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Gold greed profit


    Yesterday, when I shared news of Gold in Gau-mutra, many colleagues and friends focused only on Gold greed profit! Using mother for Gold alchemy!

    Ha ha!! such a gutter level mentality our youth possesses! Sick!

    Gold is nothing when we try to understand real nature of mother’s blessing.

    Here is one example:

    Vatsanabha is a toxic plant. But Gau mata can provide prasad, using which toxicity of Vatsanabha can be detoxified.

    Purified and detoxified Vatsanabha can be used to cure:

    1) Aconitum ferox is pungent, bitter and astringent in taste. It acts as Yogavahi – a catalyst for other medicines.
    2) It is rejuvenative, balances Tridosha, especially Vata and Kapha.
    3) It improves digestion, relieves coldness, nutritive and improves strength.
    4) It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of indigestion, anorexia, spleen disorders, gout, cough, asthma.
    5) It is used in the treatment of vision problems, night blindness, eye infections, inflammation, otitis, headache.
    6) It is useful to relieve headache, sciatica, backache.
    7) It is used as antidote for poisoning due to rats, rodents, scorpion and snake bites.

    But our modern buddhus (fools) in urban set up cannot realize value of Gau-mata. Fools consider Gau-mutra as waste. They teach their kids that it is dirty! 😀

    We have become so lazy and laggard that we can hardly realize value of Gau and protect her.

    Imagine if your kids are blessed by Gau-prasad (mutra,milk,ghee)? Imagine their physical strength! But…only when we get time from our pastime wastages and spend time at Gau-shala!

    In Ayurveda, there are herbs and procedures to improve the vision


      have weak eyes.However, even after crossing 25, I was able to restore my vision partly. And my father (doctor himself) and his eye specialist friend were stunned. They could not believe that mere barefoot regular exercise, diet regime, surya vandana could show such results. It took 2 years continuous efforts to achieve this. (It was in year 2006-07)

      Basically, I dedicate it to sheer will power and devotional confidence in Surya Namaskar.

      In Ayurveda, there are herbs and procedures to improve the vision.

      Now modern medicine says that vision can be restored. By similar mechanical methods.

      It is possible but it demands regular regime, devotion, faith and will power.

      Start your research by faith


        If you accept that microcosm within body is nothing but reflection of macro-universe, why so much resistance to accept nuclear reactions in body where transmutation of elements happen daily? If they are happening in the outer universe, they do happen in inner universe! Sanatana principles don’t reflect hypocrisy!

        🙂 Start your research by faith. Doubts are futile and waste of time. Life is limited. Realization is important milestone. 😉 (y)

        PS: This is in reference to blanket denial of gold in cow urine by science students.

        Any plan to clean toxic chemicals?


          PMO India Any plan to clean toxic chemicals? Ban them? Under the Make In India, your govt is promoting more intense use of it. Your urbanization programs promote intense usage. Chinese products (toys esp) are full of toxins. Indirect warfare.

          Is this not something we must learn from the west? By not repeating their mistakes?

          What is the use of young Indians if majority of them are retarded?
          What is the use of GDP numbers when majority citizens are retards?

          Hmm,,zombies vote on sentiments. (y) I got it. Absolute control and controlled population growth. (y)

          धार्मिक parents must take care.

          It is प्राण footprint interaction


          Try to understand. It is प्राण footprint interaction. If your environment is loaded with all sort of incompatible प्राण , प्राण released by deforestation / destruction of nature, epidemics are inevitable.

          Check the history. It was during world wars and post war decade when the western population was sick at mass level. Check the history of metro cities. When they were under construction, people were sick most around.

          And those survive whose innate prana (as in this research some benign bacteria protects against zika) is strong.

          If our agni is robust and healthy it brings fragrance to life.


            One segment of FMCG products is flourishing. Fragrance segment. To hide foul body smell.

            If our agni is robust and healthy it brings fragrance to life. When agni is imbalanced, the opposite occurs.When a person has a foul smell or bad breath, that indicates impaired agni. Such a person may use perfume, but there is a perfume in your body, a fragrance of the body, which is agni.

            Solution is to improve bodily fire. Stabilize it. Avoid events that can destabilize bodily fire.

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