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Research: Not just enough sleep, timely sleep!


We have saying: Those who sleep early and wake up early, are Heroes. They receive strength, intellect, knowledge and wealth. Their body remains in bliss.

But our so called educated and rational flock make fun of it and says: If this is true, all milkmen and newspaper vendors should be wealthy!

Claps! Good joke! 😀

What you miss in this silly argument is noteworthy.

Shifting sleep cycle affects immune response, sleep quality

Late? Forever
Late? Forever


ब्राह्मे मुहूर्ते बुध्येत स्वस्थो रक्षाऽथमायुषः|

तत्र सर्वाघशान्त्यर्थं स्मरेद्धि मधुसूदनम्||

अर्थात् स्वस्थ व्यक्ति को अपनी जीवन-रक्षा के लिए प्रातः काल ब्रह्ममुहूर्त में उठना चाहिए।

Those who want to protect life, should wake up in the early morning (4 AM) and spend time in self-realization.

ब्राह्मे मुहूर्त उत्तिष्ठेतस्वस्थो रक्षार्थमायुष : ।

Brahm muhurt = 96 minutes before sunrise. Adjust your routine accordingly.

ब्राह्मे मुहूर्ते बुध्येत धर्मार्थांचानुचिंतयेत।

कायक्लेषाँष्च तन्मूलान्वेदतत्तवार्थमेव च॥ (मनु. 4/92)

प्रत्येक मनुष्य को ब्रह्ममुहूर्त में उठकर धर्म और अर्थ का चिंतन करना तथा शरीर के रोग और उनके कारणों का विचार करना एवं वेद के रहस्यों का भी विचार-चिंतन करना चाहिए।

What do we have now?

Everyday different wake up time. Mostly after sunrise. 🙂 Job forces to alter sleep as per shift!


Read this research.


Shifting sleep cycle affects sleep quality, immune response

Shifting sleep cycle affects sleep quality, immune response

Most sleep research focuses on the effects of sleep deprivation or the overall amount of sleep an animal needs. This is generally referred to as sleep’s homeostatic process, which is driven by sleepiness or “sleep pressure.”

The work by Karatsoreos and his colleagues – published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity – is a rare look into the circadian process, a brain-driven clock that controls the rhythms of various biological processes, from digestion to blood pressure, heart rate to waking and sleeping. The cycle is found in most everything that lives more than 24 hours, including plants and single-celled organisms.

Research into the system has significant implications for modern living, write Karatsoreos and his coauthors, as “disruption of the circadian clock is nearly ubiquitous in our modern society” due to nighttime lighting, shift work, jet lag and even the blue-tinged light emitted by cell phones and tablets.

Typically, sleep researchers have a hard time studying sleep deprivation and the circadian cycle separately, as a change in one usually affects the other. However, Karatsoreos and his colleagues saw their model did not affect an animal’s total sleep, giving them a unique look into the effects on the timing of the sleeping-waking cycle.

The researchers used mice whose body clocks run at about 24 hours – much like our own – and housed them in a shorter 20-hour day. This forced their biological clocks out of sync with the light-dark cycle. After four weeks, the researchers injected the mice with lipopolysaccharide, a molecule found in bacteria that can make an animal sick without being contagious.

Environmental disruption of the circadian clock leads to altered sleep and immune responses in mouse

In mammals, one of the most salient outputs of the circadian (daily) clock is the timing of the sleep–wake cycle. Modern industrialized society has led to a fundamental breakdown in the relationship between our endogenous timekeeping systems and the solar day, disrupting normal circadian rhythms. We have argued that disrupted circadian rhythms could lead to changes in allostatic load, and the capacity of organisms to respond to other environmental challenges. In this set of studies, we apply a model of circadian disruption characterized in our lab in which mice are housed in a 20 h long day, with 10 h of light and 10 h of darkness. We explored the effects of this environmental disruption on sleep patterns, to establish if this model results in marked sleep deprivation. Given the interaction between circadian, sleep, and immune systems, we further probed if our model of circadian disruption also alters the innate immune response to peripheral bacterial endotoxin challenge. Our results demonstrate that this model of circadian disruption does not lead to marked sleep deprivation, but instead affects the timing and quality of sleep. We also show that while circadian disruption does not lead to basal changes in the immune markers we explored, the immune response is affected, both in the brain and the periphery. Together, our findings further strengthen the important role of the circadian timing system in sleep regulation and immune responses, and provide evidence that disrupting the circadian clock increases vulnerability to further environmental stressors, including immunological challenges.

Storytelling and Child Development


Storytelling is an art. When the subjects are children, it is extremely delicate art. The child is more likely to relate and respond to something familiar than unfamiliar. Something familiar is something experienced. The sensory experiences. Sensory experiences are directly related to the local environment. So stories of desert has more impact for children growing in desert than children growing in jungle. Even single moral story should have different regional and local shades.

Instead of creative diversity, we have one syllabus for all. 🙂
Instead of local shades in stories, we have plots based on totally alien lands. 🙂

Stories have potent ability to act as growth therapy. Therapy to help child grow naturally with ever expanding senses. And so it plays critical role in child development.

No story = Limited intellectual and mental growth.

For story to act as therapy, the story itself—the characters, events, and settings—must speak to the common life experience of those listening, and it must do so in language that is familiar.

Roots, Connected, effective
Roots, Connected, effective
Unknown, forceful connect
Unknown, forceful connect

I really doubt impact and therapeutic effectiveness of stories based on alien setup and foreign language. So much stress and confusion for a child!

Local stories + Foreign language = English Ramayana => No
Foreign stories + Mother tongue => Not a best option. Doable if the plot is changed based on local environment.

Stories in mother tongue with familiar plots based on local environment, rituals and living standards – best therapeutic impact!

We don’t have one Ramayana. There are at least 300 versions of Ramayana. 🙂 And countless local language versions! 🙂

Now we have only version: Ramanand Sagar’s version 😉

Coffee Culture, Teens, Sleep And Cultural Alienation


We now take pride in coffee culture while it is not even our native drink! 😀 Such level of sheepish mentality prevails in our society. Imitate west blindly!

See what happens when this addiction succumbs you in early teen age.

Vicious cycle of insensitive generations
Vicious cycle of insensitive generations


Adolescents Living the 24/7 Lifestyle: Effects of Caffeine and Technology on Sleep Duration and Daytime Functioning

OBJECTIVE. Adolescents may not receive the sleep they need. New media technology and new, popular energy drinks may be implicated in sleep deficits. In this pilot study we quantified nighttime technology use and caffeine consumption to determine effects on sleep duration and daytime behaviors in adolescents. We hypothesized that with increased technology use, adolescents increase caffeine consumption, resulting in insufficient sleep duration.

PATIENTS AND METHODS. Subjects were recruited from a pediatric office in a proximal suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Inclusion criteria for this study were middle and high school subjects aged 12 to 18 years old. The questionnaire, Adolescent Sleep, Caffeine Intake, and Technology Use, was developed by the investigators to measure adolescents’ intake of caffeinated drinks, use of nighttime media-related technology, and sleep behaviors. Descriptive statistics characterized the subjects, their caffeine and technology use, and sleep variables. Regression models assessed the relationships between caffeine, technology use, and sleep variables, having adjusted for age, race, gender, and BMI.

RESULTS. Sleep was significantly related to the multitasking index. Teenagers getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep on school nights tended to have 1.5- to 2-fold lower multitasking indices compared with those getting less sleep. Thirty-three percent of the teenagers reported falling asleep during school. Caffeine consumption tended to be 76% higher by those who fell asleep. The log-transformed multitasking index was significantly related to falling asleep during school and with difficulties falling asleep on weeknights.

CONCLUSIONS. Many adolescents used multiple forms of technology late into the night and concurrently consumed caffeinated beverages. Subsequently, their ability to stay alert and fully functional throughout the day was impaired by excessive daytime sleepiness. Future studies should measure more than television hours when evaluating the impact of nighttime activities on sleep patterns in adolescents.

Gastrointestinal Disorders Are Associated Significantly With Sleepless Nights

“We think the findings will generate further research to understand the interactions between emotional or psychological distress and sleep disturbances and GI disturbances,” says Santhi Swaroop Vege, M.D., a Mayo Clinic physician and lead author of the study.

Sleep disturbances and inflammatory bowel disease: a potential trigger for disease flare?

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a waxing and waning disease characterized by diarrhea, abdominal pain and weight loss. Recently, there has been an increased interest in the roles that sleep, circadian rhythms and melatonin could have as regulators of inflammation in the Gl tract. Advances in our understanding of the molecular machinery of the circadian clock, and the discovery of clock genes in the GI tract are opening up new avenues of research for a role of sleep in IBD. Altering circadian rhythm significantly worsens the development of colitis in animal models, and preliminary human studies have shown that patients with IBD are at increased risk for altered sleep patterns. Further research is needed to clarify the role of disturbances in IBD.

Sleep, immunity and inflammation in gastrointestinal disorders

Sleep disorders have become a global issue, and discovering their causes and consequences are the focus of many research endeavors. An estimated 70 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder. Certain sleep disorders have been shown to cause neurocognitive impairment such as decreased cognitive ability, slower response times and performance detriments. Recent research suggests that individuals with sleep abnormalities are also at greater risk of serious adverse health, economic consequences, and most importantly increased all-cause mortality. Several research studies support the associations among sleep, immune function and inflammation. Here, we review the current research linking sleep, immune function, and gastrointestinal diseases and discuss the interdependent relationship between sleep and these gastrointestinal disorders. Different physiologic processes including immune system and inflammatory cytokines help regulate the sleep. The inflammatory cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-1 (IL-1), and IL-6 have been shown to be a significant contributor of sleep disturbances. On the other hand, sleep disturbances such as sleep deprivation have been shown to up regulate these inflammatory cytokines. Alterations in these cytokine levels have been demonstrated in certain gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, gastro-esophageal reflux, liver disorders and colorectal cancer. In turn, abnormal sleep brought on by these diseases is shown to contribute to the severity of these same gastrointestinal diseases. Knowledge of these relationships will allow gastroenterologists a great opportunity to enhance the care of their patients.

Soul harvesting : direct and indirect


There are two types of soul harvesting. One is direct where people work for religious conversion and by mocking and insulting local belies. Another is indirect where so called intellectuals reject rituals and faith and call for abolishing all rituals. The former is visible  but the later is silent poison intellectuals inject in mass around them, preparing them for soul harvesting.

Indian Hindu men pray as they prepare to immerse an idol of Hindu god Lord Ganesha in Amritsar on September 17, 2010. Hindus bring home Lord Ganesha idols in order to invoke his blessings for wisdom and prosperity at the start of the ten-day long Ganesh Chaturthy (birth anniversary) festival. AFP PHOTO/NARINDER NANU (Photo credit should read NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images)
Indian Hindu men pray as they prepare to immerse an idol of Hindu god Lord Ganesha in Amritsar on September 17, 2010. Hindus bring home Lord Ganesha idols in order to invoke his blessings for wisdom and prosperity at the start of the ten-day long Ganesh Chaturthy (birth anniversary) festival. AFP PHOTO/NARINDER NANU (Photo credit should read NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images)


Selective mockery by popular media
Selective mockery by popular media

कामैस्तैस्तैर्हृतज्ञाना: प्रपद्यन्तेऽन्यदेवता: ।
तं तं नियममास्थाय प्रकृत्या नियता: स्वया ।।20।।

Those whose wisdom has been carried away by various desires, being prompted by their own nature, worship other deities adopting rules relating to each.(20)

यो यो यां यां तनुं भक्त: श्रद्धयार्चितुमिच्छति ।
तस्य तस्याचलां श्रद्धा तामेव विदधाम्यहम् ।।21।।

Whatever celestial form a devotee craving for some worldly object chooses to worship with reverence, I stabilize the faith of that particular devotee in that very form. (21)

अन्तवत्तु फलं तेषां तद्भवत्यल्पमेधसाम् ।
देवान्देवयजो यान्ति मद्भक्ता यान्ति मामपि ।।23।।

Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet. (23)

Not all of us are on same mental plane. Some of us tend to worship deity. Many worship god-men. By worshiping God-man preaching principles of Sanatana dharma, large mass of Bharat, by one or other way, still believe in Upavas, Ayurveda and other life-oriented sanatana practices. Of course, they are not perfect in their practices but as Krushna said in Gita, endowed with such faith he worship that particular demogod/Godman and obtains through him without doubt his desired enjoyments as ordained by myself. Anyhow, veiled by his Yogamaya (divine potency); he is not manifest to all. Hence these ignorant folk fail to recognize him, the unborn and imperishable Supreme Deity. But still, via so called agents of God, they are on the path of self-realization by imperfect implementation of sanatana practices.

For example, irrespective of their supreme imagination of Guru, irrespective of their Guru’s reality, millions are awakened to follow Sanatana ways. Imperfect, we all are. Don’t make fun of imperfection. You too were there few births apart.


Gau Gavya and Gau-Raksha


When someone represent गौ-रक्षक in negative image, my blood boils. As a leader, I should actually promote that every citizen should be गौ-रक्षक!

गाय & गव्य
गाय & गव्य

Gavya is a Sanskrit word. It has multiple meanings. It is actually a bridge between different forms of Gau.

Gau means Cow. Gau means senses. Gau means mother Earth. Gavya is their prasad. One produces and another consumes. Cycle goes on forever.

गौ रक्षक
गौ रक्षक

Panchgavya is elixir from Gau, for Gau (Human senses and Mother Earth). Result again is Gavya (Seva from Humans and produce from Mother earth) from gau, for Gau (Cow).

Method of preparation

Pancha-Gavya and Gau Raksha
Pancha-Gavya and Gau Raksha

Panchagavya, an organic product has the potential to play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in plant system. Panchagavya consists of nine products viz. cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, Tender coconut and water. When suitably mixed and used, these have miraculous effects.

Cow dung – 7 kg
Cow ghee – 1 kg
Mix the above two ingredients thoroughly both in morning and evening hours and keep it for 3 days

Cow Urine – 10 liters
Water – 10 liters
After 3 days mix cow urine and water and keep it for 15 days with regular mixing both in morning and evening hours. After 15 days mix the following and panchagavya will be ready after 30 days.

Cow milk – 3 liters
Cow curd – 2 liters
Tender coconut water – 3 liters
Jaggery – 3 kg
Well ripened poovan banana – 12 nos.

Read more:


We all have Vishnu seated in us. We must perform duties in his form. Being Gopati.

Lower worlds in Scriptures


Lower worlds in scriptures

Human Skin under microscope
Human Skin under microscope

वालाग्र शत भागस्य शतधा कल्पितस्य च ॥ भागो जीवः स विज्ञेयः स चानन्त्याय कल्पते ॥ (श्वेताश्वतर उपनिषद्, ५/९)
Assume 100 parts of 100th part of hair end (micron size)= 10-10 Meter. That is Jīva, not destroyed in any chemical change-all Kalpa =or creation is recombination of atoms only.
षट्चक्र निरूपण, ७-एतस्या मध्यदेशे विलसति परमाऽपूर्वा निर्वाण शक्तिः कोट्यादित्य प्रकाशां त्रिभुवन-जननी कोटिभागैकरूपा । केशाग्रातिगुह्या निरवधि विलसत .. ।९। अत्रास्ते शिशु-सूर्यकला चन्द्रस्य षोडशी शुद्धा नीरज सूक्ष्म-तन्तु शतधा भागैक रूपा परा ।७।
Central nerve is 107 parts of hair-end. Kuņɖalinī is still 100 times smaller, equal to nucleus of atom = 10-15 meters
वालाग्र शत साहस्रं तस्य भागस्य भागिनः ।तस्य भागस्य भागार्धं तत्क्षये तु निरञ्जनम् ॥ (ध्यानविन्दु उपनिषद् , ४)
Starting from man, hair-end is first smaller Viśva 100 thousand times smaller. There are 6 more levels smaller by same ratio. Smallest is Nirañjana (not perceived by any instrument, or mind)
कलिल-सर्व धातुं कलनीकृतः, अव्यक्त विग्रहः (तस्मात् कलिल) चरक संहिता, शरीरस्थान (४/९)
In womb, cell starts collecting all materials, so it is called kalila.
अनाद्यनन्तं कलिलस्य मध्ये विश्वस्य स्रष्टारमनेकरूपम् ।
विश्वस्यैकं परिवेष्टितारं ज्ञात्वा देवं मुच्यते सर्व पाशैः ॥ (श्वेताश्वतर उपनिषद्, ५/१३)
A cell also is a Viśva, which is enclosed (pariveşţita).
वालाग्रमात्रं हृदयस्य मध्ये विश्वं देवं जातरूपं वरेण्यं (अथर्वशिर उपनिषद् ५)

Ganesha: Worshiping real vs fake: Science of Idol

Fake Ganesh
Fake Ganesh

Instead of taking shashtric reference and aligning our own version of गणपति based on health of मूलाधार, there is a trend to worship fake Gods in form of Ganesha. This is not just waste creative human potential but silent injection of vices associated with these fake Gods.

Worshiping false Gods/demigods by portraying Ganapati Idol in form of social celebrities, is nothing but a shortcoming of relatively weak societal psyche.

My culture teaches to put ideas/values/deeds/virtues above all immortals as ideas/values/deeds/virtues can only last forever.Ideas/values/deeds/virtues can’t survive more than a century (or may be few countable years) if demigods are at center of common man’s life.

Idols and paintings are harvests of reproductive energy/creativity/imagination. Reproductive energy depicts intuitive image of archetype characters. When an artist draw a picture of deity, it can be based on his own objective creativity or reproductive creativity. Those Ganesh idols, created by objective creativity, in form of cricketer, children or like, do not stand long in our memories. But those idols, created out of intuitive reproductive energy, live with us forever.

Majority Art-works are time-local reflection of eternity. They are time-local because they are hardly based on spiritual intuition. And so imperfections are natural. Those who use time-local art as yardstick, to justify/to judge eternal aspects, may reach to half-baked conclusions. Best use of such art-works of past ages, is to gather hints and apply them for current complex cultural jig-saw puzzles. Just hints, good or grotesque,no concrete conclusions. For eternal aspects, we have eternal idols.

Elephant -> Ganesh Idol with trunk -> मूर्ति पूजा और साधना -> Enhanced Breathing -> Enhanced senses -> जितेन्द्रिय -> Ability to sense electro-magnetic energy and sound -> Ability to predict impact of changing energy on organisms -> One can easily predict the future.

There are many aspects of Ganesh idol. One of them is trunk. There are two idols. Right side trunk idol and left side trunk idol.

Trunk represent that one must learn to do right and deep breathing. Breathing regulates Prana. Prana regulates life.

Right side trunk represent Surya Nadi focus. Left represents Chandra Nadi.

An idol of Ganapati with the trunk curved towards the right is called dakshinmurti or dakshi­nabhimukhi with an activated Surya nadi is also radiant. Thus in both senses, the Ganapati idol with the trunk curved towards the right is said to be ‘active (jagrut)’.

An idol of Ganapati with the trunk curved towards the left is called Vamamukhi. Vam means the northern direction or the left side.The Chandra nadi (Moon channel) is situated to the left. It bestows tranquility.

गणतंत्र should be led only by गणेश who has extraordinary sense for future.

Krushn is Ganesh, he could sense future and take decisions accordingly to sustain Dharma. Shivaji was Ganesh. Maharana Pratap was Ganesh.

We may not become Krushn or Shivaji but sure, we can become micro versions of Ganesh.


As per scriptures, देह-मध्य is where मूलाधार or abode of गणेश is. For humans, it is near GUT. For animals, in heart. For birds, in stomach. For trees, it is roots. For all living and non-living beings, देह-मध्य varies and so place of गणपति. Based on the place or the host, गणपति’s name, form, color, vehicle and decoration changes. So there are infinite forms of गणपति based on variations in प्राण combinations of each object (living or dead) has.

For trees, microbes play critical role at roots. For us, in GUT. This is no coincidence. Where there are मरुत गण, there is गणपति.

First and foremost thing we can do to Ganesh Pooja in human form is to maintain proper posture. 🙂 Right posture means stability of प्राण in देह-मध्य.

Second, we can keep our GUT clean. Modak made from Desi Cow ghee helps here in this season. 🙂

Various Ganesha forms - varies as per Muladhara
Various Ganesha forms – varies as per Muladhara

Note: देह-मध्य शुचिता (cleansing of center of the body) is important post-monsoon. We can prepare Modak (GUT cleaning mental and physical actions) for us but who will take care of trees and plants? Desi cow’s gobar, milk, ghee, mutra are their Modak.


1) Do प्राणायाम
2) Do conscious breathing. Regulate your Prana.
3) Strive to become जितेन्द्रिय



Mind and Minding: Choose your perceptions wisely


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Situation is so grim in our society that brother won’t trust his keen, neighbors see neighbors with suspect, but we all, do believe in propaganda machines funded by foreign funds.

Save yourself from propaganda merchants
Save yourself from propaganda merchants

Human mind is an open source breeding ground. Anyone can implant ideas on it, tweak the planted ones and use it for own purpose. You have no control except when you real have practiced hard and master the minding process, the sthitapragnya way.
Since it is open source breeding ground, it is vulnerable to good and bad among us.

Good, the sages among us, our parents, our friends, our well-wishers, craft stories, may be based on real events or not, and prepare us for better control over minding by continuous conditioning. For example, they discuss stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. They share ideas of Vedas. They share moments that can help us becoming reflection of God’s archetype and achieving our best.

The devils among us won’t spare an opportunity to exploit our minds. They use propaganda. Propaganda is a set of stories about what someone in power would like you to be, spread by popular mediums like radio, TV and internet. It benefits the teller, not the recipient. Propaganda urges us to become someone we aren’t. And it works if the creator of the propaganda has the rewards or the power to make it stick. Propaganda, celebrates those in power and urges us to willingly comply with their desires.

Choose wisely, your friends, your medium of communication, and your perceptive inputs.

Scriptures are not for old age!


पूर्वे वयसि यः शान्तः स शान्त इति मे मतिः ।
धातुषु क्षीयमाणेषु शमः कस्य न जायते ॥
– पञ्चतंत्र, मित्रभेद


“Only a person who is peaceful at young age can really be called as a ‘peace and calm’. What is the big deal in being calm and peaceful when your body has weakened?”
– Panchatantra, Mitrabheda

Whether your child goes to International School or Govt. School in slum of metro, State board, Central board, whatever; do introduce them gradually to Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Purana. Don’t worry about bread-earning skills, they are easy to pick up!

Spiritually empty-bellied child is just little better than unfortunate Autistic child or malnourished child. Their miseries in later life would be unbearable for them as well as Society.

Train your child to seat with scriptures. Do not hamper their spiritual growth for the sake of your modern and atheist delusion.

To begin with, for 3-4 years old (Pre-KG), it is good idea to introduce Devas and Asuras concept to them by visual introduction to Hindu Deities, Asuras, Festivals through videos, art and crafts. Facilitate them to recognize basic patterns and conventions about deities. To not to disturb their short attention span, use more colors and visuals. Using visuals only. No chanting, no memorization.

To convert young chaotic mind into order is real achievement and not otherwise.

Don’t spare Gita for old age. It is very much a requirement of youth!

Mass Sickness : Gossip and Vata Prakop

Vata Prakop and useless talks
Vata Prakop and useless talks

You see them all around. Eternal blabbering and complaining. Purposeless talks. Even worthless debates on social media!

Root cause as well as root outcome : Vata Prakop

Introspect. Your mental habits are causing havoc for body.

If you are under Vata Prakop, you will be engaged in worthless mental communication. On the other hand, if you keep your mind engaged in purposeless mental activities, it creates Vata havoc for body.

Once under Vata Prakop, you are prone to all deadly Vata diseases. So don’t complain or play innocent when you are suddenly afflicted by ALS, Cancer, Heart arrest or alike situation.

One reason why I avoid कुतर्क based online debates. 🙂


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