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Indian Pioneer in Plastic Surgery in 19th Century



 Dr. Tribhovandas Motichand Shah (1850-1904)
Assistant Surgeon, Cheif Medical Officer of Junagarh State
Fellow of Bombay university

The tradition of rebuilding the nose was reimported from Europe into India following the establishment of the Raj. Within the Westernized tradition of India surgery in the 19th century there was a further development of this reception. Indian surgeons did indeed stress the idea of the “nose job” as an “original” Indian contribution to surgery. They read these origins quite differently from the way Europeans did .

Tribhovandas Motichand Shah (1850-1904), writing in Junagadh in 1889, rationalized his clinical account of a hundred cases of rhinoplasty by labeling the Indian patients the victims of criminal activity: “The Makrani outlaws, who carried out depredations against the Jungadh State for a period of nearly three years, had not infrequently indulged in mutilating the noses of undefended and unarmed ryots [peasants] of villages.”

Such activities are criminal. Unsanctioned by the state. It is true that there is a tradition of vendettas in India, Motichand Shah continues, in which the nose is cut off, in contrast to the (much worse, he implies) Western tradition of vendettas in which the chief modes of mortal revenge are homicide, either by poisoning, shooting, or wounding.

It is true, of course, that the West, too, has a problem with lost noses: In these countries loss of the nose is only a consequence of disease- chiefly syphilis. The rationale for the rebuilding of the Indian nose, on the other hand, is the reconstitution of delicate feelings of honour and the overcoming of “feelings of the greatest humiliation.”

• Remember Tribhovandas Motichand Shah as first known modern plastic surgery surgeon!
• Europe was brutal and barbaric as far as vendettas and revenges are concerned.
• Europe of 19th century was suffering from infectious diseases like syphilis.

His paper was accessible online till last week when I first accessed. Now it shows access denied.

Research: Perception of flavor and role of eating slow



Flavor perception is mostly driven by the sense of smell. To detect the flavor is an important signal to the brain and to the digestive track for better digestion.

Most of us, now eat in hurry. We hardly chew. We gallop! Gulp gulp gulp..done!

Results in indigestion and related sicknesses.

Read more about “retronasal olfaction” – The taste you smell when food is in mouth! Read it and think about it. Do we really eat food like a human? 🙂 😉 Slowdown…eat well. Take care.


The perception of flavor – retronasal olfaction

However, these five basic tastes are not enough to perceive the flavor of food. Rather, we perceive the flavor of food via the sense of smell! But how in the world would odor molecules reach the nose when we have food in our mouth – even if we close the mouth while chewing, as we were taught when we were children? The solution to this is that the odor molecules use the back entrance to get into the nose. From the oral cavity, they travel backwards, until they reach the throat; the throat is connected to the nasal cavity (the inside of the nose) in the top, to the oral cavity (the mouth in the middle), and in the bottom part it is connected to the larynx and eventually to the trachea and the lungs as well as to the esophagus.Odor molecules can easily travel from the mouth to the nose via this connection in the throat. So, they can reach the olfactory receptors, and they can evoke a smell perception. The interesting thing is that we do not realise that this happens in the nose, we have the impression that our perception stems from the mouth; and therefore we say “the chicken tastes good.” We call this perception of flavors retronasal olfaction, which means nothing else than “smelling the back of the nose”.


Identify wolf : Ads hijacking festivals



With the help of govt of India (, global food processing powers are all set to control us! Be ready for more and more toxic dissonance!

We must identify wolf under sheep-skin. And we fail, be ready for the cunning attack.

There is a war going on in our minds. Native beliefs vs Marketed Beliefs. Marketed beliefs are coated with Native flavor so majority don’t even sense the war!

Marketing always use ‘Science’ or ‘Religion’ weapon to kill your native beliefs and make you faithful consumer of their products.

For example, see this 1960’s ad where Cigarettes are marketed as totally innocent! 🙂

Another example is: Replacing traditional festival food by processed food.

Cadbury chocolate is new form of mithai! 😀

Think about it! Do we really love being slavish consumer of unhealthy habits?

Stay away from toxic delusions. Cherish native beliefs. Celebrate local culture. If there are issues with local food sources, correct them! Alien processed food is never an alternative!


रे मन! कृषि! कर्मकाण्ड



“मनरे तुमि कृषिकाज जान ना, –
एमन मानव जमिन रइलो पतित,
आवाद करले फलत सोना,”

– भक्त रामप्रसाद

“अर्थात, रे मन! तू कृषि करना नहीं जानता! ऐसी मानवदेहरूपी जमीन वैरान पड़ी है | अगर तुमने इसे आबाद किये होते तो सोना पैदा करती!”

“O’ mind! Don’t you know farming? This body has become barren due to your inability. Had it been used, it would have produced Gold (Hirany – हिरण्य )!”

Essentially, farming is a basic instinct. We all should know. Our mind is farmer of our body. When we forget this, body suffers. All Karma suffers. And life’s complexity increases manifold. 🙂

Don’t sit like a confused farmer. Train your mind to be a कृषिकार and grow हिरण्य (ओजस) from body.

Reason why we must follow local rituals. Reason why कर्मकांड exists. Reason why daily routine discipline is must for Grihasth.

Random acts at farm cannot produce Gold. साधना (SAdhna) is needed.

Hair Cut : Now and Then


2 posts back I shared how hospital environment alter GUT microbes for new-born. Several other posts shared here also discussed impact of place on human microbes. How we share microbes with each-other.

Hair cut

Cutting hair is not so simple activity. Your body goes through radical changes. It activates Apana Vayu as purging happens. So much of प्राण is getting exchanged.

And so this is highly personalized activity. If I am not wrong, it used to happen at home. Barber visits home and perform the activity in your local environment.

Now, we have public place. So much of chaos as multiple cutting happen together. We increase chances of exchanging बिमार प्राण & मन with others.

Now this seems very trivial point but for many, it is powerful enough to cause unforeseen consequences. 🙂

At least for kids below 5 , prefer home-based hair cut.

PS: In modern saloon, one is owner and rest are workers. In individual Barber model, all barbers are independent. 🙂 . Note the difference of treating individual vocation.

Interesting comments received on original post in FB

Geeta Press publication, नित्य कर्म पूजा प्रकाश “Nitya Karma Pooja Prakash” – the manual for daily living mentions that after क्षौर कर्म “Kshaur Karma”, person becomes चांडाल chaandaal. So स्नान snan is must after क्षौर कर्म kshaur karma. In Tamil Brahmin homes, it is still insisted. I learnt from my dad. But mostly, this wisdom is lost now.

जल is प्राणवाहक. So after any activity involving heavy exchange of प्राण (here hair cut) , स्नान is must to replenish प्राण of skin and senses.

क्षुरः – kShuraH – razor, knife

Remember those days when you (or your dad) would go to the barber shop and get a shave done with the ‘ustaraa’ (उस्तरा)? Some even thought of having one for home, to save on the constant expense on the flimsy blades that went blunt in 3 shaves.

The word for knife in common parlance is chhura (छुरा), or chhuri (छुरी).

The famous Zanjeer movie song that went –
chakku chhuriyaan ~~~~
tez karA lo
chakku ki aisee dhaar
ke chakku ban jaaye talwar
(चक्कू छुरियाँ ~~~~~
तेज़ करा लो
चक्कू की ऐसी धार
के चक्कू बन जाए तलवार)

THAT chhuri.

The word comes from Sanskrit word – kShuraH (क्षुरः) .

kShur = क्षुर् = to scratch, to cut
kShuraH = क्षुरः = razor
kShurikA = क्षुरिका = knife, dagger

And we know how ‘kSha’ gets modified into ‘chha’ or ‘kha’ or ‘Sha’ in languages derived from Sanskrit. That is normal linguistic simplification.
kShetra (क्षेत्र) becomes khet (खेत) (field)
kShetrapaala (क्षेत्रपाल) become khetarpaal (खेतरपाल) (surname)

Only real macho guys get a shave with a ‘kShuraH’ anymore.
All others are safe in the hands of Mach 5 Twin Blade Smooth Glide Razor Blades.
Sounds like some space mission!

Season driven festivals: उत् से उत्साह, उत् से उत्सव

kolam rangoli india 22

Garba. Rangoli. पूजा अर्चना. All are different instruments to help us to focus.

Focus on what? Focus on self. Focus on the different forms of Mother Nature.

This focus is very much needed after dark and gloomy days of monsoon. Mind under toxic chaos, need clean slate once a while.

Set of उत्सव(s) of हेमंत,शिशिर,वसंत are designed for it!

प्रवृतिमय self-realization! (Opposite to ग्रीष्म,वर्षा,शरद full of व्रत & उपवास)

Since Rangoli is an art instrument like Natya shashtra, one can use it any way they wish (Like Bollywood is misusing Natya shashtra for spreading filth in society). Some portray personalities, some social issues. All fine.

In my humble opinion, the best way is to get engaged in fractals. Order in Chaos. And deities. This way, one can create healthy perceptions for self and the viewers. Portraits, issues are humane. They keep us in same daily chaos. There is no peace. There is no self-progress in self-realization.

This realization came very late but I will stick to it now on. 🙂

The Nationalist View shares:

All these words have the prefix ” उत् ” – which denotes energy.
इन सब में भी उत् उपसर्ग ही है और वही भाव भी। (व्यंजन संधि के कारण उत् का रूप परिवर्तित हो गया है बस)

From Bhangra of Baisakhi to हुडदंग of Holi, to Ganpati puja to Durga puja and Garba and Deepawali wishing more energy for the coming months !!
Tap the infinite flow of energy! Protect her! She is mother. Worship her!! Without her, we are declared dead!!

Politics in inevitable, strive for selfless version



I do not deny presence of politics in life, in all aspects, not limited to Nation government to workplace, including family. Politics is part of life. Accept it. Even our Gods had to play it.

Human minds and related psychology is so complex and varied on different level of intellect that friction is inevitable. Politics is non-violent friction on mental plane.

Only caveat is: Politics should be selfless. Not for self but for stability of the tribe.

The Moment when politics become selfish for own selfish motive, it invites collapse. Total destruction. Like how Duryodhana collapsed.

If you are playing petty politics, beware. 🙂 You are unknowingly inviting self-destruction. 🙂

Prolonged Screen Exposure leads to 8 leading causes of death



Prolonged TV

And our excuse would be?

“Oh I just watch for 2 hrs daily!”

lol 😀

As if 2 hrs per day won’t cause you anything. 🙂

Poison is poison. Sometimes slow and sometimes instant.

TV is not just idiot box but a slow poison. Avoid it. Make sure your kids are not addicted to it.

बाकी आपकी इच्छा | आपकी जिंदगी…आपके निर्णय..

And this list does not count mental disorders TV cause. Brainwashing TV does. 😛 😉 And this only talk about TV. I add laptop/computer/mobile in same category.

What do you do to counter compulsory exposure to screen at work? Do you exercise? Do you take small breaks? Do you do running ? Do you visit jungles and rivers often?


On average, 80% of American adults watch 3.5 hours of television per day and multiple observational studies have demonstrated a link between TV viewing and poorer health. In this new study published in the December issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, investigators reported an association between increasing hours of television viewing per day and increasing risk of death from most of the major causes of death in the United States.

Virtually all Americans (92%) have a television at home and watching TV consumes more than half of their available leisure time, potentially displacing more physical activities. Previous studies had reported a relationship between TV viewing and elevated risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease. In this study, researchers at the National Cancer Institute looked at more than 221,000 individuals aged 50-71 years old who were free of chronic disease at study entry. They confirmed the association for higher mortality risk from cancer and heart disease. In addition, they identified new associations with higher risk of death from most of the leading causes of death in the U.S., such as, diabetes, influenza/pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease, and liver disease.




Commune with Rich red hibiscus



Had it been modern laboratory analysis approach to find out benefits of flora and fauna by our ancient scientists, writing books on Ayurveda would have taken at least 10000 centuries or more :).

Instead, the seers developed senses accurate enough and let plants speak to them. And the plants disclosed their secrets, many of which are far more subtle than a chemical analysis could uncover. These secrets are shared among different but sensible united forms of one consciousness. Since they identify oneness with plants, plant speaks. This all, modern pharmacist will never be able to detect using limited chemical analysis. And so it will need 10000 centuries more to reach seer’s realization 🙂

Same sensible unity approach is needed while we use plants. Approaching plants in the same way today, not as objects for self-aggrandizement but as integral parts of our own unity, the true value of a plant will flourish for our unselfish use. And the phrase ‘Magical healing’ will again become reality.

This afternoon, while contemplating on rich red hibiscus flower, plant smiled and asked me to do some more sadhana. “Not fit for communication” was her certificate… 🙂

Bookish knowledge:

“….hibiscus drink lowers high blood pressure and increases the speed of blood circulation, strengthens the heart and kills microbes, making it useful in the treatment of fever and microbial infections and cholera epidemics. Being acidic in water with its properties as a moisturizing tonic, it helps in food digestion….”

Kitchen garden is not complete without hibiscus.


Medicinal Use Of Gudhal Or Hibiscus Rosa

Below is given medicinal properties along with the meaning.

  1. Abortifacient: Causing abortion.
  2. Antifertility: Tending to reduce or destroy fertility
  3. Antiestrogenic: Blocks the production or utilization of estrogens, or inhibits their effects. Estrogens are the family of hormones that promote the development and maintenance of female sex characteristics.
  4. Anti-implantation: Prevent implantation or attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterine lining.
  5. Anti-ovulatory: Suppressing ovulation.
  6. Antiinflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  7. Anticonvulsant: Prevent or reduce the severity of epileptic fits or other convulsions.
  8. Antioxidant: Neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances.
  9. Antispasmodic: Used to relieve spasm of involuntary muscle.
  10. Anthelmintic: Antiparasitic, expel parasitic worms (helminths) and other internal parasites from the body.
  11. Antihyperglycemic: Counteracting high levels of glucose in the blood.
  12. Contraceptive: Serving to prevent pregnancy.
  13. CNS depressing: Depression of the central nervous system that can result in decreased rate of breathing, decreased heart rate, and loss of consciousness.
  14. Diuretic: Promoting excretion of urine/agent that increases the amount of urine excreted.
  15. Depurative: Purifying agent.
  16. Emmenagogue: Stimulates or increases menstrual flow.
  17. Hypotensive: Lowers blood pressure

Pseudo Science of Scientific Methods


Today morning, I watched this video shared by facebook friend and it reminded me old note on the same topic.

Never in true science, fluke responses and generalizations are accepted as principles.

Entire modern medicine field runs on fluke responses called ‘Clinical Trials’ and we call them ‘Science’ 😀.

Each one of us is unique by birth. Each one of us unique by the environment we live in. Our bodily state of health and sickness are personalized and cannot be generalized.

Modern pharma does clinical trials in controlled environment and then generalize the treatment. Utterly unscientific way of healing body. But since there is Economics and Greed is involved, they sell pseudo science big way. And since we are helpless by our ignorance, we buy the pseudo treatments. Modern clinicians may use scientific techniques but in the way that they treat their patients they are still quacks.The modern clinician and the medical researcher base their opinions and conclusions almost exclusively on subjective observations and wishful expectations which are likely to be based on inaccurate historical perspectives and experimental experiences with members of another species.

On the other hand, Ayurveda works on principles. Vata is Vata. Pitta is Pitta, Kapha is Kapha. Common sense, research governed by subjective conclusions backed by strong objective signs. Personalized treatment. Treatment is inspired by Mother nature.

Due to our involvement with pseudo sciences, we indirectly are tangled in the karma bonding with all animals and humans upon whom clinical trials happened so far.

I think it is high time we reject pseudo sciences and embrace benefits of true science.


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