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Do we really respect Shakti/Maa that runs our life?


Do we really respect शक्ति / माँ that runs our life?

Nava Ratri
Nava Ratri

While we are celebrating festival of infinite energy forms who like a mother takes care of us unconditionally, it is important for us realize what she really seek from us i.e. married young energetic couples i.e. गृहस्थ

For many in present young generation, marriage is a license for fun and freedom. Nothing less and nothing more. So they also delay motherhood. They outsource parenting. So that they can have fun!

First fun, then son!

That is so limited and selfish purpose of most critical duty one can perform for the sustenance of the universe. There is no negation of fun! Life must be enjoyed. But not like thief who will steal everything but never pay for anything.

Imagine the consequences of broken links by we not performing our duties. So many marriages but so little performance of duties!

Here is the शंकर-पार्वती संवाद from Mahabharata about fundamentals of married life.

यथा मातरमाश्रित्य सर्वे जीवन्ति जन्तवः।
तथा गृहाश्रमं प्राप्य सर्वे जीवन्ति चाश्रमाः।।

जैसे सभी जीव माँके आश्रयसे जीवन निर्वाह करते है, वैसे ही सभी आश्रम गृहस्थआश्रम के आश्रयसे ही निर्वाह करते है|

(What do we do? We build old age homes. Day care centers.)

राजानः सर्वपाषण्डाः सर्वे रङ्गोपजीविनः।
व्यालग्रहाश्च डम्याश्च चोरा राजभटास्तथा।।

सविद्याः सर्वजीवज्ञाः सर्वे वै विचिकित्सकाः।
दूराध्वानं प्रपन्नाश्च क्षीणपथ्योदना नराः।
एते चान्ये च बहवस्तर्कयन्ति गृहाश्रमम्।।

राजा, पाखंडी, सपेरे, ठग, चोर, राजपुरुष, विद्रान, विचारक, शीलवान , पथिक – यह सब गृहस्थपर ही आशा रखते है|

(What do we do? We hardly act as a citizen. We vote and forget. We find a way to steal taxes. We hardly observe what exactly happen to our money. No one really fund intellectuals and researchers.)

मार्जारा मूषिकाः श्वानः सूकराश्च शुकास्तथा।
कपोतका कावटकाः सरीसृपनिषेवणाः।
अरण्यवासिनश्चान्ये सङ्घा ये मृगपक्षिणाम्।।

एवं बहुविधा देवि लोकेऽस्मिन्सचराचराः।
गृहे क्षेत्रे बिले चैव शतशोऽथ सहस्रशः।।

गृहस्थेन कृतं कर्म सर्वैस्तैरिह भुज्यते।
उपयुक्तं च यत्तेषां मतिमान्नानुशोचति।।

देवी उमा! मार्जार, मूषक, श्वान जैसे ग्राम्य जीव, विभिन्न सरीसृप, पक्षी समुदाय, घर, बिल & खेतमें रहने वाले असंख्य जीव – यह सब भी गृहस्थके कर्मो से अर्जित भोग्यका ही उपभोग करते है|

(What do we do? We snatch cattle grazing land then cry for cattle menace on the road! We silently poison street dogs. We use fertilizers and pesticides so all micro organisms are killed regularly on farms and gardens)


Such are the duties of married couple. As described, world is actually run by us. Actually, should be run by us. But we don’t pay attention to it! 🙂

But instead, our married life is exclusively for own fun sake. Work hard, party harder! World can go to hell! And when accidentally child appears by family compulsion or by mistake…outsource duties to schools and all. 🙂

Think about it. Do we perform our duties towards society, nation and the universe honestly? Then we have no rights to expect seasonal rain, good food, peaceful neighborhood and all.

Happy Navratri (Y)

First 100 days, Sanskar and Gut Immunity

First 100 days (~4 months) are critical. We Indians only do निष्क्रमण संस्कार after 100 days. After 100 days in home, we take out child and introduce outer univese, The Sun, The moon, Trees, River, Lake and of course relatives.

निष्क्रमण संस्कार इस संस्कार का फल विद्वानों ने आयु की वृद्धि बताया है- निष्क्रमणादायुषो वृद्धिरप्युद्दिष्टा मनीषिभि:।ये संस्कार शिशु के जन्म के चौथे चा छठे महीने में किया जाता है। सूर्य तथा चंद्रमा आदि देवताओं का पूजन कर शिशु को उनके दर्शन कराना इस संस्कार की मुख्य प्रक्रिया है। हमारा शरीर पृथ्वी, जल, अग्नि, वायु और आकाश, जिन्हें पंचभूत कहा जाता है, से बना है। इसलिए पिता इस संस्कार में इन देवताओं से बच्चे के कल्याण की प्रार्थना करते हैं।

जन्म के चौथे मास में निष्क्रमण-संस्कार होता है। जब बच्चे का ज्ञान और कर्मेन्द्रियां सशक्त होकर धूप, वायु आदि को सहने योग्य बन जाती हैं। सूर्य तथा चंद्रादि देवताओं का पूजन करके बच्चे को सूर्य, चंद्र आदि के दर्शन करना इस संस्कार की मुख्य प्रक्रिया है।
यूंकि बच्चे का शरीर पृथ्वी, जल, तेज, वायु तथा आकाश से बनता है, इसलिए बच्चे का पिता इस संस्कार के अंतर्गत आकाश आदि पंचभूतों के अधिष्ठाता देवताओं से बच्चे के कल्याण की कामना करते हुए कहता है-
शिवे ते स्वां द्यावापृथिवी असंतापे अभिश्रियो।
शं ते सूर्य आ तपतुशं वातो वातु ते ह्रदे।
शिवा अभि क्षरन्तु त्वापो दिव्या पयस्वती:।।

अर्थात् हे बालक! तेरे निष्क्रमण के समय द्युलोक तçाा पृथिवीलोक, कल्याणकारी सुखद एवं शोभास्पद हों। सूर्य तेरे लिए कल्याणकारी प्रकाश करें। तेरे ह्रदय में स्वच्छ कल्याणकारी वायु का संचरण हो। दिव्य जल वाली गंगा-यमुना आदि नदियां तेरे लिए निर्मल स्वादिष्ट जल का बहन करें। (via

Nishkraman Sanskar
Nishkraman Sanskar

The first 100 days are crucial.

During this 100 days, child is groomed in known प्राणिक signatures of mother and other family members. No strangers please. Read Man is known by the company he keeps : We all have individual microbial cloud to know more. This helps child to acquire only known healthy familiar bacteria!

So primitive that they keep Desi Gau’s gobar and mutra at all Sanskar ceremonies. So that their infants get Gau mata’s blessings and build foundation of healthy प्राणमय शरीर.
“And our study emphasises that in that first 100 days the structure of the gut microbiome seems to be very important in influencing the immune responses that cause or protect us from asthma.”
Oh Hindus? So primitive they are! They know very well how to avoid Asthama and other immune disorders ! So primitive and fanatic. 🙂

Reclaim and revive dharma!


Children exposed to 4 key bacteria are less likely to develop asthma, study finds

Children who acquire four kinds of gut bacteria in the first three months of their lives can be protected from developing asthma, according to new research.

The four bacteria, called FLVR (Faecalibacterium, Lachnospira, Veillonella, and Rothia), are naturally acquired by most babies through exposure in their home surroundings. However, some infants miss out, and it’s those children who are at most risk of developing asthma, according to researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

“And our study emphasises that in that first 100 days the structure of the gut microbiome seems to be very important in influencing the immune responses that cause or protect us from asthma.”

Early infancy microbial and metabolic alterations affect risk of childhood asthma

Asthma is the most prevalent pediatric chronic disease and affects more than 300 million people worldwide. Recent evidence in mice has identified a “critical window” early in life where gut microbial changes (dysbiosis) are most influential in experimental asthma. However, current research has yet to establish whether these changes precede or are involved in human asthma. We compared the gut microbiota of 319 subjects enrolled in the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study, and show that infants at risk of asthma exhibited transient gut microbial dysbiosis during the first 100 days of life. The relative abundance of the bacterial genera Lachnospira,Veillonella, Faecalibacterium, and Rothia was significantly decreased in children at risk of asthma. This reduction in bacterial taxa was accompanied by reduced levels of fecal acetate and dysregulation of enterohepatic metabolites. Inoculation of germ-free mice with these four bacterial taxa ameliorated airway inflammation in their adult progeny, demonstrating a causal role of these bacterial taxa in averting asthma development. These results enhance the potential for future microbe-based diagnostics and therapies, potentially in the form of probiotics, to prevent the development of asthma and other related allergic diseases in children.

Bugged by Information-trivia

Trivia mania
Trivia mania

“A preliminary census report indicates that for the first time in our nation’s history female anthropologists out-number male professional golfers.”

This is US version of statistical garbage. What is the use of above information? We have plenty of local garbage running 24×7. Let me share few examples here :

0) Sachin has so far scored 99 centuries (51 in Tests & 48 in ODIs) and 53 of them have been in a winning cause.

1) Has fourth-innings batting lost its terrors? : the norm had been one in roughly 50 innings for the preceding 20 years, but between 2006 and 2010 the ratio was once every 33 innings, with 34 hundreds being scored in 1127 innings.

2) In 2011 Harbhajan has taken 17 wickets in as many games, at 41.29, while in nine games in the World Cup, he gave away 43.33 per wicket.

3) Sachin Tendulkar v James Anderson : He is among bowlers who’ve dismissed Tendulkar more than three times in Tests since Jan 2002


When statistics met computing power during last 50 years, volume of information garbage increases. Sports program/matches viewers are easiest targets. We are more interested in how many times Sachin got out in second innings, against Asian countries on Asian pitches but we want to remain blissfully ignorant about how many street lights not working in area or how much money your civic leaders used for your vicinity.

I don’t say that all statistical data is useless. If we learn that one out of 5 patients died due to medical negligence in private hospitals and reason for negligence is Doctor’s carelessness or lack of knowledge, we(We = The people, people representatives) can use this information take action. Will ‘how much profit Salman’s stupid movies made’ or ‘how many times Sachin or Dravid got out on first ball of second innings’ ever change anything in around you? How will this information help you in life except giving you momentary entertainment tickles?

And we want better Nation? Joke!
And we want corruption free Nation?Big joke!
And we want Developed Nation? LoL!

We have no right to participate in any movement against corruption. We have no right to speak against govt’s crimes! We have no rights speak against inflation! We are equally responsible for all chaos by indulging continuously in hopeless personal entertainment and information garbage… Corrupt power never excuse anyone, not you, not me, none. Either do your duties on the field otherwise forget Nation and live in your personal cocoon and be ready to get crushed when your turn comes. Go and watch your favorite TV commentators and their garbage information flood, take part in useless information exchanges and serve as guinea pig of information market.राष्ट्रको राम भरोसे छोड दो| 🙂

** Picture is copyright property of The New Yorker. Searched in Google Image search.

Photographs : Perception Management


In photography, moment is very important. Timing is vital. Great timing can create classic illusions. Those who will observe your photographic work, will be tempted to invest their visual processing circuitry and stress on inference, logic and emotions to come out with best idea about imagery captured in photograph. This is possible only when picture is captured at right moment. If you miss the moment, charm is gone unless you do Nature photography(minus wild life photography 🙂 ) 🙂.

Media photographers are masters of timing. They will capture image in such a way that they can easily propagate their motives. Do you blindly believe all photographs? You should not.

Photography is a language that speaks only in particularities.Its vocabulary of images is
limited to concrete representation. Unlike words and sentences, the photograph does not present to us an idea or concept about the world, except as we use language itself to convert the image to idea. By itself, a photograph cannot deal with the unseen, the remote, the internal, the abstract. It does not speak of “man,” only of a man; not
of “tree,” only of a tree. You cannot produce a photograph of “nature,” any more than a photograph of “the sea.” You can only photograph a particular fragment of the here-and-now–a cliff of a certain terrain, in a certain condition of light; a wave at a moment in time, from a particular point of view. And just as “nature” and “the sea” cannot be
photographed, such larger abstractions as truth, honor, love, falsehood cannot be talked about in the lexicon of pictures. For “showing of” and “talking about” are two very different kinds of processes.[1]
Pictures needs to be recognized, words need to be understood. Pictures will give you objective ideas while words will give subjective ideas. As an “objective” slice of space-time, the photograph testifies that someone was there or something happened. Its testimony is powerful but it offers no opinions–no “should-have-beens” or “might-have-beens.”

Photography is preeminently a world of fact, not of dispute about facts or of conclusions to be drawn from them.

Take care. Save yourself from false propaganda, serve yourself by life enriching propaganda. 🙂

And if you are artist, take care that you don’t unnecessary participate in mass mind corruption game 🙂

PS: I am not against this wonderful art. Just don’t want to get infected my mind by visual propaganda powerful enough to corrupt mind. Positive propaganda are more than welcomed.
[1] This paragraph is taken from Neil Postman’s writings

The Shutter Bug: Click Obsession


I started clicking digital pictures in 2005. Since then, I captured almost 10000+ pictures so far. Rate of clicks reduced significantly after self-realization in 2010 and it is almost nil now.

Ask yourself, how many pics do you revisit often? Or visited ever since clicked?

Is time spent clicking (and not enjoying the scene in real time) justified against time wasted by not being involved in the moment?

And if you say you have re-visited all pics more than once, you really are great at time management. 🙂 And I wonder about, how do you get such leisure time?

My point is, technology will give us all freedom but also overload of data. Remain awake and make sure, we do not succumb to the technology.

Instead of clicking pics, I now prefer to enjoy the moment by remaining in the moment and making my memories strong and vivid.

1 or 2 pics or 1000 pics – they will give same stimuli to brain and fetch past memories. 🙂 But while clicking 1000, we really miss the live moments. Don’t we?

Have a nice day! 🙂


How our photo obsession is threatening our memories

technology has enabled us to take dozens of pictures in seconds, stopping only when we have captured that perfect smile, photos have become a commodity versus the precious memento they once were. A study from Shutterfly reported that Americans now take more than 10.3 billion photos every month. And those ubiquitous mobile devices in our pocket are now the primary photography device for 60% of regular photo takers.

The problem of memories being forgotten in the stream is compounded by how our brains work. When we rely on memory aids like cameras and smartphones we effectively outsource our ability to recall—taking away from the cognitive processing that’s required to create lasting memories. I recently examined how photographing objects impacts our memory. In two studies, 74 university students were sent to an art museum to photograph some objects and to simply observe others.

The next day, the students were asked to recall the objects they had seen. The results demonstrate what I call the photo-taking-impairment effect: when the students took photos, they remembered fewer objects overall and remembered fewer details about the objects and their location in the museum, compared to those they had only observed. This is consistent with other research showing that when we count on external devices such as a computer, we actually remember less.

In an effort to remember, by viewing the world through the lens of our cameras, we are in fact undercutting our quest for memories. I’m not necessarily suggesting you stop taking pictures—since the birth of my grandson four months ago I’ve taken over 1,000 photos—guilty as charged. But while our snapping behavior has headed into overdrive, our revisiting behavior hasn’t kept up.

The key to remembering more is revisiting and sharing our photos. Looking back at a photo helps to reactivate and consolidate the memory, making it more accessible later and training the brain to remember the story behind the picture. Unfortunately, the same Shutterfly research found that although we’re taking more photos than ever, we’re sharing fewer of them. Even though 90% of people who regularly take photos agree that photos become more meaningful when their story is shared in-person, less than half of the photos we take are actually being shared. In addition, the majority of people reported that they have not recently looked at photos that were 10 years or older.

Childhood Dirt Exposure, Latent Viruses and Immunity

Latest Virus Explained
Latest Virus Explained

There is a type of virus called latent virus – A nonactive virus which is in a dormant state within a cell. Herpes virus is latent in cells of the nervous system.

“Latency” means that the virus, once burrowing into some cells of yours, goes into hibernation for a while, just lurking near your own cellular DNA, but not yet replicating itself. At some later point, something triggers the dormant virus out of latency and it reactivates. After going through a couple of rounds of replication the by now larger number of viral particles burrow in and go latent again.

This is classic example that Virus is impotent to cause illness. It is internal environment of the cell and external environmental conditions that triggers prolific replication of specific message i.e. Virus.

Such events (benign viral infections triggered naturally and not due to stress) in children are necessary. They indicate their development. Only when environment is sterile or controlled or artificial, such event lapses and later in adult life, they become autoimmune disorders. If kids are not afflicted by Herpes Zoster in age below 10, next reactivation in adult life is severe and may lead to death in some cases.

Dirt is Good
Dirt is Good

So it is important for growing kids to play in the laps of mother nature. Living life in natural environment triggers all developmental milestones on time. Artificial urban environment, over-use of chemicals to clean the homes mar the development.

Pitru Tarpana and Epigenetics


Heredity – “The biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next”

Epigenetic – arising from non-genetic external factors

If genes work as per environment, epigenetically, heredity too is environmental and not genetical.

So diabetes or any xyz body/mental condition is not because of genes but environment.

Subtly, our Pitru legacy is also part of environment and not part of genes (and so it is spiritual ritual and not just medical procedure).

Tarpana vidhi helps you to negate negative effects of environmental legacy.

PS: Talking about subtle environment when I consider heredity as environmental. Several set of genes are transmitted from our paternal and maternal lines. Beyond physical form i.e. air, water and solid.

Epigenetics: A Turning Point in Our Understanding of Heredity

In a study published in late 2011 in Nature, Stanford University geneticist Anne Brunet and colleagues described a series of experiments that caused nematodes raised under the same environmental conditions to experience dramatically different lifespans. Some individuals were exceptionally long-lived, and their descendants, through three generations, also enjoyed long lives. Clearly, the longevity advantage was inherited. And yet, the worms, both short- and long-lived, were genetically identical.

Tulsi: To pluck or not to pluck? Yet another Mother Turned into Machine?

Mother or Machine?
Mother or Machine?

Toxic delusion is very intense. Even Sanatani(s) are confused. ‘to do or not to do’ is very healthy confusion – one can at least reach to conclusion with Maa’s will. But there is no solution for ‘To do thoughtlessly’ as it is very toxic delusion and recoverable event.

Like modern medicine, Ayurveda too has become reductionist branch. Or rather, new branch has emerged which uses Ayurvedic knowledge and modern methods/processes.

For example: Tulsi as Medicine

1) One should not pluck Tulsi at all the times. Like how one must follow fasting before doing ‘Glucose-fasting’ test at lab, there are timing when one can pluck Tulsi and one cannot.

One must not pluck anything from any plant during night and SAndhya time. Avoid plucking Tulsi on Dwadashi.

There are many such rules prescribed for each plants. Some generic and some specific.

2) Never we connect with plant as a form of same consciousness and so no respect for it. Like a barbaric thief or a pig who devastate farm without notice, we mindlessly pluck the tulsi leaves.

Will she bestow her blessings under the pain, stress and utter insult?

Pluck it by reciting greatness of Maa Tulsi.

“तुलस्यमृतनामासि सदात्वं केशवप्रिये । केशवार्थ विचिन्वामि वरदाभव शोभने ॥”

Immortal Tulasi thou art always dear to Keshava.
O Great Goddess, purify! Make always auspicious!

Thanks to our ultra-consuming and exploiting societal attitude, we one by one destroy sacredness associated with our dharma-pillars.

First, it was cow, by turning her into milk machine.

Now, it is Tulsi, by turning it into yet another wonder drug!

Society that used to think twice before plucking Tulsi leaves, is now doing commercial farming of Tulsi! 🙂

Do you really think, slave plants carry medicinal properties?

I often tell my family that we really don’t need to pluck tulsi leaves daily unless there is emergency in terms of sickness. And plucking happens with proper ritual and प्रायश्चित! Plucking happens on specific days!

Do you know why? 🙂

Plants are hyper intelligent. They love us more than we care for them. Just worship Tulsi daily and spend at least 15 minutes with her. Observe her and generate thoughts about her glorious form. That’s it. She is intelligent and most caring to cure your unforeseen sickness. Her fragrance is most potent medicine.

Oh…but self-declared social reformers in mass media (news channels, movies etc) will tell you that this Tulsi Worship is blind faith 😀. You don’t need it to reach to God 😀. Wrong number. 😀

Mother Tulsi’s fragrance is real. Her touch is real. Her cure is real. Her medicinal values are real. And now the evidences suggest that she indeed has mind that can take actions!

Draw your own conclusion. Whom to follow? Childish illusion questioning by self-declared reformers or rock solid science? 🙂

Trust your grandmother’s ritual ,Worship Tulsi daily and remain healthy forever or keep questioning fanatically and stay away from real benefits of rituals. (Y) 🙂

Isn’t it our shortsightedness to confine Tulsi pooja in the religious dogmas? Free it from religion. Spending time with mother is a great boon to mankind!

She is mother! Don’t see her as ‘Ocimum tenuiflorum’!

Here is the chapter on Worship of Tulsi Devi from Bhagvatam

“You said, one can pluck Tulsi leaves on specific days only. On specific time of the day only. But can sickness wait for the right time? Should we not treat sick body as soon as we detect the sickness?”

“Go ahead. Do it. By doing it, you invite more complex karmic relations with the plants. Such acts are selfish acts. You want to cure your body so that you are blind and do not realize pain of the plant. Plucking immature leaves from child plant is like doing rape of the children. Do you want to do it? Specific day and time and reverence bhava towards Tulsi maa (and any medicinal plant) frees you from possible karmic bonds. So better to follow right time, right day and right emotions (worship and reverence)”

Let me share my understanding of sickness.

शरीरत्रय – Three divisions of body.

स्थुल शरीर = अन्नमय कोश + प्राणमय कोश
सूक्ष्म शरीर = मनोमय कोश
कारण शरीर = विज्ञानमय कोश + आनन्दमय कोश

If sickness is not carry forward from previous birth, सूक्ष्म शरीर is the epicenter of the sickness which later spreads into स्थुल शरीर based on the intensity of the shock on सूक्ष्म शरीर. Root cause is karma or actions in current life which leaves imprints on मनोमय कोश. Negative imprints make मनोमय कोश sick. This sickness spreads into both direction. It stores karmic accounts in विज्ञानमय कोश and give birth to sickness symptoms into अन्नमय कोश + प्राणमय कोश. When sickness manifests in स्थुल शरीर, we seek help from स्थुल शरीर of plants, metals and mother nature. स्थुल शरीर of Maa will cure स्थुल शरीर of your body but still sickness persists in सूक्ष्म शरीर.

मनोमय कोश can be cured by healthy food for mind. Good thoughts (विचार), and good actions (आचार). To maintain विचार and आचार, good company (सत्संग) and other tools help (पूजा,व्रत,जप,तप).

So in ideal case, we really do not need to pluck leaves of Tulsi maa if we do regular Tulsi pooja without any motive or intention. Tulsi Maa will take care of मनोमय कोश and it will be reflected in your विचार and आचार and due to healthy मनोमय कोश, you will hardly need an occasion to pluck Tulsi leaves. Same is the case in Gau seva. You do Gau seva and done! You do not need to do any mal-practice to increase milk yield. 🙂

Follow rituals and enjoy festivals of the land and you will be fine forever unless there are really bad karma from past life 🙂

This is the reason I am not so excited seeing many Ayurvedic pharma selling Tulsi Ark 🙂 It is no way needed.

If at all, you need to pluck them due to sickness sprouted due to past life karma effect, you have Jyotish shashtra to act proactively. 🙂

Modern medicine? 😀 A big laugh on ignorance of human race 🙂.



Are plants intelligent? New book says yes

Intelligence is the ability to solve problems and plants are amazingly good in solving their problems

For centuries Western philosophy and science largely viewed animals as unthinking automatons, simple slaves to instinct. But research in recent decades has shattered that view. We now know that not only are chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants thinking, feeling and personality-driven beings, but many others are as well. Octopuses can use tools, whales sing, bees can count, crows demonstrate complex reasoning, paper wasps can recognise faces and fish can differentiate types of music. All these examples have one thing in common: they are animals with brains. But plants don’t have a brain. How can they solve problems, act intelligently or respond to stimuli without a brain?


Plants obviously emit odors that animals and human beings are attracted to, but they also sense their own odors and those of neighboring plants.

Yes, plants smell. Our dictionary’s definition of “smell” excludes plants because they lack full fledged nervous system. But this does not mean they cannot smell.

Smells affect plant’s response. How?

Pheromones – A chemical substance secreted externally by some animals and plants that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals/plants of the same species or other species.

This article makes perfect sense to me due to my Sanatana background where I considers organs different from senses.

If you consider organ as a proof of sense ability, you will laugh on this article but if you can differentiate, sense and sense organ, this makes perfect sense.

All plants love Gobar and Urine smell. All insects of local ecosystem where cows reside, love dung odor. Dung is sufficient to trigger laying eggs (Oviposition) by insects.

No wonder why Agnihotra with herbs like turmeric is loved by my home garden. No wonder why we daily do Diya at Tulsi mata. Along with other factors like heat, Prana, odor also play critical role.

Do Plants Smell Other Plants? This One Does, Then Strangles What It Smells

“Plants smell,” says botanist Daniel Chamovitz. Yes, they give off odors, but that’s not what Chamovitz means. He means plants can smell other plants. “Plants know when their fruit is ripe, when their [plant] neighbor has been cut by a gardener’s shears, or when their neighbor is being eaten by a ravenous bug; they smell it,” he writes in his new book, What a Plant Knows. They don’t have noses or a nervous system, but they still have an olfactory sense, and they can differentiate. He says there’s a vine that can smell the difference between a tomato and a stalk of wheat. It will choose one over the other, based on…smell! In a moment I’ll show you how.

Can Gau mutra really cure sickness?


One friend doubted: Can Gau mutra really cure sickness?

I told him: “It can. It has potential and proven in lab results but sorry, it won’t cure your illness.”

Why doctor’s treatment works for some and not for all?

मंत्रे तीर्थे व्‍दिजे देवे दैवज्ञे भेषजे गुरौ ।
यादृशी भावना यस्‍य सिद्धिर्भवति तादृशी ।।
One can draw out positive effects from following six domains based on individual’s intensity of श्रद्धा/devotion/allegiance/faith upon them.

1) Mantra
2) Pilgrimage
3) Priest
4) Deity
5) Astrologer
6) Vaidya (Doctor /Medicine)

Each one benefits from a mantra, a pilgrimage, a priest (Brahman), deity, astrologer, vaidya (an ayurvedic practitioner) and Guru as per his emotion (spiritual emotion) with respect to them.

All above mentioned domains demand श्रद्धा and gives results based on your faith on them.

Most of us now live self-denial life, full of arrogance. I am supreme and everyone else is dumb. I can cure self and not the doctor or medicine. Such is the foolish suicidal mentality. Most of us have become self-proclaimed rationalists. We expect doctor’s treatment to work because we pay them. Doctor has turned into businessman and has no sympathy for patient.

Do you think, any treatment can cure in such situation?

Hell no. Without faith, it is not possible to heal body fully and recover from sickness. Suppressive medicines may make sickness dormant but it still remains there.

Patients should develop faith on doctor. Patient must pray to God. Doctor should act as mother nature’s messenger and not the money-sucker.

One thing parents must instill in child is: Faith – a potent healing substance.

Sri Aurobindo describes Śraddhā as “the soul’s belief in the Divine’s existence, wisdom, power, love and grace.”

Viral Infection? Don’t panic

Don't panic
Don’t panic

When viral infection happen, don’t panic. Consider it as signal to revive Pranmay sharir i.e. cellular intelligence. Its been 6 years that I have consumed any medicine for the sake of curing seasonal sickness. Not only that, episodes of viral infections have reduced to almost zero. And whenever it happens, recovery is super fast as my approach is not to suppress the symptoms but to increase cellular intelligence. Gau Mutra, Turmeric, Honey, Ginger, Nimbu and fasting. That is it about my recovery model.

Cellular stress in Adult is either due to mental stress or nutritional stress. In case of epidemics, environment is under severe stress. Cure stress and things will be fine.

In case growing children, cellular stress is sometimes development mile stone indicator. So they may get non-seasonal running nose – can be cured without medicine by love, care and Tulsi/Turmeric/Ghee/Gau mutra like kitchen pharmacy.

Virus is a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein. DNA or RNA is a packet of information exchanged among cells or live organism, just like data is exchanged between two computers using network and based on data exchange, computers act. Similarly, based on information exchange, cells act.

Packet of information is useless if there are no software programs written to interpret the data and commands. If software has bugs, wrong interpretation can happen and computer can give wrong output.

Similarly, virus is harmless if cells are programmed to interpret message correctly.

So where is the issue with Ebola or any other virus? They are harmless. Issue is with cells. Under stress, cells sometimes do not act as per programs. Or in other words, they raises false alarms by producing more specific DNA packets i.e. Viruses.
Culprit is not dead DNA strips generated by cells but cell level stress.

Solution is not to subside viral fever or take flu vaccines. Solution is to reduce cell level stress.


Is Stress Making You Sick?

Chronic stress not only increases susceptibility to new viral infections but also renders an individual more vulnerable to the reactivation of latent viruses within the body. Herpes viruses in particular reactivate more frequently in stressed individuals.(c) The herpes family of viruses causes not only the sexually transmitted disease commonly referred to as herpes, but also chicken pox and other minor diseases. In healthy individuals, these viruses are rarely very harmful; cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection usually causes no symptoms, and mononucleosis (mono) and chicken pox are both temporarily uncomfortable but ultimately self-limiting.

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