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Children: Language learning and social activities


Parents must not use shortcuts. Stories on tablets, cartoons on TV are not useful. If you want your kid to learn and excel in multiple languages, let there be more opportunities for social interactions. Your babies demand your time. Human interactions. Even if they cannot speak full words and sentences, speak with them! Communicate! Gestures, expressions and surprises! Tablet and TV cannot give gestures and expressions!

“We found that the degree to which infants visually tracked the tutors and the toys they held was linked to brain measures of infant learning, showing that social behaviors give helpful information to babies in a complex natural language learning situation,” Kuhl said.

“Our findings show that young babies’ social engagement contributes to their own language learning – they’re not just passive listeners of language,” Brooks said. “They’re paying attention, and showing parents they’re ready to learn when they’re looking back and forth. That’s when the most learning happens.”

Babies’ brains show that social skills linked to second language learning

Study reveals 1 in 3 babies has used a smartphone or tablet before their first birthday

Study reveals 1 in 3 babies has used a smartphone or tablet before their first birthday

Intestinal flora effects drug response


Antibacterial drugs cause changes in the intestinal flora. These changes have an influence on the capacity of the liver and kidneys to detoxify and eliminate therapeutic drugs due to large changes in the metabolizing and transport proteins. Credit: Dr. Sumio Ohtsuki Src:
Antibacterial drugs cause changes in the intestinal flora. These changes have an influence on the capacity of the liver and kidneys to detoxify and eliminate therapeutic drugs due to large changes in the metabolizing and transport proteins.
Credit: Dr. Sumio Ohtsuki


This is interesting study. This supports my hypothesis that only scientific medicine we have is Ayurvedic.
It is only in Ayurveda, medicine is given based on individual prakriti, keeping in mind birth prakriti, season and age.
On the other hand, modern medicine has no such standard except change in dosage based on weight and age.
Microbial flora in our body changes with season, age and innate prakriti. Hence, one medicine for all will never work.
“Antibacterial drugs cause changes in the intestinal flora. These changes have an influence on the capacity of the liver and kidneys to detoxify and eliminate therapeutic drugs due to large changes in the metabolizing and transport proteins.”

Intestinal flora effects drug response


Intestinal flora has multiple influences on human health, but researchers have revealed that it is also likely to have an effect on the body’s response to drugs. Recent research from Kumamoto University in Japan strongly suggests that changes in the intestinal flora, caused by antibacterial and antibiotic drugs or individual differences between people, may have an effect on a person’s response to drugs including side effects. The research focused on the changes in proteins due to the condition of intestinal flora that affect the response to drugs in the liver and kidneys.

Antibacterial and antibiotic drugs are often prescribed for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections and are often taken with therapeutic drugs to prevent recurrence of infection during treatment. Unfortunately, the drugs affect not only harmful bacteria, but also the naturally occurring bacteria within the intestine. To determine the effects of this influence on drug efficacy, Kumamoto University researchers investigated protein changes in the liver and kidney. Changes in these proteins have a great influence on drug efficacy and side effects since they are responsible for the metabolism and transport of many drugs, and are also affected by changes in the intestinal flora.

Business of Cancer Screening


It is height of fear vending by modern medical technology to detect disease that now normal biological events are termed as disease symptoms.

img src:
img src:
PSA test
PSA test

For example prostate cancer (PSA screening or prostate-specific antigen screening) prescribed by doctors as yearly check up for men above age 50. It is normal that with growing age, prostate size increases gradually. I bet, 90% aged men diagnosed for early prostate cancer symptoms were having normal conditions. But due to modern medical technological arrogance, they were terms as cancerous and hence operated.

Unnecessary surgical stress. Unnecessary hospital stress. Unnecessary antibiotic attack. Financial stress. Family under stress. Major havoc for life without any reason. Just for the sake of sheer arrogance of technological feet.

USA is waking up and correcting mistakes. Will Indian doctor learn? Genuine doctors will. Business minded won’t. You take care 🙂


Cancer is not a disease, but a biological event



Cancer Cells
Cancer Cells

[Based on reading late Dr M L Kothari’s cancer research]

Cancer is not a disease, but a biological event programmed by cells. The ticks of this event were started way back in past before symptoms are surfaced. The inception of cancer-starts as a very small, silent event that tardily marches over several years to the stage of being detected.

This initial event programmed by cell is due to several reasons. Some of them physiological and some psychological. Our body cells are themselves individual unique organisms with individual identity. They forget own identity to support larger existence i.e. your body. So they selflessly work day and night, perform own duty towards Nation (your body). It is Nation’s (body or “I” that govern body) reciprocal duty to provide stress-free life to each cell. Mentally stress-free life for cell is possible when “I” do not live life under any mental stress. Physically stress-free life for each cell is possible when “I” eat nutrient-rich, less-toxic or non-toxic food which can provide continuous support to each cell’s biological need. “I” also need to take care of vital Prana (force that keep the communication between “I” and each cell proper. Prana can be maintained by Prayer, meditation, exercise.

Now since our modern life expect us to live with stressful life, junk food devoid of nutrients and full of toxins, Genetically modified food, lack of exercise and prayer, wifi, mobile towers etc; so cancerous events are triggered in almost all of us. Only when the tolerance level of cells is passed, cells disconnect with identity of “I” and start living selfish life. So for their individual existence, they proliferate out of control. One fine day, tumor is detected.

So what is solution? Removing tumor is cancer treatment? No it is just a self-satisfaction of modern medicine that they can control cancer. They cannot as cancer is inherent nature of each cell. Until stress is controlled, cancer is not treated.

Treatment is not perfect if it does not restore cell identity and connect it again with you, your “I”. If you remove tumor from X position, it will resurface again at some other place. This is because canceribility (ability to disconnect from body and grow separately i.e. Ego of cell) is inherent nature of all cells. It is not treated. It can be treated when we take rest. When we remove stress. When we start eating healthy food. When we live more socially active life. When we live more jovial and smiling life.

Every human being geneti­cally possesses the cancerability of tissues. Such cancerability, as a biologic feature, is normally distributed. All humans can, thus, develop cancer, yet only a fixed percentage (20%) of them does. This is dependent on the fact that to express cancerability, a human being must cross a certain threshold of physical, mental stress. This is the reason you sometimes see relatively healthy person inflicted by cancer and a chain smoker living cacer-free life 🙂.

Take care. Take care of your body very well. Love and nurture each cell of your body daily by right food, right exercise, faith in self, faith in God/almighty/mother nature.

Side Note

‘Undead’ genes come alive days after life ends

Although rat is dead, its genes may still be functioning, a new study reveals.
Although rat is dead, its genes may still be functioning, a new study reveals.

At first, the researchers assumed that genes would shut down shortly after death, like the parts of a car that has run out of gas. What they found instead was that hundreds of genes ramped up. Although most of these genes upped their activity in the first 24 hours after the animals expired and then tapered off, in the fish some genes remained active 4 days after death.

Many of these postmortem genes are beneficial in emergencies; they perform tasks such as spurring inflammation, firing up the immune system, and counteracting stress. Other genes were more surprising. “What’s jaw-dropping is that developmental genes are turned on after death,” Noble says. These genes normally help sculpt the embryo, but they aren’t needed after birth. One possible explanation for their postmortem reawakening, the researchers say, is that cellular conditions in newly dead corpses resemble those in embryos. The team also found that several genes that promote cancer became more active. That result could explain why people who receive transplants from the recently deceased have a higher risk of cancer, Noble says. He and his colleagues posted their results on the preprint server bioRxiv last week, and Noble says their paper is undergoing peer review at a journal.

Season of Maruts


This is season of Maruts. Microbes. Rain showers abundant of Prana. Originated from various corners of the sea. With infinite different forms and past memories and Sanskars. (Yes, water do carry memories and Sanskars of its travel and so do all elements).

Since it is season of Maruts. There are chances that weak humans get trapped under these new combinations of Prana, fell sick and blame microbes for all their fault! 😀

So this post for positive attitude towards Prana.

Microbial biomass exceeds the total animal biomass. I am = I + M = I + Maruts = I + Microbes.

So who is host and who is guest? Your textbook taught you that, you are host and microbes live at your mercy.

In reality, it is total reverse case. They are host and we are guest. In any infectious disease, problem is not with bacteria and virus but WE the ill-behaved guests.

If we ill-behave (use wifi, use mobile, use pesticides, use antibiotics etc), host (microbial biomass that hosts us i.e. Maruts) has all rights to kill us.

If we behave (live life as per mother Nature’s rules and by maintaining synergy with all organisms) well, they build our life with all pleasures.

Instead of killing rich sources of Prana, improve your immunity. Do fasting. Eat moderately. Do not it for taste. Fix meal timings. Fix sleep timings. During monsoon, do not take extra mental stress. Focus your mind by jap, tap, dhyana and Sadhna. Detoxify mind and body. See the magic. You will not fell sick for entire year! Maruts will take care of you! 🙂

Human microbiota: onset and shaping through life stages and perturbations.
Human microbiota: onset and shaping through life stages and perturbations.

Second image from this research paper:

The function of our microbiota: who is out there and what do they do?

Current meta-omics developments provide a portal into the functional potential and activity of the intestinal microbiota. The comparative and functional meta-omics approaches have made it possible to get a molecular snap shot of microbial function at a certain time and place. To this end, metagenomics is a DNA-based approach, metatranscriptomics studies the total transcribed RNA, metaproteomics focuses on protein levels and metabolomics describes metabolic profiles. Notably, the metagenomic toolbox is rapidly expanding and has been instrumental in the generation of draft genome sequences of over 1000 human associated microorganisms as well as an astonishing 3.3 million unique microbial genes derived from the intestinal tract of over 100 European adults. Remarkably, it appeared that there are at least 3 clusters of co-occurring microbial species, termed enterotypes, that characterize the intestinal microbiota throughout various continents. The human intestinal microbial metagenome further revealed unique functions carried out in the intestinal environment and provided the basis for newly discovered mechanisms for signaling, vitamin production and glycan, amino-acid and xenobiotic metabolism. The activity and composition of the microbiota is affected by genetic background, age, diet, and health status of the host. In its turn the microbiota composition and activity influence host metabolism and disease development. Exemplified by the differences in microbiota composition and activity between breast- as compared to formula-fed babies, healthy and malnourished infants, elderly and centenarians as compared to youngsters, humans that are either lean or obese and healthy or suffering of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). In this review we will focus on our current understanding of the functionality of the human intestinal microbiota based on all available metagenome, metatranscriptome, and metaproteome results

Season, Vata Prakop and Asuric Influence

We ,more or less, all are beasts in human form. Two qualities that restricts us becoming human are Anger and Lust. No worship, no meditation, no sadhna will bear fruits unless these two beasts are alive in you. Sacrifice them.

Beast Within
Beast Within

कामः क्रोधौ द्वौ पशु इमामेव मनसा बलि समर्पयेत।
क्रोधौ विघ्नकृतो बलि दत्वा जपं चरेत्॥

– महानिर्वाणतंत्र

काम & क्रोध – दोनों विध्नकारी पशुओका बलिदान करके उपासना करनी चाहिए|

’इन्द्रियाणि पशूनहत्वा’-

इन्द्रिय रूप पशु का वध करें ।

Although anger and lust can become active any time of the year, during monsoon, changes in our environment are such (mainly lack of Sun exposure) that they intensify these two beastly qualities. Observe around – why there are so many revolutions/agitations in the month of August. 🙂 Why monsoon is deemed as season of lust by Bollywood? 🙂

It is स्वभाव or nature of this season (seasons when दक्षिणायन of the sun happen) to spur आसुरी शक्ति of human mind during this time.

And नवरात्रि is the time when we can worship eternal form of Energy to suppress beasts within.

In fact, there are 5 Navratri(s) in one year but we hardly pay attention to celebrate even two major Navratri(s) Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri.

Since परम्परा of identifying beasts like काम & क्रोध् and scarifying them for the greater good of the society does not happen, we have living beasts around. Pervert pedophiles to rapists to murderers to suicide attempters.

Ravan Within
Ravan Within

राम (ह्रदय सम्राट – अयोध्या निवासी – The one that rules our heart) – सीता ( शक्ति trapped in Muladhara chakra but freed by राम , हनुमान & वानरसेना ) , हनुमान & वानरसेना ( महाप्राण & मरुतगण i.e. micro organisms living in body) – they all together can control beasts of mind.

This year, when you receive “Happy Vijaya Dashami!” greetings, think about celebration of success of killing beasts within! And start preparing for real Vijay within 🙂

Child Development is an essential social forestry (सामाजिक वनीकरण)

Child Development - Social responsibility
Child Development – Social responsibility

There are 100 families in one urban residential area. All of them decided to grow mango tree. 25 families believed that…mango tree should be exposed to all natural/man-made conditions so they decided to take no care of mango trees. Out of 25 orphan trees, 10 trees grew well and 15 died premature death after 3 months.

10 families were happy: “See, we told you. You don’t need to over conscious about trees. Let them grow as is and they will be fine. You unnecessary worry about mango trees. We just need to grow them and they will grow by learning from us and others. No extra care is required.”

So why did 10 orphan trees could survive and 15 died?
Three factors play role in growth of any organism
1) Seed quality 2) Environment 3) Eco-system

25 trees were lacking environmental help in terms of their caretaker so their chances of survival was reduced to 66%. Some of them were near trees who were taken care and had superior quality of seed so 10 trees could survive. 15 were unfortunate – they either lacked seed quality or eco-support (Support from other mango trees and their caretakers) or both.

Child development is like growing and nurturing mango tree. If you are carefree and firm believer that…let the child exposed to everything…and still your child is growing as expected, you and your kid are lucky ! Despite your carelessness, his/her eco-support (good teacher, good friends, good parents of their friends etc) and inherent seed quality or both helped him/her.
But still, your duty is compromised so there will be some compromise with development.

Seed quality of child development : Healthy food before and during pregnancy. Healthy habits. Stress-free home and work environment.

Environment: Food, Water, Air

Eco-System : Family, friends, neighbours

Growing child need all! He or she can grow without all luxuries you provide but not without healthy communities.

African Proverb
African Proverb

Shravan and bhadrapada: Detoxification followed by re-birth

Festival driven life
Festival driven life

Festival reminds us change in mindset, change in worship, change in food, change in habits.

For Shravan and bhadrapada, two Hindu calendar months,, we joyously participate in detoxification of body by Tapas (fasting – both mental and physical). And then slowly Vata prakop is reducing and effect of Sun’s southern movement is increasing. Like paddy fields, body too is experiencing new beginning. It is time to re-establish seat of Ganesh to take care of गण (Body cells, microbes and environment). Time to eat Modak(मोदक).

Re-align your life with Hindu festivals and observe the magic. Even in present toxic world of air, water and food, you will revive. Think about it. Take care.

No Ebola or Bird-flu can dare to harm you. 🙂

Diet that mimics fasting appears to slow aging

Periodically adopting a diet that mimics the effects of fasting may yield a wide range of health benefits.

In a new study, Longo and his colleagues show that cycles of a four-day low-calorie diet that mimics fasting (FMD) cut visceral belly fat and elevated the number of progenitor and stem cells in several organs of old mice — including the brain, where it boosted neural regeneration and improved learning and memory.

Cancer cells starved out

Take care. During 4 months of monsoon and post-monsoon, digestive fire of our body is very low. चातुर्मास or 4 months fasting is prescribed. This does not mean complete aversion from food.

Eat less than your capacity. Eat daily at same time. Control over taste buds.

When we bless someone, we say: “जीवेत शरदः शतं” which means, May you live 100 post-monsoon seasons. This is only possible when regular fasting is observed.

Those who successfully pass through this time without any sickness symptoms, observe Dashera festival to celebrate victory over all possibilities to degenerate their life, against whom they fought and won.

Not only immunity, fasting is important for slow aging. Those who love self and family…will also love long life. Try fasting.

Children, Air pollution and common sense

Children and Air pollution
Children and Air pollution

The breathing rate over the first 12 years of life is about double that of adult breathing rate. So good air or bad air, children consume more.

For your healthy lungs, thank pre-1991 (Before Manmohan era of mindless development) Indians who were not as mindless as we are. Imagine what we gift to millions of children by rampant urban air pollution.

Greatest gift we give to our children: Suffocating air. 🙁 Yes, I am also partner in crime, like you all. 🙁

Although this is not a solution, I suggest you to have Fresh-Air-Sundays with kids. Away from urban crowd, in the laps of the nature, for weekly fresh air quota. (Y)

Children, Food Selection and Convoluted Logic


There was a comment on my post on industrial meat and brain infection relation. It was like this:

Though I am a vegetarian, I feel bad when I see my non-veg eating friends who are more fit and comparatively more disease free. They do no have Vitamin B12 deficiency issues. Few proudly say:

“I am eating food (veg/non-veg) in hotels from last 15 years, I am perfectly healthy”.

“I eat and drink everything without thinking much about it, I have no health problem”

This article and my observations are not matching. There are several times I feel that I should start having meat.

I also receive same comments from many of my real life friends and relatives. One rational and so called liberal friend argued with me last night: ” I eat all kinds of food all the time for more than a decade. I am healthy so will be my child. I want my child to be fearless and eat anything and prepare body.”

🙂 This is I recognize as Convoluted logic to defend personal weaknesses.

First of all: Do we live life to eat or eat to live? Think about it.

Second: I really am not positive for adults past-25 age changing their habits. It hardly happens until they reach 40 and body stops supporting their habits. I prefer not to convince them.

What I am worried about and expect change is about our children. Future of Bharat. If we can guide children and provide them environment for healthy habits, we can envision much stronger generation than what we have at present. That is the opportunity we should focus on.

My response to this friend:

“Children eat and drink more than adults in relation to their body weight, and so take in relatively more residues.US figures show that, generally, children in the first six months of life consume seven times more water per kg of body weight than does the average adult.

Include artificial fruit juices, baby foods and all range of so called healthy but processed foods! 🙂

So who is more susceptible to toxins in processed and chemically grown food? We or our kids?

Take care. In your false arrogance and careless attitude towards food selection, you are doing injustice to growing possibilities in your child.”

So, it is idiotic and monstrous when you force your kid to eat same filthy restaurant food. Just because you don’t like cooking or have tongue-lust, your kid will suffer! I remember, I never eat outside food until I joined engineering college away from home. And I never felt the needed because my beloved mother cooked all superb food for us 🙂


Infants and young children have specific nutritional needs. They need up to 7 times more nutrients than an adult (per kg body weight). Therefore, with every spoon, a child has to eat significantly more nutrients than an adult.

Read this to realize and stop treating your kid as adult, for their food, entertainment and other needs!

Adult vs Infant
Adult vs Infant
Adult vs Infant
Adult vs Infant

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