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Pregnant Mother’s wish : Never ignore



Elders in family always tell that never ever disrespect pregnant mother and her wishes. Fulfill all of them unless you see them contraindicated (harmful and not good for specific month).

Here is a wonderful research showing how fetus in the womb drives mother’s health, moods and emotions. Child in womb in fact take care of mother’s health!! Protects her!!

Dramatic research has shown that during pregnancy, cells of the fetus often migrate through the placenta, taking up residence in many areas of the mother’s body, where their influence may benefit or undermine maternal health.

The presence of fetal cells in maternal tissue is known as fetal microchimerism. The term alludes to the chimeras of ancient Greek myth–composite creatures built from different animal parts, like the goat-lion-serpent depicted in an Etruscan bronze sculpture.

“Fetal cells can act as stem cells and develop into epithelial cells, specialized heart cells, liver cells and so forth. This shows that they are very dynamic and play a huge role in the maternal body. They can even migrate to the brain and differentiate into neurons,” Boddy says “We are all chimeras.”

Fetal cells may do more than simply migrate to maternal tissues. The authors suggest they can act as a sort of placenta outside the womb, redirecting essential assets from the maternal body to the developing fetus. Cells derived from the fetus–which can persist in maternal tissues for decades after a child is born–have been associated with both protection and increased susceptibility to a range of afflictions, including cancer and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Take care all would-be parents!! And never life under delusion that you actually have control over your life! We all, all lifeforms are connected and we are here to help each other!!



The alien within: Fetal cells influence maternal health during pregnancy (and long after)

Mother’s little helpers?

While fetal microchimerism is a common occurrence across placental mammals, (including humans), the effects of such cells on maternal health remain a topic of fierce debate in the biological community.

In research appearing in the advanced online edition of the journal Bioessays, Boddy and her colleagues review the available literature on fetal microchimerism and human health, applying an evolutionary framework to predict when fetal cells are inclined to act cooperatively to enhance maternal health and when their behavior is likely to be competitive, occasionally leading to adverse effects on the mother.

Fetal cells may do more than simply migrate to maternal tissues. The authors suggest they can act as a sort of placenta outside the womb, redirecting essential assets from the maternal body to the developing fetus. Cells derived from the fetus–which can persist in maternal tissues for decades after a child is born–have been associated with both protection and increased susceptibility to a range of afflictions, including cancer and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Healthy kid Delusion



Lean means lack of excess flesh. Clinically thin means lack of flesh due to deficiency.

Most pediatricians are not taught this difference. Forget about parents, they are brainwashed by media. For parents, fat or excess flesh is sign of health.

As per my observations, lean but active, with no visible sign of any type of deficiency are children with high emotional and intellectual capacity. 
When parents of such kids approach me, I suggest them no food advices but prescribe to spend more time with Mother Nature so that kids Sattva is nurtured. Naturally lean spend more energy at brain then fat conversion.

But not all kids are fortunate. They are prescribed feeding formulas. Extra digestion burden. Some of them lose nature’s gift. Like Hanuman’s amnesia, they too forget their real potential due to parental and doctor’s ignorance.

Honey and Mass murder obsession



As a society, we have developed mass murder obsession and so we find ways to kill imagined and illusive enemies like bacteria and other microbes. Due to this obsession, we have developed highly unscientific method called pasteurization. Not only Milk, we heat Honey too. Honey that is available in the market is Agmark honey and this honey is strongly heated before packaging. According to Ayurveda, heated honey is Sanskara viruddha food.

The idea is that heat destroys enzymes. And basically any time you are going to heat honey the enzymes are going to get destroyed and as a result dilute a lot of the medicinal value of the honey.

Viruddha Ahara is a unique concept described in Ayurveda. Many modern mass production food processing methods are converting healthy food into Viruddha Ahara (antagonistic food). As good as toxins.

And you wonder, why Honey does not show medicinal value? And the belief propagated modern medicine that Ayurveda is all fake guess work, will become strong and strong.

Branded and packaged Honey (and many such other packaged food items sold in name healthy food) – What a waste of ancient knowledge!

गणेश चतुर्थी : Time to replace earthen water pots

 Pot Ganesh
Do you have earthen pot at home for water storage?
Do you replace it every year during गणेश चतुर्थी (at least once. Ideally once a six month replacement needed)? 

Every year, on Ganesh Chaturthi, one should break the pot and get new pot. This is to avoid graha peeda (pain) (We call it viral or bacterial infection) arises due to accumulation of doshic properties from water by pot soil, through out the year.

Pottery is a perfect life science.

Earthen Pot balances minerals in your drinking water.
Earthen Pot balances water dosha (Water in some region is naturally Kapha dominant or Vata dominant or Pitta dominant). If dosha is not balanced, you are more than likely having imbalance of dosha. Hair fall, acidity, infections – they are natural in imbalanced doshic body!.
Most of service class spend 12 hrs in office. In office, they drink water from RO plant. There is no earthen pot. 😉
Most household now have RO. They don’t have earthen pot at home. Even if they have POT, they don’t replace it every six months.
Mineral deficiency? Oh! Natural! 🙂
What type of modernity we proud of? 😉 :p

Three reasons why we replace earthen water pot.

1) Sustainable economy for the families engaged in pottery
2) Cooling. Water in pot cools down
3) For better efficiency to absorb toxins/extra minerals

Fresh earthen pots have multitudinous and crisscross narrow channels running from inside to outside of their walls like in a sponge. Or, we say that the walls of fresh earthen pot are highly porous.

When water is held in such fresh earthen pot, part of the water bleeds out through these pores by capillarity and interfacial affinity and makes the outer surface of the pot rather wet.

However, the water from inside cannot gush out though these pores like a shower because of the crisscross nature and narrowness of the channels and the fineness of the pores.

Thus, the effective exposure area for water in a fresh earthen pot, is not only the top meniscus in the pot but also the wetness on the outer surface of the pot. When water evaporates from these surfaces, the molecules leaving the pot take along heat from the pot’s walls and the water in the pot becomes cooler.

Potable water is not pure water; it contains some minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium salts, suspended particles, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc among others.

During the course of usage, some of these calcium and magnesium ions in water tend to precipitate as insoluble carbonates and sulphates which gradually plug the pores and channels of the pot walls.

The suspended particles, dust collected inside and outside the pot during usage and some algal and moss growths also block these pores and discourage the development of wetness of the outer walls of the pot.

In the event of decreased net area of exposure, the rate of evaporation and the scope for loss of internal heat is drastically reduced.

That is why earthen pots lose their efficiency in keeping the water cool after being used for a few years.


Department of Chemistry

National Institute of Technology Warangal


So even if we clean their surface and give sun exposure, they are less efficient.

Heart Failure starts with Gut (मूलाधार) : Worship गणेश


GUT bacteria and Heart failure

Heart Ganesh

I am not microbiologist but हनुमान & गणेश भक्त. And they give enough hints about the गण they protect for me within this body-universe.

I repeat almost daily and urge friends to take care of GUT by proper diet, surya Namaskar.

Area from GUT to Navel – very critical for existence. Protect it.

गणपति resides in GUT area . And to worship him, we generally keep fast. Fasting clean the GUT and transforms it from GUTTER into Heaven. So clean GUT means right decisions, right actions and in real sense गणेश acts as विध्नहर्ता.

During monsoon, our digestive power remains very low and so there are high chances that GUT remains polluted. So just when the monsoon is on the verge of end, we worship गणेश for 10 days.


Heart failure is associated with loss of important gut bacteria

“In the gut of patients with heart failure, important groups of bacteria are found less frequently and the gut flora is not as diverse as in healthy individuals. Data obtained by scientists of the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) provide valuable points of departure for understanding how gut colonisation is associated with the development and progress of heart failure.”

Influential factors: diet, medication, smoking

“Of course, other factors also affect the composition of our gut bacteria. We know that the gut flora of a vegan who starts eating meat changes within three days”, explains associate professor Dr. Mark Lüdde of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel. For this reason, we asked the Kiel-based researchers of dietary habits beforehand. Individuals with an extreme diet, such as a vegan diet, were not allowed to participate in their study. Instead, they chose individuals with a standard diet comprising both meat and vegetables for both groups.

In addition to diet, medication also affect the gut flora. It was, therefore, important that the control group also took medicinal products that patients with heart failure must take routinely. Antibiotics could not have been administered for at least three months prior. Smokers were also included in both groups. All participants were from the same region and were the same age; gender distribution and BMI were equal in both groups.

Consequence or cause of the disease?

The observed pattern of the reduced genera and families of bacteria seems very characteristic of heart failure, which is why these results may be new points of departure for therapies. The differences between healthy individuals and those with heart failure, thus, came about mainly through the loss of bacteria of the genera Blautia and Collinsella, as well as two previously unknown genera that belong to the families Erysipelotrichaceae and Ruminococcaceae. 

The Gut, the Heart, and TMAO

Here’s how it works: When people ingest certain nutrients, such as choline (abundant in red meat, egg yolks, and dairy products) and L-carnitine (found in red meat as well as some energy drinks and supplements), the gut bacteria that break it down produce a compound called trimethylamine (TMA). The liver then converts TMA into the compound, trimethylene N-oxide (TMAO).

The trouble with TMAO is that data show high levels contribute to a heightened risk for clot-related events such as heart attack and stroke—even after researchers take into account the presence of conventional risk factors and markers of inflammation that might skew the results. In their most recent analysis, scientists showed that high blood levels of TMAO were associated with higher rates of premature death in a group of 2235 patients with stable coronary artery disease. Those found to have higher blood levels of TMAO had a four-fold greater risk of dying from any cause over the subsequent five years.

The implications are intriguing. Taken together, the new studies suggest that positively altering the gut microbiota may help to reduce damage to blood vessels, resulting in a stronger cardiovascular system, and they point to targets for potential new heart disease therapies.

The Gut, the Heart, and TMAO


संकल्प is epigenetic support


The word “epigenetic” literally means “in addition to changes in genetic sequence.” The term has evolved to include any process that alters gene activity without changing the DNA sequence, and leads to modifications that can be transmitted to daughter cells (although experiments show that some epigenetic changes can be reversed). There likely will continue to be debate over exactly what the term means and what it covers.


I extend the definition and include all mental actions who act as controller of gene activities.



Isn’t it clear case of mental slavery and education brainwash where we appreciate and give utmost importance to “Mission statement”, “Goal” and “Vision” but consider संकल्प taken during गणेश पूजा/सत्यनारायण कथा as superstition?

It is mind game my dear friends. If selfish mission statement can affect company performance and employee performance by positive affirmation, संकल्प for genuinely selfless पूजा is transformation power-house!! Never mock! Never ignore!

Participate wholeheartedly by keeping aside all your educational arrogance, when you are blessed by the opportunity to take part in Puja!! Take संकल्प and dedicate it to the life-mission!

For me, संकल्प is epigenetic support 🙂

Development, Destruction and Dengue

Try to understand. It is प्राण footprint interaction. If your environment is loaded with all sort of incompatible प्राण , प्राण released by deforestation / destruction of nature, epidemics are inevitable.

Check the history. It was during world wars and post war decade when the western population was sick at mass level. Check the history of metro cities. When they were under construction, people were sick most around.

And those survive whose innate prana (as in this research some benign bacteria protects against zika) is strong.

I wrote above in this post (Bacteria can save your from Zika or any Viral infection)

Not only viruses, all types of micro-organisms and insects proliferate when there is rampant destruction of natural flora and fauna. Sanatana dharma always prescribed sustainable living.



Disturbance and mosquito diversity in the lowland tropical rainforest of central Panama

The Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH) is well-known in ecology providing an explanation for the role of disturbance in the coexistence of climax and colonist species. Here, we used the IDH as a framework to describe the role of forest disturbance in shaping the mosquito community structure, and to identify the ecological processes that increase the emergence of vector-borne disease. Mosquitoes were collected in central Panama at immature stages along linear transects in colonising, mixed and climax forest habitats, representing different levels of disturbance. Species were identified taxonomically and classified into functional categories (i.e., colonist, climax, disturbance-generalist, and rare). Using the Huisman-Olff-Fresco multi-model selection approach, IDH testing was done. We did not detect a unimodal relationship between species diversity and forest disturbance expected under the IDH; instead diversity peaked in old-growth forests. Habitat complexity and constraints are two mechanisms proposed to explain this alternative postulate. Moreover, colonist mosquito species were more likely to be involved in or capable of pathogen transmission than climax species. Vector species occurrence decreased notably in undisturbed forest settings. Old-growth forest conservation in tropical rainforests is therefore a highly-recommended solution for preventing new outbreaks of arboviral and parasitic diseases in anthropic environments.


संस्कृत गोवीथि : : गव्य ५५ (गणेश साधना विशेष) :: ऋणहरगणेशस्तोत्रम्


॥ ऋणहरगणेशस्तोत्रम् ॥

सिन्दूरवर्णं द्विभुजं गणेशं
लम्बोदरं पद्मदले निविष्टम् ।
ब्रह्मादिदेवैः परिसेव्यमानं
सिद्धैर्युतं तं प्रणमामि देवम् ॥ १॥

सृष्ट्यादौ ब्रह्मणा सम्यक् पूजितः फलसिद्धये ।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ २॥

त्रिपुरस्यवधात् पूर्वं शम्भुना सम्यगर्चितः ।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ ३॥

हिरण्यकशिप्वादीनां वधार्ते विष्णुनार्चितः ।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ ४॥

महिषस्य वधे देव्या गणनाथः प्रपूजितः ।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ ५॥

तारकस्य वधात् पूर्वं कुमारेण प्रपूजितः ।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ ६॥

भास्करेण गणेशो हि पूजितश्च स्वसिद्धये।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ ७॥

शशिना कान्तिवृद्ध्यर्थं पूजितो गणनायकः ।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ ८॥

पालनाय च तपसां विश्वामित्रेण पूजितः ।
सदैव पार्वतीपुत्रः ऋणनाशं करोतु मे ॥ ९॥

इदं त्वृणहरं स्तोत्रं तीव्रदारिद्र्यनाशनम् ।
एकवारं पठेन्नित्यं वर्षमेकं समाहितः ।
दारिद्र्यं दारुणं त्यक्त्वा कुबेरसमतां व्रजेत् ॥ १०॥

॥ इति ऋणहर गणेश स्तोत्रम् ॥


Sindhoora varnam , dwibhujam Ganesam,
Lambodharam Padma dale nivishtam,
Brahamadhi devai pari sevyamanam,
Sidhairaryutham tham Pranamami devam

I salute that God Ganesa, who is of red colour ,
Who has two hands , who has a big paunch,
Who sits on a petal of lotus flower.
Who is served by Lord Brahma and other devas,
And who is saluted by the most eminent sages.


1.Srushtyadhou brahmana samyak poojitha phala sidhaye ,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi , by worshipping whom,
Lord Brahma got the power of creation, destroy all my debts.

2.Tripurasya vadhaath poorvam Shambunaa samyak architha,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi , worshipped by Lord Shiva,
Before destruction of Tripuras, destroy all my debts.

3.Hiranya kasypaadheenaam vadharthe Vishunaarchitha,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi , worshipped by Lord Vishnu,
For the sake of killing Hiranya Kasipu , destroy all my debts.

4.Mahishasya vadhe devyaa Gana Nadha Prapoojitha,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi , who was worshipped as Lord of Ganas,
By the goddess for killing Mahishasura , destroy all my debts.

5.Tharakasya vadhaath poorvam , kumarena prapoojitha,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi , worshipped by Lord Subramanya,
Before killing of Tharakasura, destroy all my debts.

6.Bhaskarena Ganeso hi poojitha schavi sidhaye,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi worshipped as Ganesa,
By sun god to get his luster, destroy all my debts.

7.Sasinaa kanthi vrudhyartham poojitho Gana Nayaka,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi, worshipped as Lord of Ganas,
By the moon god for increasing his light , destroy all my debts.

8.Palanaya cha thapasaam Viswamithra poojitha,
Sadaiva Parvathi puthra runa nasam karothu may.

Let the son of Goddess Parvathi , worshipped by Viswamithra,
For protecting his penance , destroy all my debts.

9.Idham thw runa haram stotram , theevra daridrya nasanam,
Yeka varam paden nithyam varshamekam samahitha,
Daridryam darunam thyakthwa, Kubhera samatham vrajeth.

If this prayer for destruction of debts ,
Which destroys extreme poverty,
Is daily read for one week,
Before the completion of one year,
He would get out of the pitiable poverty and become like Khubera.

Industrial history of भोग : Solar भोग



Present economic system is so deceptive that it swiftly encapsulates all destruction into fancy wrappers that you will never realize the havoc created by your habits.

All the things in our world have an industrial history. Behind the computer, the T-shirt, the vacuum cleaner is an industrial infrastructure fired by energy (fossil fuels mainly). Each component of our car or refrigerator has an industrial history. Mainly unseen and out of mind, this global industrial infrastructure touches every aspect of our lives. It pervades our daily living from the articles it produces, to its effect on the economy and employment, as well as its effects on the environment.

Must read this:


Solar energy collecting devices have been challenged from several points of view.  The Energy Return on Energy Invested has been noted in extensive research as being low.  The dependence on fossil fuel has been noted.  Solar enthusiasts act as if the industry stands apart from the fossil fuel supply system.  It is not separate from the present undulating supply plateau nor the scraping of the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel.  We will never truly run out of fossil fuels, but the monetary cost and the environmental assaults defined by geology, geography as well as politics will certainly constrain our energy future.

My position has been that the underwriting by the global industrial infrastructure is a necessary consideration. All the things in our world have an industrial history.  Behind the computer, the T-shirt, the vacuum cleaner is an industrial infrastructure fired by energy (fossil fuels mainly).  Each component of our car or refrigerator has an industrial history.  Mainly unseen and out of mind, this global industrial infrastructure touches every aspect of our lives.   It pervades our daily living from the articles it produces, to its effect on the economy and employment, as well as its effects on the environment.

Solar energy collecting devices also have an industrial history.  It is important to understand the industrial infrastructure and the environmental results for the components of the solar energy collecting devices so we don’t designate them with false labels such as green, renewable or sustainable.

Read more:

And if suggest non-industrial, sustainable options : You are mocked and ignored!



Household chemicals attacks सूर्य of body cells (Mitochondria)



Mitochondria Background (from old notes)

Sometime back I shared how Mitochondria – the power house of the cell resembles to bacterial functions. And scientists even debate to call them bacteria! (

It is Mitochondria that drive the fate of the stem cells!!

Mitochondria is nothing but bacteria within human body cells! Ultimately, physical manifestation, समदोष or विकृति , depends upon प्राणिक intelligence!!Mitochondria is nano version of सूर्य or Prana generator in our body.

Side note:

One friend asked me:

“Why do you call bacteria as just another form of Prana that is not manifested as any multi-cellular organism like human body? And they are no enemies!”

Me: “Because, at the end, we all are manifestation of Prana. Like our body cells, bacteria too are manifestation of Prana.”

Friend: “I am not convinced.”

Me: “Do you know Mitochondria?”

Friend: “No”

Me: “Mitochondria is an organelle found in large numbers in most cells, in which the biochemical processes of respiration and energy production occur. So basically it helps cell in energy production. And for your surprise, they are structurally same as bacteria! A Bacteria within cell! Just like how Prana’s manifestation within cell i.e. Mitochondria is helping cells, they also help outside cell, as a bacteria. Basically, they, like other cells, perform their duties. All living organisms are alive to perform their duties!”

What we really need to realize is that immunity is not war but process of self-realization. Stronger the self-realization, better you can cope up with non-compatible prana manifestation in form of viruses, bacteria, toxins. Think about it !


Now we read that common household chemicals, Quaternary ammonium compounds, or ‘quats,’ used as antimicrobial agents in common household products inhibit mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell, as well as estrogenic functions in cells, a new in vitro study indicates. Quats are used as antiseptics in toothpastes, mouthwashes, lozenges, nasal sprays, eye drops, shampoos, lotions, intravaginal spermicidal sponges and household cleaners, to name a few.

Isn’t it right to go back to roots and use simple cow dung ash / urine based  soaps and cleaning agents?


Common Antiseptic Ingredients De-Energize Cells and Impair Hormone ResponseSome Disinfectants Inhibit Cell Energy and Alter Reproduction

Quats derail energy in cells

The study surveyed a collection of 1,600 compounds and drugs in household and pharmaceutical use, with multiple measures of mitochondrial function, and found that quats as a class inhibited mitochondrial function and estrogen signaling.

Mitochondria are critical cell structures that generate energy. Like a train delivering its payload among stations, electrons pass through five stations of the mitochondria to produce maximal cell energy. If the train is derailed at any of those stops, it can’t deliver its payload of energy down the line for the cell to use.

The group also found that quats, at the same concentrations that inhibited mitochondria, inhibited estrogen signaling in cells. Estrogen is a sex hormone responsible for secondary sexual characteristics in females.

“Because exposure to quats is also interrupting the sex hormone estrogen response in cells, it could also potentially cause reproductive harm in animals or humans, and others have shown that quats cause reproductive toxicity in animals,” Cortopassi said.

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