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Mother’s hardwired care instinct : Reason for Resident Schooling
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My friends and I firmly believe that early childhood parenting and formal education are two key points for success or failure of the society.

Study Shows How Moms’ Brains Are Hard-Wired to Gather Young

Few days back, we had discussion : Why kids must be sent to resident school, or as popularly known in Hindu homes i.e . Gurukul?

Why kid must change living as per Guru’s kul after certain age?

Reason is : Hardwired maternal (as well as paternal) instinct. And when parents can’t realize this biological flaw, they act as Dhritrashtra-Gandhari, who were also obsessed by their kids. Result is known to everyone.

As a firm believer of Santana dharma, I don’t really need to find answers for it but for fellow travelers, I try to find answers in their own language i.e. modern science.

A mother’s “basic instinct” to grab her wandering offspring and return them to the nest depends on a specific set of brain cell signals, a new study in mice finds.


Biological mother and even foster mothers (early childhood exposure to mother like figures i.e.  grand mothers, aunts, neighbors, teachers) – they all have hardwired brain, a brain to cater highest possible emotions and care. This care is very much needed in early childhood. However, if it continues for longer time of childhood, it become sweet poison for kid and may turn kid into fragile baby, only grown up in body but not in mind. That 25 years old kid will still ask mother for any crucial life decision. Nothing wrong in it on mother’s side. She must guide kid for entire life. However, it is folly on son/daughter’s life as they can’t drive their life by own. To me, it is not impediment in ultimate life goal i.e. स्वविकास/आत्मसाक्षात्कार/self-realization.

This research says that, when you become mother, your brain is hardwired for care and protecting of kids. Mother will do everything for kid’s protection.

The point I wish to bring to the table is: Overprotection or even normal protection in homely environment, will limit child’s true potential. Let him or her explore his/her true potential and that is possible when they are away after certain age (The Upanayana Sanskar age – varies from age 5 to 11)


*Do check video in link below*



A mother’s “basic instinct” to grab her wandering offspring and return them to the nest depends on a specific set of brain cell signals, a new study in mice finds.

“Our study shows precisely how a maternal instinct is generated in the mammalian brain,” says study senior investigator Dayu Lin, PhD, an assistant professor at the Neuroscience Institute at NYU Langone Health.

Dr. Lin says that because evolution has conserved biochemistry in most mammals, the findings may help to explain human maternal behaviors, such as breastfeeding and rocking a newborn, and could suggest new ways to help new mothers who have trouble nursing or bonding with their infants.

“Moreover, we believe that the findings overturn the longstanding idea that the dopamine system produces a ‘rush’ after a good behavior, and argue instead that dopamine may drive actions before any satisfaction is felt,” says Dr. Lin.

Save Motherhood, Revive Motherhood, Revive Nationhood


Sanatana dharma revolves around few institutions. One of them is family. Family revolves around mothers in family. But right now, we are living in very danger time where motherhood is targeted constantly under the umbrella of “Feminism”. Market forces in global world knows very well that India is biggest market and we can turn Indians into zombie consumerist, only when we break their family system. And to break family system, it is necessary to kill motherhood!

Last year, wrote several notes on it. Compiling them here.

It starts with grooming of girl child who is fame-hungry, sporting self as object under the influence of Bollywood. Save her!

Purpose of कला was to rip apart विकार of mind and body so that we become ready for self-realization.

What is being injected to young mind is no art! It is actually adding more layers of विकार on top of consciousness!


श्रृंगार play vital role in health of an individual and it is never denied. But what is going in name of श्रृंगार is sheer consumerism. Not needed!




Societal transformation starts with mighty mothers. 
Nurture girl child as bold, courageous and razor sharp citizens.Parents of girl child has critical role to play for future.

All parents of girl child are lucky and potent change agents. They can do wonder with powerful will.
सम्पदि यस्य न हर्षो विपदि विषादो रणे न भीरुत्वम्
तं भुवनत्रयतिलकं जनयति जननी सुतं विरलम्
sampadi yasya na harSho vipadi viShaado raNe na bheerutvam
tam bhuvanatrayatilakam janayati jananee sutam viralam

Only an exceptional mother gives birth to a child – who does not get extremely happy on reception of wealth, who does not get sad on the arrival of bad times, who does not become a coward in a war because of fear. The child with such qualities is a crown jewel of the world.




New Trend in US: $300 session for cow cuddling therapy!



Cow Cuddling Is The New Wellness Trend Now And It Costs $300 For A 90-Minute Session

According to PubMed, there is proof that humans can decrease their stress levels by interacting with animals. How one may choose to go about that is their own preference. While this concept, in particular, might sound a little strange, the new therapy trend falls in line with other programs we’ve seen in the past. Remember goat yoga? Or cat yoga? What about bunny yoga? While yoga with a cow might be a little tricky, cuddling with them might be the next best thing.

Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York has a program offering the ‘Horse & Cow Experience’ where individuals can spend time connecting with the large barnyard animals. You can interact with them however you want to by petting, brushing or playing. If you’re not in the mood to play with the animals, you can simply cuddle with them. “Cows have a body temperature that is slightly higher than humans and their heart rate is lower than ours. Cuddling up with a cow, feeling that lower heart rate and higher body temperature, is very relaxing,” Mountain Horse Farm wrote on their website.

If I ask educated Indians to go to Gau Shala daily, they will raise their eyebrows! What nonsense! Who has time to visit Gau shala daily? And damn! For what reason! 😀

Check this out: Americans are paying $300 for 90 minutes cow cuddling session! Oh yes, you read it right!!

Cuddling has magic impact on your health!

We have written in past:

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Mad rush for dead food


Madness for dead food


There is new obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) developed in modern Indians, under the influence of mass-communication mediums. We all are in search of more refined, more polished, better processed food sources. We want white polished rice. We want refined sugar. We want refined salt. We try refined oils of various types.

Like us, food too carry energy signature (Prana shakti/Pranic sharir) associated with it. With each process cycle to satisfy our OCD for polish, shining, whiteness, refinedness, filter , significant energy get busted in frictions with machines/hands.

Due to low at energy (Prana), food is deemed for staleness. So we add preservatives. By the time, food packets reach to market, it is almost dead. It takes monumental efforts by digestive system to digest dead food. Plus, there is no refilling of body’s prana. Accumulation of dead fat.

This is just pranic destruction. Destructions of sharir # 3,4,5 are beyond our comprehension at this moment.
Isn’t it worrisome when Govt promotes food processing industries (

Go for fresh food. Unprocessed food. Unpolished food. Save yourself from OCD related to processed and packaged food.

Our body is not just physical form. It has its own intelligent energy layer. We call it प्राणमय कोष (Pranic Body). This प्राणमय layer takes all cellular decisions and act upon physical body. Eliminating toxins is one such task. It is being performed at cellular level, organ level and body level. Everything managed by प्राणमय layer .

प्राणमय layer is a pure subtly energy. As much we use it, it is being consumed. Low at प्राण means weakness to sickness. Gradually.
So too much work of elimination means weak प्राणमय layer. Especial अपान (Apana) . अपान (Apana) resides in GUT. 80% of immunity is managed in GUT. So if you demand heavy work from अपान (Apana) for purging toxins, it will never be able do other jobs i.e. immunity. And hence sicknesses. This is the reason, post-delivery (heavy work of elimination from body), exercise is must. To stabilize the अपान (Apana) again.

Last photo depicts प्राणमय कोष of the body and its interaction with the universe.



Vegetarian Diet And मुनि Dharma


Vegetarian Diet And मुनि Dharma


Reading Ramayana and Mahabharata clears many Grihasthi doubts. Try to read the original source and भाषांतर/टिका in मातृभाषा . Lot to learn.

Your diet changes with your terrain and end-goal. Here is something suggested by Lord Rama.

Book II : Ayodhya Kanda – Book Of Ayodhya

Chapter[Sarga] 20

Rama approaches his mother Kausalya to inform her of the calamity. Kausalya on hearing the news, faints. On recovering, she laments in the most grevious tones to Rama.

चतुर्दश हि वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने |
मधु मूल फलैः जीवन् हित्वा मुनिवद् आमिषम् || २-२०-२९

“I shall live in a solitary forest like a sage for fourteen years, leaving off meat and living with roots, fruits and honey”.

Please note:

– Living like a sage
– leaving off meat
– living with roots,fruits and honey

Instead of wasting time in Veg vs Non-veg debates, strive food suitable for your innate prakriti, available locally, helping you to achieve end-goal (dharma).

Word मुनि is important. It is related to immunity. In highly dynamic environment of Jungle, middle of ample kills available, Bhagwan prefers vegetarian diet. Why? 🙂

The Medical Blame Game Criminals: Allergens, Carcinogens and Mosquito

Blaming Allergens for Allergy?
Blaming Carcinogens for Cancer?
Blaming Mosquito for Dengue?
I challenge*, even in non-urban area, try to showcase environment without allergens, carcinogens and mosquito.
Possible? No.
It is like blaming trigger for Bomb Blast but not the real cause i.e. security lapse.
Presence of triggering events does not mean you will be sick for sure.
Carcinogens mere pre-pone the destined event (Cancerous state – which is destiny of all cells. They either die or become cancerous).
You cannot avoid carcinogens all the time but you can certainly have control over cancerous nature of the cell!
Same is the case of Allergens. They don’t cause allergy but faulty immune system catches up with the triggering events. You cannot find perfectly sterile environment without any allergens. But you can always correct the immune responses.
For challenge,find out a place without following carcinogens. 😉 😛
Find out a place without following allergens

Digital Pollution: Parents are Enemies of the Children

Parents are Enemies of the Children


Unless you are pharmacist or doctor yourself, will you give medicines to your child mindlessly?

Then why early life gadget exposure? Research after research, report after report recommends ZERO EXPOSURE to screen devices for infants and kids below 2 years!

Why can’t parents understand this simple thing?
Why do schools teach on screens?

I have shared in past. Here is one more study.

Too much time using digital media in the wrong way is linked to children’s quality of sleep, child development and physical health, the statement notes. (Heavy media use in preschool is associated with small but significant increases in body mass index.)

The guidelines recommend banning digital media use an hour before bed, turning off devices when not in use and keeping bedrooms, mealtimes and parent-child playtime screen free.

Research Study

Children and Adolescents and Digital Media


New digital and social media facilitate and promote social interactions as well as participation and engagement that involve both viewing and creating content. The effects of media use, however, are multifactorial and depend on the type of media, the type of use, the amount and extent of use, and the characteristics of the individual child or adolescent using the media. Children today are growing up in an era of highly personalized media use experiences; therefore, parents should be encouraged to develop personalized Family Media Use Plans for their families that attend to each child’s age, health, temperament, and developmental stage and ensure that each child can practice and benefit from the essentials for healthy growth and development, such as a healthy diet, good sleep hygiene, adequate physical activity, and positive social interactions.

Parents should recognize and understand their own roles in modeling appropriate media use and balance between media time and other activities. Pediatricians can help families identify and adopt a healthy Family Media Use Plan, minimize unhealthy habits and behaviors, and recognize and address issues that occur related to the use of traditional and new media that can negatively affect health, wellness, social and personal development, and academic performance and success.

Role of Vastu: Sunlight, Household dust and bacteria



We really don’t need such researches to to guide and us alter life style. This was natural and common sense in our society until we started ignoring वास्तु शास्त्र guidelines and building homes thoughtlessly in urban area. Now, even villages follow the same.

Allowing sunlight in through windows can kill bacteria that live in dust, according to a study published in the open access journal Microbiome.

Take for example: Kitchen. Kitchen is a place where maximum प्राणिक प्रवृत्ति(s) happen for the day. This is the place where food and water is handled. Maximum microbial communities exist here, after toilet/bathroom. This place is very critical for the sustenance of the family.

As per Vastu Sastra, Kitchen is prescribed in South-East direction with window in south.

Look at the picture. This is the ideal place where food and water gets exposure to daily sunlight. Sunlight = Prana = life

Indian Cooking Setup and Pranic Healing


Now, read this research.


Daylight exposure modulates bacterial communities associated with household dust


Microbial communities associated with indoor dust abound in the built environment. The transmission of sunlight through windows is a key building design consideration, but the effects of light exposure on dust communities remain unclear. We report results of an experiment and computational models designed to assess the effects of light exposure and wavelengths on the structure of the dust microbiome. Specifically, we placed household dust in replicate model “rooms” with windows that transmitted visible, ultraviolet, or no light and measured taxonomic compositions, absolute abundances, and viabilities of the resulting bacterial communities.


Light exposure per se led to lower abundances of viable bacteria and communities that were compositionally distinct from dark rooms, suggesting preferential inactivation of some microbes over others under daylighting conditions. Differences between communities experiencing visible and ultraviolet light wavelengths were relatively minor, manifesting primarily in abundances of dead human-derived taxa. Daylighting was associated with the loss of a few numerically dominant groups of related microorganisms and apparent increases in the abundances of some rare groups, suggesting that a small number of microorganisms may have exhibited modest population growth under lighting conditions. Although biological processes like population growth on dust could have generated these patterns, we also present an alternate statistical explanation using sampling models from ecology; simulations indicate that artefactual, apparent increases in the abundances of very rare taxa may be a null expectation following the selective inactivation of dominant microorganisms in a community.


Our experimental and simulation-based results indicate that dust contains living bacterial taxa that can be inactivated following changes in local abiotic conditions and suggest that the bactericidal potential of ordinary window-filtered sunlight may be similar to ultraviolet wavelengths across dosages that are relevant to real buildings.

Depleted Prana, Dehydration and infection

High fever supported viral infection is common in growing children. This leads to dehydration. Dehydration means lack of water. In Ayurvedic terms, it means lack of प्राण.
Exhausted प्राण is an ideal condition for bacterial breeding. So the next step comes is bacteria infection. Because it often converts into different victim organ sites i.e. Urinary tract infection, sinuses, respiratory infection etc.
And that is what we must avoid. That can be avoided by keeping body hydrated during fever. Let fever do its job of cleaning while keep body cool by external application of water (and we use Gau mutra added) massage and fluid intake (Water + watery fruits + honey + ghee) . This is the most effective treatment worked for me and many friends. Keep fever untouched if it is in the range of 100 – 100.5 to avoid organ level damage by heat ( I personally prefer up to 101. But not advised for everyone. 🙂 )
And for organ healing : Turmeric + Milk + Ghee and/or Turmeric + Honey
By this way, we can avoid bacteria infection and all associated modern medicine treatment.
In summary: Avoid dehydration. As much as possible. Water is life. Water prevents sicknesses. Drink enough fluid during summer and October heat spells
PS: This is all based on my personal experience. Follow your intuition and consult doctor as per self-guidance (Y). I shared it here because I found a link between dehydration and infection in this paper.

Mild dehydration: a risk factor of urinary tract infection?
Bacterial growth in the urinary tract is usually prevented by host factors including bacterial eradication by urinary and mucus flow, urothelial bactericidal activity, urinary secretory IgA, and blood group antigens in secretions which interfere with bacterial adherence. Bacterial eradication from the urinary tract is partially dependent on urine flow and voiding frequency. Therefore, it seems logical to postulate a connection between fluid intake and the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). However, experimental and clinical data on this subject are conflicting. Experimental studies concerning the effect of water intake on susceptibility and course of UTIs were predominantly performed in the 60s and 70s. Despite many open questions, there has been no continuous research in this field. Only few clinical studies producing contradictory results are available on the influence of fluid intake concerning the risk of UTI. One explanation for the inconsistency between the data might be the uncertainty about the exact amounts of fluid intake, which was mostly recorded in questionnaires. So far, there is no definitive evidence that the susceptibility for UTI is dependent on fluid intake. Nevertheless, adequate hydration is important and may improve the results of antimicrobial therapy in UTI. Results of experimental and clinical studies concerning urinary hydrodynamics are the basis for advice given by expert committees to patients with UTI to drink large volumes of fluid, void frequently, and completely empty the bladder. The combination of the behaviourally determined aspects of host defence and not simply increasing fluid intake is important in therapy and prophylaxis of UTI.

Vacation? How about Food-Tourism?



Our grand-children will remember our generations (Born in 20th and 21st century) as generation of fools, who grew/raised food by poisons.

Be wise now and earn respect from grand-children in future for saving their lives 🙂. Strive for food grown in chemical-free farms.

Let me introduce new concept here to take care of your holiday fun:)

Every season end, go in search of healthy food. A kind of

Food tourism. From village to village, in search of organic food. Nothing like that. I am doing for last couple of years. No Vacation can beat the fun we as a family is having in food search travel.

I firmly believe that , it is not farmer’s job to sell. In case of food, it is win-win situation when the hungry (We the consumers) puts efforts in searching the source.

Decentralized and yet community network for food.

Farmer has more critical duties to perform towards mother nature, then worrying about sell.

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