resources.

This is happening because we really don’t want to live life at subtle level. We really don’t want to spend time in performing rituals by understanding their stand in our life!

Your daughter and his wife is not a doll! She is center of the universe!! And never a big fat waste on wedding! Let Ambani(s) and Tata(s) do it! They spend 0.1% of wealth. You spend your entire saving in it!!

ध्रुवा द्यौर्ध्रुवा पृथिवी ध्रुवं विश्वमिदं जगत्।
ध्रुवासः पर्वता इमे ध्रुवा स्त्री पतिकुले इयम्।।

हिन्दू परिवारमें ,स्त्री ध्रुव है| विवाह समय, पति पत्नीको यह बातसे अवगत करवाता है|

Would-be groom make sure that her would-be bride realize that she is the center of new universe they are forming together!!

He is not doing his job of making her realize.
She is not doing her job to act as a center.

🙁 May Maa bless all couples wisdom to realize this विवाह मंत्र

Related reference from ऋग्वेद


ऋषि: (Rishi) :- ध्रुवः

देवता (Devataa) :- राज्ञःस्तुतिः

छन्द: (Chhand) :- अनुष्टुप्

स्वर: (Swar) :- गान्धारः


The Mantra with meters (Sanskrit)

ध्रु॒वा द्यौर्ध्रु॒वा पृ॑थि॒वी ध्रु॒वास॒: पर्व॑ता इ॒मे । ध्रु॒वं विश्व॑मि॒दं जग॑द्ध्रु॒वो राजा॑ वि॒शाम॒यम् ॥

सब वस्तुओं का आधार जगत् नियम में ध्रुव है स्थिर है, नक्षत्र एवं ग्रह मण्डल का आधार द्युलोक ध्रुव है, मनुष्य पशु पक्षी वृक्ष एवं पाषणादि का आधार पृथिवी ध्रुव है ऐसे ही प्रजाओं का आधार राजा भी ध्रुव नियम में रहना चाहिये ||४||

Life of A Dharma Agent : Walking on Razor’s Edge



Why do insist friends to stay away from gossip, cricket, political trivia, Bollywood and all?

See, it is simple. You cannot walk on two paths at the same time. Either you are on the part of dharma for self-realization for self and rest or you are on the path of delusion.

Path of dharma is razor sharp. Painful. If you cannot bear the pain, better we take different paths from this point of time.

One must get rid of 21st century’s illusion.

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत ।
क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया दुर्गं पथस्तत्कवयो वदन्ति ।।
(कठोपनिषद्, अध्याय १, वल्ली ३, मंत्र १४)
जिसका अर्थ कुछ यूं हैः उठो, जागो, और जानकार श्रेष्ठ पुरुषों के सान्निध्य में ज्ञान प्राप्त करो । विद्वान् मनीषी जनों का कहना है कि ज्ञान प्राप्ति का मार्ग उसी प्रकार दुर्गम है जिस प्रकार छुरे के पैना किये गये धार पर चलना ।


न मे दासो नार्यो महित्वा व्रतं मीमाय यदहम धरिश्ये ||अथर्ववेद ५-११-३ ||

जब ( अहं धरिश्ये ) मै निश्चय करता हूँ ( मे व्रतं ), मेरे उस निश्चय को अथवा व्रत को ( न दास: , न आर्य: ) न तो कोई दास तथा न ही आर्य ( महित्वा ) अपने सामर्थ्य से ( मीमाय ) नष्ट कर या तोड़ सकता है |

My will is unconquerable. I am ever certain about my vow, a promise to self. My actions are full of certitude & no one, whomsoever, can deflect my actions as far as they are part of my vow, vow about re-establishing dharma (धर्म संस्थापनाय).

प्राण वाहक Fore-tellers fruit trees : Mango



Trees and plants are called औषध in Veda. It is not a random statement! They indeed are! Plant based Food is our primary medicine!Longer the tree lives, more it can codify environment markers into fruit’s genes (आम,जामुन ). One can beat any climate change! Think about it!

Right, mango is called King of the fruits. But do we really have access to pure and real stuff?

Do you know why mango is so great fruit?

There is a saying in Gujarati: ઉતાવળે આંબા ના પાકે.

It means, Mango trees don’t grow in haste. They need time.

With hybridization and grafting, we reduced the duration in which mango tree can bear fruits.

Is it useful? Can such mangoes bear benefits like protection against inflammation like cancer?

Fruit trees and food crops are fore-tellers. They are essential element in food feedback chain. They predict the future (based on past and present) and parcel protection as fruits for पशु (including humans). So that we can face the challenges in form of extreme weather events.

You many call it antioxidant and what not. Basically, it is God’s blessings.

And for this reason, only local fruits and crops are advisable. Exotic does not help much.

Naturally, mango tree takes 20-25 years before it can give fruits in abundance. More time spent alive, more environmental information is codified in mango’s genes. So when we eat fruit from such mango trees, we naturally get all protection learning against environmental odds which mango tree has accumulated during past 20 odd years in fruit’s genes, bacteria and viruses. Such trees can bestow real essence in their fruits. Essence = प्राण = Avoidance of cancer and diabetes.

What is happening now?

1) For greed, we use कलमी trees. These trees give fruits within 3-4 years. Not much experiences with global environmental events compare to real mango trees planted 20-30 years back. Lack of Essence = प्राण. So not much helpful in prevention of Cancer and Diabetes

2) Chemical pesticides and hormone injections to increase yield

3) Unnatural ripen processes

All benefits compromised. Action items for all mango lovers : Plant mango trees this monsoon so your grandchildren will get real fruit benefits. There is saying in Gujarati: ઉતાવળે આંબા ના પાકે. Mango cannot be ripen in haste and hurry. But then who has time to focus so much on food? We have all the time to discuss Bombay Velvet but food? Another such essence-rich, प्राणयुक्त fruit is अनार દાડમ. But now farmers harvest it so early and unnaturally that all essence is compromised.Real essence of mango is in its seed. Pure consciousness. will try to write about it someday.

Mango health benefits

For example, a new study in Photodermatology, Photoimmunology, and Photomedicine reports that mango extract given to mice protected against photoaging (translation: skin damage such as wrinkles and skin cancer) associated with ultraviolet B rays. A Texas study reported that mango extract was effective in inhibiting colon cancer cell growth.

Molecular hints of being तामसिक(Tamasic)



In chapter 17 of Bhagwad Gita, Arjuna had a doubt: Those who, setting aside the ordinances of the scriptures, perform sacrifice with faith, what is their condition, O Krishna? Is is Sattva, Rajas or Tamas?

Bhagwan responded  him with a truth about human nature:

त्रिविधा भवति श्रद्धा देहिनां सा स्वभावजा।
सात्त्विकी राजसी चैव तामसी चेति तां श्रृणु।।17.2।।

सत्त्वानुरूपा सर्वस्य श्रद्धा भवति भारत।
श्रद्धामयोऽयं पुरुषो यो यच्छ्रद्धः स एव सः।।17.3।।

The Blessed Lord said Threefold is the faith of the embodied, which is inherent in their nature the Sattvic (pure), the Rajasic (passionate) and the Tamasic (dark). Do thou hear of it.

The faith of each is in accordance with his nature, O Arjuna. The man consists of his faith; as a man’s faith is, so is he.

And later, he explains how food selection to charity, all work based on innate prakriti.

Changing someone’s innate prakriti is not an easy job. It demands herculian efforts by pious heart, a change agent, blessed by divine powers to alter someone’s life. And the base of entire process is : Selfless love.

So, based on chapter 17 of Bhagwad Gita, it is clear that, it is not food that decides your nature but it is your nature that selects food and maintains your particular nature. If we want to change anyone’s nature, we will first have to work on their nature i.e. स्वभाव. No easy task to alter human nature. This process starts very early in life. Before birth. This is the reason I emphasis more often on two institution most 1) Marriage 2) Parenting – Child development. Future depends on these two social norms. We must protect them. When they are of sattvik nature, we can pray mother nature to gift Sattvik generations. It is difficult to mold, already molded clay pot (Tamasik nature of grown up adults). And if you try, very hard, you may break the equilibrium. If you really are interested in building healthy future, work on children. Prepare Sattvik nature in them. Nurture them accordingly.

Now, here is the interesting paper talking about molecular basis of prakriti.


Not my future? Core values and the neural representation of future events

“Some people are worried about the consequences of climate change, while others consider them too remote to have an impact on their well-being. Researchers examined how these differences are reflected in our brains. With the help of neuro-imaging, the scientists found that people deemed ‘egotistical’ do not use the area of the brain that enables us to look into and imagine the distant future. In ‘altruistic’ individuals, the same area is alive with activity.”

Selfishness makes the brain lazy

The psychologists then focused on the activity in the ventromedial pre-frontal cortex (vmPFC), an area of the brain above the eyes that is used when thinking about the future and trying to visualize it. “We found that with altruistic people, this cerebral zone is activated more forcefully when the subject is confronted with the consequences of a distant future as compared to the near future. By contrast, in an egotistical person, there is no increase in activity between a consequence in the near future and one in the distant future,” says Brosch.

This particular region of the brain is mainly used for projecting oneself into the distant future. The absence of heightened activity in a self-centred person indicates the absence of projection and the fact that the individual does not feel concerned by what will happen after his or her death. Why, then, should such people adopt sustainable forms of behaviour?

Set your projection capabilities to work

These outcomes, which can be applied to areas other than climate change, demonstrate the importance of being able to think about the distant future in order to adapt one’s behaviour to the future constraints of the world. “We could imagine a psychological training that would work on this brain area using projection exercises,” suggests Brosch. “In particular, we could use virtual reality, which would make the tomorrow’s world visible to everyone, bringing human beings closer to the consequences of their actions.”

Ramayana Reciting : Ancient Womb Engineering for Healthy Fetus growth


Ramayana recitation during pregnancy is not just about narrating story of Rama to the womb-dweller but also about providing optimum epigenetic environment for maximum pro-life DNAs to unfold!

When Ramayana is replaced by modern TV/Soaps/Magazines, there is imbalance in the mental and pranic environment provided to the womb. Imbalance brings randomness and chaos. Sometimes, physical defects too. Ofcourse, food , water and air intake too play role along with mental and energy level grooming provided during pregnancy!

Point here is: We cannot ignore critical part mother’s mind and activities play in fetus growth.

The prenatal period is a time of dramatic plasticity, when the brain is laying down the structures that control neurobiological function across life.

Molecular “switches” that regulate the way that genes are activated without changing the underlying DNA blueprint decides whether you will get male brain or female brain.

Process is called DNA methylation , an Epigenetic process.Epigenetic processes play a key role in orchestrating transcriptional regulation during development.

Now, modern science is in nascent stage to understand Epigenetic process. It is good that they slowly are debunking Gene dogmas. But on the other hand, they are surrendering to molecular switches. 🙂.

The real Epigenetic process does not begin in molecules outside DNA or outside cells but in mind. That is the root of the all Epigenetic processes. In womb, it is mother’s mind and how she is affected by external environment (+ past like karma of the mind under re-development in the womb).

Mind is like blueprint of execution stored on cloud. You begin from where you stopped in last birth. 🙂

Hint: Why one should recite Ramayana during pregnancy. Why one should read prescribes texts during pregnancy. Epigenetic!


Why Gau-Seva is critically essential during Student-phase of life? Part 1



Although, it is painful that I have to write articles and notes for Indians, to establish value of something that is so natural to us.

Why gau-seva?

When a son or a daughter is old enough to understand the world by different angles i.e. age 5 to 9 (varies for different kids as per their innate prakriti), first and foremost art to be excelled is to connect with fellow-travelers, not exclusively in the human form. They must learn to realize inherent thread of consciousness alive in all of us. Not only that, they must realize how dharma sustains these relations.

आत्म-तत्व to आत्म-तत्व connections so that children can realize param-tattva.

This is possible best when you establish relation with the nature. Which relation works best? Which relation has highest possible divinity? Which relation is full of selfless emotions?

Mother-Son relation.

When you connect with nature as mother-son relational template, it is very easy to understand the underlying core consciousness.

For many of us, to realize nature is mother is too broad a concept. That is where Gau-seva plays the role.

More in next note.

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