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Not mere Turmeric, magic touch of cook the savior



In भारतीय culture, we don’t really focus on food but who cooked and how food is being cooked matter a lot! Food is secondary, prana-exchange by the cook is more important.

And we don’t see food with reductionist eyes. Turmeric as a whole cherished and not some compound of it!

Cook Cook2 Cook3 cook4

Turmeric is new Hero celebrated by western nutrition expert. Idiots now have capsules! 😀 and Curcumin oil! 😀 😀
Remember one thing: Turmeric alone when consumed, you are inviting hurricane for liver! Overwork! Overtime! Never ever! There is no shortcut! You must learn the art of cooking and using turmeric in cooking!
Indian #CookTheSavior know how to use turmeric! Never without transport medium! That medium could be ghee, milk, water!
Before your child learns swimming or table manners or Guitar or football, train him and her in art of cooking!!
Cook is the savior! He or she who can cook well, scientifically perfect diet, can only save families in future! Mark my words! 🙂
#Turmeric is great! #Khichdi is super-food! Free of cost, almost!
The confused educated Indian will strive for turmeric or curcumin capsules but hate eating turmeric-rich Khichdi! 😀 (Ghee, rice, dal). They will ask their NRI counterpart to bring it in next India visit! lol
Khichdi has everything that can help turmeric to reachout to body cells and act as magic pill!
Khichdi? :O Yuck!! I love pizza and butter panner masala! Who eats so middle class khichdi daily? Yuck! 😀 😀

Season driven common Sense : Out of Syllabus



Does your kid’s school teach local language phrases, popular cliches and poems? Do they teach Gujarati calendar? (They don’t. On the other hand, they teach rhymes written for European culture :D. What a cultural tragedy! )

Does you kid learn same from grand parents? (Difficult as grand parents are also brainwashed by same education system)

What do they miss? Essential life event markers. Common sense.

For example:

શ્રાવણ માસે કાકડી,ભાદરવાની છાસ,
તુરિયાનું સેવન કરે,તાવ કરે ઘરવાસ.
(Translation: Those who eat cucumber in Sravan month(July-Aug), butter milk in bhadarva month(Aug-Sep), and turiyu during monsoon (June-July-Aug-Sept), invites fever (Viral/Bacterial))

ઉની ઉની રોટલીને કારેલાનું શાક.
(Translation: During monsoon, eat fresh and hot chapati with
squirting cucumber shabji)

” મૂળા, મોગરી, ગાજર, બોર, રાતે ખાય તે નિશ્ચે ઢોર…!”
(Translation: Those who eat vegetables like carrot,radish pods,jujube etc in dinner, are dumb animals!)

Now since we, and our kids are kept aloof from this common sense, we will eat anything and everything in all seasons! Like animals! Murder of common sense!

Why do you pay so high fees to schools who cannot even impart common sense? 😀 😀 I will rather prefer not to send my kid to such school. If school is failure, why do you wait? Why can’t you cut your time spent behind mindless entertainment and divert it to learn common sense?

Think about it. If we embrace common sense taught by local culture, we can save billions of medical bills every year.

1) Keep your child connected to mother tongue. Always speak in your mother tongue at home
2) Do not ignore your grand parents common sense advice
3) Get connected with sources from where you can upgrade your common sense

Fragmented Sleep and Arteries Health



Last year when I wrote a Facebook note that more and more young boys are succumbing to heart attack. And reasons could be food, sleep and screen obsession, readers started debating. (Link here )

Here is one more evidence of how sleep is playing a role and when sleep is fragmented due to screen obsession and late night working, it acts fatal randomly.

Fragmented Sleep = Hardening of arteries.

Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) is a disorder in which arteries (blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to other parts of the body) become narrowed because fat (cholesterol deposits called atherosclerosis) is first deposited on the inside walls of the arteries, then becomes hardened by fibrous tissue and calcification (arteriosclerosis). As this plaque grows, it narrows the lumen of the artery (the space in the artery tubes), thereby reducing both the oxygen and blood supply to the affected organ (like the heart, eyes, kidney, legs, gut, or the brain). The plaque may eventually severely block the artery, causing death of the tissue supplied by the artery, for example, heart attack or stroke.


Short and fragmented sleep linked to hardened arteries

Dr Dominguez said: “People who had short or disrupted sleep were also more likely to have metabolic syndrome, which refers to the combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, and depicts an unhealthy lifestyle.”

He concluded: “Failure to get enough sleep and restlessness during the night should be considered risk factors for blocking or narrowing of the arteries. Studies are needed to find out if sleeping well and long enough can prevent or reverse this effect on the arteries. In the meantime it seems sensible to take steps to get a good night’s sleep – such as having a physically active lifestyle and avoiding coffee and fatty foods before bedtime.”

How do I sense fire within?



Friend : “You said, to avoid indigestion at all costs, one must learn to sense bodily fire or digestive fire or different forms of fire within our body. How to sense digestive fire?”

Me: “I am still learning. However, I have two unwarranted advises. Follow if you trust me and experiment yourself.

Get connected with external form of fire first.
1) Perform homa daily.
2) Perform Surya Namaskar daily (not only the various poses of the exercise but actual worship in front of rising Sun)

Try it. Without any technical training, you will be connected with your bodily fire and understand it well!”

Btw, Germans and many Europeans do perform homa daily! Just in case if you wish mimic them

मूढ़ हिन्दू and Tacit acceptance of रासलीला to लवरात्रि



So, now they are coming with more pervertness. What is going on in name of Navratri in Gujarat is not praise-worthy. Cultural derangement where abortion cases increase after Navratri.

This is what I wrote 3 years back:

मूढ़ हिन्दू (Mudha Hindu – MH) is very special category. Unfortunately, they are in majority among the hindus. No self-respect, no strength. Timid and insect-type.

Adult MH idiots under the influence of Bollywood are worse. They are gone case but they corrupt future generations as well. They will, with their children, dance on these idiotic lyrics in family functions and parties.

कुडियो का नशा प्यारे नशा सबसे नशीला है
जिसे देखू यहाँ वो हुस्न की बारिश में गिला है
इश्क के नाम पे करते सभी अब रासलीला है
मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है
हो मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है
लडको का नशा प्यारे नशा सब से नशीला है
जिसे देखू यहाँ वो हुस्न की बारिश में गिला है
इश्क के नाम पे करते सभी अब रासलीला है
मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है
हो मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है

These मूढ़ give Janamasthami wishes like “Happy Birthday Casanova”

I really don’t consider them Hindu anymore. And hence, we are in minority.

No community with self-respect would glorify insults to their soul, their hero, their essential तत्वज्ञान. Even if I don’t understand depth of रासलीला , I won’t tolerate this.

Yes, you may not be able to ban this shit but you can at least let it die without publicity.

Remember one thing: रासपञ्चाध्यायी – the five chapters of श्रीमद्भागवत पुराण दशमः स्कन्धः are intense! They ends with this “हृद्रोगमाश्वपहिनोत्यचिरेण धीरः” – it means, whoever will read them, will become काम मुक्त| And you mock your God as कामोद्दीपक ?

Think about it. Educate fellow Hindus. Cultural and moral degradation happen silently. By the time we will realize, it will be too late.

Note on seasoned hypocrites



The most seasoned hypocrites (દંભી,दंभी) are those who consider to rape their own body 24×7 by indulging in sensual extremes as normal. Any it is “LOL” moment when you see these hypocrites write essays on hypocrisy.

lol. 😀 Just read one such article on hypocrisy by a seasoned hypocrite.


I don’t believe in fear mongering of any sort that modern medicine practices. I know, smoking does not kill everyone and alcohol is consumed by more than half of the world. So?

To drink or not;to smoke or not;to eat animals or not, is your willful choice. You decided it. Most of us select this option based on how much and how prolonged pleasure this action gives us.

So life is all about pleasure? Sensual achievement is the only thing? This type of mindset is rapist mindset. They are worse than criminal rapist we see in society.

Rapist? How?

While you are indulged in sensual pleasure raised from your actions, you forget that you are custodian of 150 trillion and more body cells and microbes whose livelihood depends upon your actions. Your extreme indulgence creates famine condition for them. You starve them daily. Is it not rape of worse kind to torture your body?

But this seasoned hypocrite using power of words convince youth that those who are striving to become sane using dharma teachings are hypocrite and so you must ignore them and enjoy life. Unfortunately, youth has lost power of discriminatory intellect so they get convinced.

Think about. Do you really love your body? If yes, try to love your body by right actions. Live moderate life. Do not live on extreme ends of pendulum.

Beware of armchair intellectuals who are promoting rape of body as normal condition.

पुत्रगोष्ठी – Parenting for trees

This is my conversation with 5 years old son. His learning diary. Old posts can be read here : or on Facebook tag


“Pappa, what exactly Anil dada (Granfather’s friend and tree lover) asked you to for trees recently planted on divider?”

“He asked to take care of them.”

“What kind of care? Monsoon is going on. Water is everywhere. ”

“Water is not enough. If it was forest, we really don’t need to take care of trees as such. Mother nature takes care of them but since we (or civic authority) plant trees in urban area, we need to take care of them like how we take care of you. Let’s go to the main road. I will show you.”

“Can you this scar? See, here.”


“This is what we need to prevent. We don’t want trees to die prematurely by such fatal injuries.”

“Why do they get such scars? Can’t we plant properly.”

“Yes, we can plant them properly but since they are here in open, in public place, they are prone to chaos. Even wind will change their position. We need to take care of them till the roots are strong and stable.”

“How can we avoid it?”

“We will put a support so that they don’t rest on iron protector around them. Support will allow them to grow straight.”

“Let’s take a संकल्प pappa! We will take care of all trees on this road!”

“Sure, beta! We will. Every morning, 3 trees! Deal?”


“Remember, the way we provide these trees support, in life, never hesitate your support to needy. That is the purpose of our life! It is always govt or official’s duty to take care needy! We must act as mature society and uplift to be more powerful!”


“Yes! Imagine how strong these trees will turn after 10 years.”

“I will take care!”

Morning well spent in यज्ञ.


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-25 at 8.46.55 AM WhatsApp Image 2018-08-25 at 8.46.56 AM



Mouth is trying to tell you something!!!!


Problem in oral health might be indicator of underlying problem in your digestive system. We again come back to the our friends “Microbes” or rather our “Hosts” 😊

The mouth microbiota directly connected with your gut microbiota


There is mounting evidence that the spectrum of microbial species living in the mouth is, both in diversity and in composition, a close representation of the microbiota inhabiting the upper GI tract. In a study to evaluate the influence of proton pump inhibitors on the luminal microbiota in the GI tract reported by Tsuda et al., an analysis of microbial samples taken from the oral cavity (saliva), the stomach (gastric fluid), and the colon (stools) of 45 individuals found that the bacteria are similar in overall species richness among the three microbiota irrespective of their different habitat. Importantly, however, the bacterial composition of the fecal microbiota was shown to be different from those of salivary and gastric fluid microbiota. Furthermore, the interindividual variability of fecal microbiota was much higher compared with that of salivary and gastric fluid microbiota as might be expected with the colon habitat being completely different from the other two habitats with respect to their biological and ecological features. Curiously, in a seemingly unconnected relationship, the placental microbiome is also reported to share similarity with that of the oral cavity and not those of the more proximal vaginal or gut flora.[1]_______________________________________________________________________

Gut Microbiota and Oral Microbiota


One of the function of Gut Microbiome is production of SCFA-Short chain fatty acid which inhibit inflammation.


Gut Bacteria imbalances send inflammatory signals to your immune system. This means symptoms can occur all over your body, including your mouth. That’s why oral health can be useful for monitoring gut health. Bleeding gums (gingivitis) is a common sign of bacteria imbalance in your mouth that relates to your gut“[2]



So when we use dumb antibacterial mouthwashes which can’t distinguish microbes from pathogen, we just are removing the symptoms not root cause.


Many people think the best way to combat bad breath and improve oral hygiene is through using strong, sanitizing mouthwashes. They opt for powerful, astringent mouthwashes that zap their mouth’s bacteria hoping it will leave them with fresh, minty breath.

But that’s not how your mouth works.

Your mouth is actually a fine balance of microbes working together with your gut microbes and immune system to keep you healthy.

Imagine your mouth as a pleasant little coral reef with different corals, anemones, and other critters. These make up an ecosystem and each critter needs the other creatures to live and thrive. Even a little competition among species is fine because it keeps everything in balance. This comparison may seem like a silly metaphor, but it’s far more accurate than viewing your mouth as simply teeth, gums, and a tongue. Your mouth is much more than that.

Symbiotic relationships abound in your mouth’s ecosystem and collectively this is known as your oral microbiome. Your mouth contains about 500 to 1,000 different types of bacteria, enzymes that aid in digestion, proteins which provide nutrients for the helpful bacteria, and more.

To keep your mouth healthy, which keeps your body healthy, you need to think of your mouth as a living thing. So, when you see mouthwashes that claims to “kill 99% of germs” run far, far away.[3]


What should I do then?

Buying swadesi brand of toothpaste selling same chemicals to kill “germs” 😊. Think again.

PS: It has been 2 years since using manjan from dung ash with improved oral and teeth health.

Some old posts for reference





पुत्रगोष्ठी – Know your Environment – Know them in whole

This is my conversation with 5 years old son. His learning diary. Old posts can be read here : or on Facebook tag

This week, we covered two trees. One that gives us wood and another fruit. Teak tree and African Cherry Tree.


cherry cherry2

When we approach mother nature, we don’t follow text book. We pick up one hint and then observe it for several months. For example, teak wood tree. Monsoon is when flowering starts in this tree and by the time winter arrives, fruits mature. We enjoyed the flower, will keep a close watch on the progress!

Schools’ syllabus often introduce stereotypes to kids. Even when it is class about nature or environment. For flowers, roses and for fruits, apple and oranges. For wood, teak and neem. Hardly, any tree or plant is introduced as a whole. Even if it is done, it is restricted to Bsc Biology . That is it. Ideally, all our kids should have total exposure to mother nature. Not only rose flower but the rose plant, from root to fruit.

Teak tree is known for quality wood. But what about its flower and fruits. Today morning was spent with teak tree, observing its fruits and flower. They are in full bloom these days!

Don’t trap kids in stereotypes. That is fundamental to flourish their creativity and enhance their imagination horizon.

ભારતની સરકારી અભ્યાસક્રમથી ચાલતી શાળામાં, હંમેશા બાળકને વિષયનો બીબાઢાળ પરિચય આપી શકે. એ અભ્યાસક્રમની મર્યાદા છે પણ શિક્ષકની નહિ. શિક્ષક ધારેતો વિષયની સમગ્રતા બાળકોને બતાવી શકે. દાખલા તરીકે, ગુલાબના પુષ્પ પહેલા ગુલાબના છોડનો અભ્યાસ અને નિરીક્ષણ. કેરીના ફળ પહેલા કેરીના ઝાડનું આંબાવાડિયામાં સ્થાન અને આસપાસના પર્યાવરણમાં એનો ફાળો.

આજે અમે સાગના ઝાડ સાથે સત્સંગ કર્યો. અત્યારે સાગને ભરપુર પુષ્પ આવ્યા છે…મજબુત લાકડાનું બીજ સમજવાનો પ્રયત્ન કર્યો.


Therapeutic Radiation and Hormone Deficiencies


Modern medicine apologist don’t wish to accept that it is double edged sword. It may give you a feel that the target is eliminated but in reality, it is also cutting your own fingers!

There are several radiations encircle us in चक्रव्यूह. Some are so pervasive that we accept them as normal i.e. mobile tower and mobile device radiation. They too act on body’s अग्नि (hormones). Effect is random due to varied state of human bodies around.

Take care. Don’t be obsessed with medical technology so much that you go for CT Scan or X-ray casually. Avoid as much as possible.



Study Details Effect of Radiation Exposure on Hormone Deficiencies

The hypothalamus is a region of the forebrain that coordinates the activity of the pituitary gland, and together, they regulate many of the hormones in the body that control growth, metabolism, adrenal function and gonadal function.
“There isn’t much data defining the dose response of radiation therapy to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in pediatric and young adult patients with brain tumors,” says Ralph Vatner, MD, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology and lead author on this study. “We examined the correlation between radiation therapy dosage to these brain structures and development of endocrine dysfunction in this population.”
Vatner says dosimetric data—measurement, calculation and assessment of the ionizing radiation dose absorbed by the human body—and clinical information was collected from 222 children and young adults (younger than 26 years old) with brain tumors treated with proton radiotherapy on three prospective studies (2003 to 2016) coordinated by Massachusetts General Hospital.
Proton radiotherapy is a form of radiation treatment used for certain types of cancers and lymphomas. A major advantage over traditional forms of radiotherapy is its ability to deliver radiation to a tumor with remarkable precision, sparing healthy tissues. The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center/UC Health Proton Therapy Center is the only facility of its kind locally and only one of about 28 in the country.
Deficiencies of various hormones, including growth hormone, thyroid hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone and gonadotropins, were determined using serum collected from patients along with their clinical symptoms, and radiation dose was calculated using the treatment plans for these patients. Statistical models were developed using these data to estimate the effect of radiation dose and age on the development of hormone deficiency.

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