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Probiotic food, Rama, Ravana and Dussehra

Probiotic food, Rama, Ravana and Dashera
Probiotic food, Rama, Ravana and Dashera

In all ages, we need Ravana to rise so that we realize value of Rama (Life force in us). The faithful Vanar Sena (Microbial world who is known as मरुत गण (सेना) in Sanskrit and their leader मरुतनंदन or मारुतिनंदन हनुमान) of Rama, make sure that Rama wins over Ravana in all ages and times.
वानरसेना or मरुत गण helps Rama to re-establish life force in Lanka (Gut in our body) so that life can survive.

Antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, X-ray, CT-Scan, Irradiation of food for long shelf life, GM food are 10 faces of modern Ravana of our times. It has helped us to re-establish value of Rama and वानरसेना in our life. You see people talking about probiotic food often now in social circles (online and real life)

This is important time when we re-establish Rama Rajya in our body by wiping out Ravana (Antibiotics and alike toxins) with the help of वानरसेना (Microbes).

So it is our critical duty of train वानरसेना and help them realize their real potential.

By avoiding anti-microbe food. By taking pro-microbe food. By using Pro-microbe methods to grow food.

Who can help?
Gau mata -> Gobar, Ghee, Dahi, Milk, Urine = All are full of healthy microbes and potential breeding ground for microbes.

Almost all communities in India have some festival around the spring season that revolves around “stale food”. This overnight stale food is purposely kept at room temperature and often gets sour, but the custom is not to reheat the stale food and eat it for all meals the next day (शीतला सातम/શીતળા સાતમ in Gujarat). This has been a great way to introduce the body to the coming season’s probiotic as well as pathogenic microbes through overnight food. The probiotic bacteria help build good immunity, boosting gut flora, and the inoculation with pathogenic bacteria in small numbers prepares the immune system for seasonal illnesses by switching on the Immunoglobulin M protein, a basic antibody, as the first immune response.

Notably, this overnight meal is eaten on a day called Sheetalshashthi by Bengalis and around the same time of the year, by Marathis and Sindhis as well. It is supposed to bring immunity from small pox infections. MaaSheetala is considered the goddess who treats small pox and this ritualistic consumption of fermented food is interesting in this regard.
Sindhis call this festival Satam around the shrawan month and the stale food is called kanbo and includes fried fritters of the sweet and savoury variety. Mithila Brahmins also eat overnight stale daalpoori, kheer, sattu, badiyan (dried lentil cakes) and drink the extract of a herb called chirata, which is an immunity boosting agent. The association of this ritual in different communities with immunity is also notable.

Apart from the ritualistic consumption of probiotic foods, almost all communities in the country have something cooked or prepared regularly that helps build up probiotic flora. These are mostly the foods that are fermented with the expertise handed down through generations, involving recipes that are woven around the availability of some fresh produce, scarcity of some other in a particular geographic location.
The popular breakfast dish of puffed rice (murmura) or poha is good probiotic food too. The rice products are made after parboiling paddy and sun drying it for a few hours before either beating it flat to make poha or roasting it in sand to get puffed rice. The rice ferments partially after parboiling and retains the microbial flora, getting superior food value as well as partially digested proteins and carbohydrates.

At the end of monsoon season, we celebrate victory of Rama over Ravana on Dashera (meaning: You survived entire year as healthy being with the help of वानरसेना or Microbial world . Now it is easy for you realize value of your festivals. Such a great epic poem which can give these hints about life! Should we not teach this to kids at school? Ramayana and Mahabharat are not for one religion. They are books of humanity. Real Indian, irrespective of religion, should read Ramayana and Mahabhrara to their kids.

To celebrate real Dashera, we must stop anti-microbe practices in society. Stop antibiotics. Stop floor cleaners. Stop Coca cola. Stop chemically processed food. Stop GM seeds. Stop pesticides. Protect Gau mata. Promote Gau-prasad (Gobar,Urine, Dahi, milk, ghee) based farming. Include live pro-biotic food in diet. Enjoy Dashera with really healthy life force (Rama), by killing Ravana in environment, within body and in universe.

Read this further:


Cow: Prasad Culture vs Economic exploitation

Prasad Sanskruti
Prasad Sanskruti

As long as cow-keeping in India matters, we consider cow as mother and whatever she provides, is prasad.

There is no exploitation as long as you are groomed to accept cow-produce as is. As soon as you compare mother with economoc benefits, exploitation starts.

Try to understand प्रसाद संस्कृति.

I call गौमूत्र,गौमय (गोबर) & गौदुग्ध as प्रसाद.

प्रसादस्तु प्रसन्नता |

प्रसाद = That which brings जीव in state of प्रसन्नता. प्रसन्नता = Lack of illness.

गौसेवा से उत्पन्न प्रसन्नता को प्रसाद माना गया हैं and Not all dung, mutra, milk are प्रसाद.

If you want to see magical cure by गौमूत्र,गौमय (गोबर) & गौदुग्ध, begin गौसेवा.

Without selfless गौसेवा, गौमूत्र,गौमय (गोबर) & गौदुग्ध can not act like a प्रसाद. They may be full of physical benefits but can not be called प्रसाद.

Who is potent enough to receive प्रसादम्?
रागद्वेषवियुक्तैस्तु विषयानिन्द्रियैश्चरन् ।
आत्मवश्यैर्विधेयात्मा प्रसादमधिगच्छति ।।
परंतु अपने अधीन किये हुए अन्त:करणवाला साधक अपने वश में की हुई, राग द्वेष से रहित इन्द्रियों द्वारा विषयों में विचरण करता हुआ अन्त:करण की प्रसन्नता को प्राप्त होता है ।।
But the self-controlled practicant, while enjoying the various sense-objects through his senses, which are disciplined and free from likes and dislikes, attains placidity of mind.

गौ माँ से मशीन बन गयी…पर भक्तजन सोते रहे..मशीनसे मॉस बनी…फिर भी..सोते रहे…and they expect magical cure. Take care. Reverse this societal psyche as soon as possible.

Light, Sleep and Stress


One more study supporting several of my hypothesis. Why Surya Namaskar in open air during sunrise or before sun rise ? Why Homa?  Why Sandhya? Why meditation in low light and no artificial light? List goes on. All depends upon light. Monochromatic light vs polychromatic light. Natural light vs artificial light. Visible light and the invisible ones. I already wrote two notes on negative impact of LED.

Issue is, we have become so numb in our fast life that, we don’t sense the interplay of पञ्च-महाभूत ! Not even life-degenerative impact!

Light Spectrum
Light Spectrum
University Of Oxford Study

Lighting colour affects sleep and wakefulness

A research team from Oxford University have shown how different colours of light could affect our ability to sleep.

The team exposed mice to three different colours of light – violet, blue and green. Based on the existing data about the role of melanopsin in sleep, they expected that the blue light would induce sleep fastest as the wavelength of the blue light (470 nanometres – nm) was closest to the peak sensitivity of the pigment (around 480nm).

However, it was green light that produced rapid sleep onset – between 1 and 3 minutes. Blue and violet light delayed sleep – the onset of sleep taking between 16 and 19 minutes for blue and between 5 and 10 minutes for violet.

Dr Peirson said: ‘The results meant that mice exposed to blue light had less sleep than those exposed to violet and green light. We confirmed the effect by testing mice using green and blue light at a time when they would usually be less active.’

To investigate the role of melanopsin, the team performed the same test on mice lacking the pigment. For these mice, the colours had opposite effects – blue caused rapid sleep onset, while green and violet significantly delayed sleep, showing that melanopsin is necessary for the substantial wavelength-dependent effects of light on sleep.

The researchers also found that while exposure to all three colours of light increased the level of corticosterone stress hormone in ordinary mice, blue light caused a much higher rise. In mice without melanopsin, the response to blue light was greatly reduced. Blocking the effect of corticosterone reduced the sleep-delaying effect, suggesting that the production of this hormone in response to light actively inhibits sleep.

Dr Peirson said: ‘This study shows that there are different pathways from the eye to the brain – one directly regulating sleep and the other increasing arousal. Melanopsin has a more complex role than previously thought, affecting both pathways. This is the first time that it has been shown to regulate adrenal stress responses.


Why me? Why not Chain Smoker?

Addiction - Smoking or otherwise
Addiction – Smoking or otherwise

I often receive this query/doubt : “Why me? Why not chain smoker?”

So will Maggi kill me? Smoking or Alcohol?

No. Damn, no addiction kills you. Physical substances are weak enough to summon Death.

I am least bothered about death. I won’t get engaged in fear mongering like modern medicine who links death with all sicknesses and pretend to defeat death. That is sheer illusion.

Addictions depletes Prana. With depleted Prana, we invite numerous medical conditions. With such conditions, we cannot perform our duties towards the universe well. Cascading effect may results in more severe form of destruction.

Addiction cripples mind. Tamas increases exponentially with each intense level of addiction. Tamas leads to adharmic actions. Actions against the natural laws. Again inviting destruction.

So – No to Maggi. No to Smoking. Or anything activity that causes harmful addiction.

Such doubt arises because modern medical science fails to provide 360 degree view of life. Modern medicine’s naive correlation of cancer with smoking is responsible for this.

Remember, having right food, right habits, is for your personal life. For your wish to live dharma-bound life! We cannot compare with others as there are several factors playing role! It is not as easy as modern medicine correlates!

Why chain smoker does not suffer from cancer and some innocent people with healthy life routine gets the cancer?

Ayurveda considers several factors responsible for Cancer. Some of them are:

1. Unwholesome diet (mithya ahara) – Food, water, air
2. Unwholesome regimen (mithya vihara) : Addictions, Late nights, Workholic
3. Trauma (abhigata) = stress, both physical and mental.
4. Irritation – Chemicals in food, water and air. Overstress on certain organs due to addiction.
5. Genetic (anuvanshaja) – unplanned, nonseasonal, accidental pregnancy.

Now, look around. How many so called healthy persons have access to wholesome food? They may be following wholesome regimen (point 2) but what about stress they accept at work and at home? Any control over birth prakriti gifted by parents?

This is the reason, many times, chain smoker lives full life and so called healthy person dies by cancer.

Every human being genetically possesses the cancer-ability of tissues. Such cancer-ability, as a biologic feature, is normally distributed. All humans can, thus, develop cancer, yet only some of us do. This depends upon the fact that to express cancerability, a human being must cross a certain threshold of physical, mental stress which can cause the identity crisis/resource crunch at individual cell level or collectively at organ level or at multiple organs.

This is the reason we sometimes see relatively healthy person inflicted by cancer and a chain smoker living cancer-free life as everyone has different threshold to handle cellular stress based on inborn Prakriti , ability to cope up with rapidly changing food/sleep patterns and past life karma.

Layman’s observations about curing cacner.

As I shared, major factors are in our environment. Even after your so called regular life, if cancer comes at doorstep. It must be due to environmental stress or nutritional stress.

1) Change your environment. Shift to more natural place. A village in jungle at riverbank? Ideal!
2) Alter your food. Eat more and more chemical-free wholesome food.
3) If your life routine is chaotic, regularize.
4) Take supporting herbs. Tulsi, Turmeric, Ghee, mutra, gobar (desi bos indicus cow) – all can help in reducing cellular stress and purging cellular trash (tumor elements). But if your source of cancer is genetic, they will have difficult time in cure.

Many times, we see sudden deaths. Relatively healthy person, dies with sudden stroke and heart attack but many chain smokers live long. Why so random?

As I discussed several times in past, it is your environmental interaction (includes food and water intake, entertainment, habits, place of work, place of living, family, friends, colleagues or anything that is not you) which decides your life. Some chain smokers living long is pure environ blessing. Not some heroic self-esteem case. 😀 They anyhow compromise life-efficiency due to addiction led hardwired circuits in brain.

This is the reason, company your keep, food you eat, place you work matters a lot. 🙂

“Of all diseases, physical and mental, the causes, in brief, are three, viz., adverse correlation, absence of correlation, and excessive correlation, of Time, Mind, and the objects of the senses.”

1) seasons, months, fortnights, weeks, days,
2) infancy, youth, manhood, and decrepitude

Time, mind, and the objects of the senses ‘have relations with each other and one another. When the harmony of these relations is disturbed, the result is disease.

A person in a certain season or a certain age may do that with impunity which in another season or another age may be productive of harm.

Record keen observations about your own body and ask: Are time, Mind, and the objects of the senses rightly correlated? No? Go, see your kindhearted Doctor who doesn’t treat patient for earning and get it corrected.
Research[See reference section] conclusion reads.

Weekend is here: Spend more time with family. And sometime with self. More time in nature. Healthy interactions. Farm, jungle, river, garden… (Y)All your interactions with outer world put prints on your heart…your life-clock. 🙂



Environment and Diet leave their prints on the heart


“The findings deepen our understanding of the genetic changes that can lead to heart disease and how these can be influenced by our diet and our environment.”

The study originally began investigating the differences in DNA methylation found in the human heart. Researchers compared data from a small number of people with end-stage cardiomyopathy who were undergoing heart transplantation, and the healthy hearts of age-matched victims of road traffic accidents.

DNA methylation leaves indicators, or “marks”, on the genome and there is evidence that these “marks” are strongly influenced by external factors such as the environment and diet. The researchers have found that this process is different in diseased and normal hearts. Linking all these things together suggest this may be the “missing link” between environmental factors and heart failure.


Cow Milk and Prebiotic Medium

Everyone is talking about probiotic food nowadays. Sadly, this awareness is mostly limited to two jargon 1) Probiotic 2) Prebiotic

Let us try to understand, what they are!

Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in gastrointestinal (GI) tract and are beneficial for their hosts and prevent certain diseases.

Prebiotics are non‐digestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of probiotic bacteria in the colon. All dietary prebiotics and/or dietary fiber provide the physiological and beneficial effects and, therefore, are considered as essential nutrients.

In post antibiotic obsession era, everyone is now praising microbes. But no one is talking about microbes sustenance medium. Healthy bacteria survives when their environment is potent to provide them continuous nutrition.

Prebiotic – this is where desi zebu cattle milk plays wonder. It is potent prebiotic.

Probiotic benefits
Probiotic benefits

गौर्धयति मरुतां शरवस्युर्माता मघोनाम |
युक्ता वह्नी रथानाम || (ऋगवेद ८-९४-१)

गौ माता दूध पिलाती है, उस दूधसे संतृप्त हो मरुत वीर रथसंचालक (वेगवान) बनते है|

As you read translation, only desi Gau mata’s A2 milk is potent enough to provide them driving force ( रथसंचालक). If such potent medium is not provided (like many Vegan friends find alternative solution in Vegan Dahi made up using coconut or badam or any other nuts) to them, health bacteria may die soon, before reaching to their destination i.e. GUT. Dead probiotic means more danger for digestive track! More efforts to clean the track! Acidity! Ulcer!

Probiotics promote gut health through stimulation, rather than suppression, of the innate immune system. Our first lines of defense are digestive chemistry and innate immunity.

For a probiotic to work it must arrive alive in the colon. They arrive alive only when they have enough food while travelling and are acid proof (Protected from gastric acids). It has been recommended that food containing probiotic bacteria should contain at least 10^6 live micro organisms per g or mL at the time of consumption to have protective effects such as maintenance of normal intestinal micro flora, enhancement of the immune system, reduction of lactose intolerance and anti-cancer activity.
Along with that probiotics should resist the natural barrier of high acidity and bile content in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and show their survivability and activity in the colon.

Only Desi Gau milk based fermentation has both powers. (Do your experiments if you have doubts).

Which Desi Gau milk?

या शर्धाय मारुताय सवभानवे शरवो.अम्र्त्यु धुक्षत |
या मर्ळीके मरुतां तुराणां या सुम्नैरेवयावरी || Rugved – Book 6 – Hymn 48 – Verse 12

Gau who provides immortal nectar milk for powerful self-illuminating Marut(s); the one who provides happiness/comfort to swift-footed(quick runner) Marut(s), that divine Gau comes to your home only by glorious efforts and actions.

Gau mata can give such nectar milk only when she is worshiped by brave men doing selfless glorious acts for society. Gau seva for selfish motives is not desirable. So if you purchase milk from professional gau shala, you will still will not avail full benefits of nectar. You first need to worship Gau mata whose milk you want to avail. Without worship, you cannot connect with her. Without connecting with her, it is not possible to receive her blessings.

Krishna with Gaia
Krishna with Gaia

Krishna is Krishna due to Gau Mata Seva and Worship. Do we follow him? 🙂

Fundamental fallacy in dairy model is: disconnect between mata and son. Mother can foster best prasad (milk, urine, dung), only when she is taken care best! Factory model of dairy don’t yield benefits described here.


Apana And Brahmcharya


अपान and ब्रह्मचर्य

Apana and Brahmcharya
Apana and Brahmcharya

Excretion of waste is very important in any system. Our प्राण, named अपान, takes care of our Body’s material needs and at the same time maintains all outward forces i.e. excretions. It works selflessly, tirelessly 24×7 for your Body’s sustenance, dividing tasks among excretion of मल(Stool), मूत्र(Urine) ,शुक्र(Sperm/Ovum), गर्भ(Fetus) और आर्तव(Menstrual waste).

During delivery of a child, अपान gives total focus on most critical task on hand i.e. contraction of Uterus, movement of pelvic, vaginal opening etc. Due to this over-focus on one task, rest of the tasks find little attention from अपान and hence there is a chance of hampered functioning of Excretion of stool and urine. And this is evident as it is observed by irregular bowel movements during Postpartum period.

Following pregnancy and childbirth, some women experience the following symptoms:
• Bowel urgency: Strong urges to defecate, with a feeling of an immediate need to get to a toilet.
• Passive fecal incontinence: Stool leaks out without one knowing.
• Urge fecal incontinence: Awareness of urge to defecate, but stool leaks out before one is safely on a toilet.
• Post-defecation leakage: Stool leaks out after a bowel movement. This is the rarest of all fecal incontinence symptoms.

Modern doctors prescribe activated charcoal to balance imbalanced अपान (Read more here on WebMD link In our village, we give Cowdung ashes prepared by Agnihotra. (Manusmriti is not lunatic when it considers Cowdung Ashes as most sacred and asking to keep it away from stool and urine infections.) Read more about अपान and Cow dung connection here:

Above normal scenario is mentioned to explain importance of ब्रह्मचर्य. If ब्रह्मचर्य is not followed, and sex is performed without any control, अपान will work tirelessly for your mindless lust and so other functions are severely impacted. When you are student, you cannot focus on learning when your stool and urine are not in harmony. Irregular stool and urine means indigestion. Indigestion means malnutrition. With mal-nourished brain, student cannot reach their highest possible realization state. Indigestion also mean toxicity. Toxicity – > Rapid ageing. I see many in 20s looking elder than me. Needless to mention reason.

This is just one aspect why ब्रह्मचर्य is important. There are other aspects too like excessive neural activities, reduction of शुक्र ओजस (Not sperm!), mental chaos etc.

Brain infection starts in gut, meat responsible

Factory Farms
Factory Farms

मूलाधार चक्र (seat of गणपति/हनुमान/कुण्डलिनी) is severely corrupt for most of us. And that is primary reason for so many life style sicknesses we have around.

Days are not far when modern medical science will start worshiping GUT like they used to worship and glorify brain. 🙂 After all, GUT deserves its long overdue importance as central place to maintain chemical life of the body.

Your brain health depends upon what you eat. If you are eating meat in chaotic times when animals are raised in factory farms, you are prone to deadly brain conditions. Because it is via GUT, any brain conditions take shape.

The study[See reference section] reveals how the proteins – called prions – spread from the gut to the brain after a person or animal has eaten contaminated meat.

This is one reason why society relying on factory farm based meat, will produce more zombies and psychopath.


Brain infection starts in gut, study finds

The study reveals how the proteins – called prions – spread from the gut to the brain after a person or animal has eaten contaminated meat.


Prions are infectious proteins with abnormal shapes that can be passed between people and animals by eating contaminated meat.

Until now, it was not known how prions spread from the gut to the brain after consuming infected meat.


Researchers at University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute studied the course of prion infection in mice.

They found that prions must first build up in specialised structures in the lining of the small intestine before they are able to spread throughout the body to the brain.


The structures – called Peyer’s patches – are part of the body’s immune system and form the first line of defence against contaminated food.

The study suggests prions hijack Peyer’s patches to cause infection.

The gut-associated lymphoid tissues in the small intestine, not the large intestine, play a major role in oral prion disease pathogenesis

  1. David S. Donaldsona,
  2. Kathryn J. Elseb and
  3. Neil A. Mabbotta#


Prion diseases are infectious neurodegenerative disorders characterised by accumulations of abnormally folded cellular prion protein in affected tissues. Many natural prion diseases are acquired orally and following exposure the early replication of some prion isolates upon follicular dendritic cells (FDC) within gut-associated lymphoid tissues (GALT) is important for the efficient spread of disease to the brain (neuroinvasion). Prion detection within large intestinal GALT biopsies has been used to estimate human and animal disease prevalence. However, the relative contributions of the small and large intestinal GALT to oral prion pathogenesis were unknown. To address this issue we created mice that specifically lacked FDC-containing GALT only in the small intestine. Our data show that oral prion disease susceptibility was dramatically reduced in mice lacking small intestinal GALT. Although these mice had FDC-containing GALT throughout their large intestines, these tissues were not early sites of prion accumulation or neuroinvasion. We also determined whether pathology specifically within the large intestine might influence prion pathogenesis. Congruent infection with the nematode parasite Trichuris muris in the large intestine around the time of oral prion exposure did not affect disease pathogenesis. Together, these data demonstrate that the small intestinal GALT are the major early sites of prion accumulation and neuroinvasion after oral exposure. This has important implications for our understanding of the factors that influence the risk to infection and the pre-clinical diagnosis of disease.


Gym vs Akhada : Microbes role


When I talk about superiority of local culture of Bharat, many friends educated under Macaulay’s clerk producing education system, doubts and mock about it.

One point I advocate and rigorously follow in my life is: Doing exercise at ground, playing real sports at ground. In mud, in soil, on real turf.
There are infinite benefits of being on ground daily.
Let me discuss one invisible benefit here.

When you spend active time with mother Earth, the real medicinal turf, you expose your body to healthy bacteria in soil.

“Friendly” bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae commonly found in soil activates brain cells to produce the brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin, also known as 5-HT (short for 5-hydroxytryptamine), is found in the gut, brain, nerves and blood of humans and other animals. There are 14 different receptors that bind to serotonin each working a different property of this highly multi-functional chemical messenger.

Apart from having a range of pharmacological actions, serotonin constricts blood vessels, sends messages between cells in the brain and within the central nervous system, regulates secretion of digestive juices, and helps to control the passage of food through the gut.

Low levels of serotonin are linked with a number of disorders including aggression, anxiety, depression,obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, irritable bowel and fibromyalgia.

So when you are on ground, you naturally de-stressed your mind. Soil and her bacteria helps you to calm down.

Can this be possible in Gym?

No. Gym is highly controlled environment. Not only devoid of soil and our friendly bacteria but any bacteria. On the other hand, Gym is full of different pathogens your fellow Gym-goers carry. Air conditioners cannot replace Air so fast that you always get healthy air. Place that can infect your body easily.

So, one more example of great glorious healthy Bharatiya life style.
Go to Akhada and/or ground! Send your kids to Akhada and/or ground. If you still go to Gym after reading this, God bless you! 😀



Soil Bacteria Work In Similar Way To Antidepressants

Researchers from Bristol University and University College London discovered using laboratory mice, that a “friendly” bacteria commonly found in soil activated brain cells to produce the brain chemical serotonin and altered the mice’s behaviour in a similar way to antidepressants.

They are suggesting this could explain why immune system imbalance could make some people vulnerable to mood disorders like depression.

Lead author, Dr Chris Lowry from Bristol University said, “These studies help us understand how the body communicates with the brain and why a healthy immune system is important for maintaining mental health“.

Identification of an immune-responsive mesolimbocortical serotonergic system: Potential role in regulation of emotional behavior


Peripheral immune activation can have profound physiological and behavioral effects including induction of fever and sickness behavior. One mechanism through which immune activation or immunomodulation may affect physiology and behavior is via actions on brainstem neuromodulatory systems, such as serotonergic systems. We have found that peripheral immune activation with antigens derived from the nonpathogenic, saprophytic bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, activated a specific subset of serotonergic neurons in the interfascicular part of the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRI) of mice, as measured by quantification of c-Fos expression following intratracheal (12 h) or s.c. (6 h) administration of heat-killed, ultrasonically disrupted M. vaccae, or heat-killed, intact M. vaccae, respectively. These effects were apparent after immune activation by M. vaccae or its components but not by ovalbumin, which induces a qualitatively different immune response. The effects of immune activation were associated with increases in serotonin metabolism within the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, consistent with an effect of immune activation on mesolimbocortical serotonergic systems. The effects of M. vaccae administration on serotonergic systems were temporally associated with reductions in immobility in the forced swim test, consistent with the hypothesis that the stimulation of mesolimbocortical serotonergic systems by peripheral immune activation alters stress-related emotional behavior. These findings suggest that the immune-responsive subpopulation of serotonergic neurons in the DRI is likely to play an important role in the neural mechanisms underlying regulation of the physiological and pathophysiological responses to both acute and chronic immune activation, including regulation of mood during health and disease states. Together with previous studies, these findings also raise the possibility that immune stimulation activates a functionally and anatomically distinct subset of serotonergic neurons, different from the subset of serotonergic neurons activated by anxiogenic stimuli or uncontrollable stressors. Consequently, selective activation of specific subsets of serotonergic neurons may have distinct behavioral outcomes.


Tablet alternative for kids – Part 1


In several notes, I shared how digital screen exposure to kids is acting fatal, a silent bomb.

Screen Alternative
Screen Alternative

In this series of notes, I will share alternatives.

As the potter places clay in the center of the wheel and slowly begins to spin it, he combines water and a gentle but firm hand to guide the shape of the clay, until a unique object emerges to be appreciated and used in many different ways.

All these leaves long lasting impression about human potential on growing kid. Visit to factories, exposure to tablet/laptop/phone can never nurture creativity in full bloom.

Touch of the tablet/phone/laptop/gadget can never compete with the touch of the clay.

How do you help your child for developing touch sense?

I really feel pity for all kids whose schools have made tablet based teaching compulsory. 🙁 And there is hardly any exposure to real touch training (Like pottery) 🙁

And teachers hardly have potter-like skill to mold the growing kids. 🙁

Pottery is potent enough to instill creativity behind the formation and maintenance of the universe. Think about it. Take care (Y). Help your child.


Conch-shell, Sound and Microbes

Conch-shell and microbes
Conch-shell and microbes

Blowing conch-shell is a well-known ritual. If try to do research (Or rather Google search 🙂 ), you will find many spiritual answers.

For example:
” When the conch is blown with controlled breath, the primordial sound of “Om” emanates from it. This eternal sound is the origin of all Vedas. All knowledge enshrined in the Vedas is an elaboration of the omnipresent sublime sound of Om. It was this sound that was chanted by the Lord before manifesting the cosmos. It represents the creation and the Truth behind it.”
“It is believed the blowing shankha destroys enemies and also pleases goddess Lakshmi.”

For individuals blowing conch, following benefits are found

Not just for religion, blowing shankha has scientific and ayurvedic benefits also. As per them, blowing shankha during puja has benefits on our lungs. This is because for blowing a shankha pure air reaches the lungs and impure air comes out. This makes the lungs strong.Blowing shankha also cures diseases of intestines.

No ritual of Hinduism is for selfish motives. What about environmental impact that can help all in vicinity?

For optimum environmental help, responsibility of blowing conch-shell is given to only those who has full control over breathe. Not everyone can blow it. It is not about the intensity but about the right sound frequencies.


Microbes(=Maruts) can sense sonic vibrations[1]. Link between sonic vibrations of Conchshell blowing on auspicious days/begining of new task and behaviour of Maruts should be studied. Right sound, right microbes.

When microbial conversations get physical

It is widely accepted that microorganisms are social beings. Whereas communication via chemical signals (e.g. quorum sensing) has been the focus of most investigations, the use of physical signals for microbial cell-cell communication has received only limited attention. Here, I argue that physical modes of microbial communication could be widespread in nature. This is based on experimental evidence on the microbial emission and response to three physical signals: sound waves, electromagnetic radiation, and electric currents. These signals propagate rapidly and, even at very low intensities, they provide useful mechanisms when a rapid response is required. I also make some suggestions for promising future research avenues that could bring novel and unsuspected insights into the physical nature of microbial signaling networks.
The average spectrum had three broad frequency peaks that matched well with the B. carboniphilus growth-promoting frequencies. Thus, these early studies suggested that some microbial cells might be able to communicate using sounds.
Sound waves are generated when objects vibrate. Essential cellular processes, such as the activity of molecular motors and the cytoskeleton, enzymatic reactions, chromosome packaging and replication, transcription, and protein synthesis, folding or unfolding, generate forces that induce intracellular motions [1019]. The polar oscillation of proteins during cell division [20] or cytoskeleton assembly [21] also contribute greatly to the dynamics of the cell interior and generate polarizing ionic currents inside the cell and charge-induced nanoscale motions. The global effect of intracellular motions is that cells and their components vibrate. Using the sensitivity of an atomic force microscope (AFM) to probe cellular nanomechanics in an acoustically insulated environment, Pelling et al. demonstrated that the cell wall of single, living cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae exhibited local, periodic nanoscale motions of similar average amplitude (3.0 ± 0.5 nm), yet variable, temperature-dependent frequencies (0.9–1.6 kHz) [22]. These results not only demonstrated that intracellular motions were strong enough to propagate across the stiff yeast cell wall, they also showed they could generate reproducible acoustic signals. Furthermore, the motions disappeared after treatment with the metabolic inhibitor sodium azide, suggesting they had a metabolic origin. The oscillations of single cells had activation energies (58 kJ/mol) and velocities such as those reported for cytoskeleton motors. The magnitude of the forces (~10 nN) was such that it would have required the concerted action of several molecular motors, as expected of a dedicated system that transmitted the metabolic status of the cell as mechanical vibration and sound [22].

Production of sound waves by bacterial cells and the response of bacterial cells to sound.

Bacterial cells enhance the proliferation of neighboring cells under stress conditions by emitting a physical signal. Continuous single sine sound waves produced by a speaker at frequencies of 6-10, 18-22, and 28-38 kHz promoted colony formation by Bacillus carboniphilus under non-permissive stress conditions of high KCl concentration and high temperature. Furthermore, sound waves emitted from cells of Bacillus subtilis at frequencies between 8 and 43 kHz with broad peaks at approximately 8.5, 19, 29, and 37 kHz were detected using a sensitive microphone system. The similarity between the frequency of the sound produced by B. subtilis and the frequencies that induced a response in B. carboniphilus and the previously observed growth-promoting effect of B. subtilis cells upon B. carboniphilus through iron barriers, suggest that the detected sound waves function as a growth-regulatory signal between cells.

Sound and Microbes
Sound and Microbes

keep blowing Conchshell with full faith. I am sure, it is helping Marut(s) to develop positive environment for our success. 🙂

While we discussed sound waves and microbes, radio waves also create impact.

Exchange of information is critical for bacterial social behaviors. Bacterias aka Maruts never survive individually. They live in groups. Their existence critically depends upon their communication.

How do they communicate?

Chemically triggered messages that can easily couriered from one body to another.
Radio frequency waves. Yes the ones that we use in our communication

There is no doubt that our Wi-fried transmission of unlimited 2G,3G,4G is disturbing their communication channels. One communication lines are attacked, it is difficult for microbial communities to survive.


Something that modern medicine and technology has not yet linked (or do not want to link for vested interests). Our dieseases -> dying healthy bacteria -> damanged communication -> 2G,3G,4G nuke bombs.

Theoretical physicists offer explanation of how bacteria might generate radio waves

Chemical reactions can be induced at a distance due to the propagation of electromagnetic signals during intermediate chemical stages. Although is is well known at optical frequencies, e.g. photosynthetic reactions, electromagnetic signals hold true for muck lower frequencies. In E. coli bacteria such electromagnetic signals can be generated by electric transitions between energy levels describing electrons moving around DNA loops. The electromagnetic signals between different bacteria within a community is a “wireless” version of intercellular communication found in bacterial communities connected by “nanowires”. The wireless broadcasts can in principle be of both the AM and FM variety due to the magnetic flux periodicity in electron energy spectra in bacterial DNA orbital motions.

Read more at:

Bacteria Might Communicate Using Radio Waves

The research revolves around a feature called circular DNA (DNA loops), which is found in simple organisms like viruses and bacteria. As free electrons move around these loops, a radio wave can be produced — and as quantum objects, these electrons can also take on different energy levels. It is posited that these two factors could allow bacteria to transmit radio waves at frequencies of 0.5, 1 and 1.5KHz.

Take care. At least, keep your home clean from electro-magnetic waves. Sleep away from wifi and cell phone networks.



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