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Newborns and step-by-step Sensorial Inputs

Sensosial Overload
Sensosial Overload


Imagine, someone start DJ loud speakers at midnight when you are deep sleep? What will be your reaction?

Do we like erratic perceptions? So often we oppose noise pollution. Chaotic visuals make us nervous. Information overload makes us stressful. Even with matured and developed senses.

Newborn Universe
Newborn Universe

When a child comes out of water-melon sized uterus at birth, its universe expands suddenly! We must not add chaos in new life! Let there be expansion of the universe step by step. For this, we have different Sanskars. Learn 16 Sanskar rituals. Only after 4 months, child is introduced to real universe. Till then, mother remains as universe and the Sutika Gruh as expanded womb.

Imagine torture we gift to newborns in society. Just after delivery, huge crowd of friends and relatives bombard high dosage of erratic and chaotic input signals to underdeveloped senses of newborn. Not only humans, but their pet-gadgets too, throwing powerful flash lights.

Things don’t stop on birth day. This is just a beginning. When infant moves to home, new pet-gadgets and their unnecessary input signals become overburden for developing senses.

In our culture, there is a custom to introduce infant to different level of sensory input signals step by step. First, let there be womb like environment. Infant, mother and their caretaker (mostly mother’s mother) for first 3 months. Only father and blood relatives are allowed glimpses. 4th month onwards, introduce Nature and other distant relatives. Step by step, in humble interest of wellbeing of all future citizens.

Stop exploiting kids. Avoid your gadget freakiness in front of them. Let them remain close to mother and nature for few years.

Action items:
• Avoid flash light camera exposure for first 6 months.
• Avoid crowd in first 3 months.
• Avoid travelling for first year.
• Avoid noisy environment (marriages, functions, fire-crackers, DJ systems)
• Introduce family step by step
• Handle developing sense as if you are handling fragile utensils.
• Avoid TV, mobile, laptop exposure for first 3 years.

Use common sense. Mother nature is kind enough to guide.

Pranayama is not mere exercise routine


प्राणायाम is not 30 minutes morning exercise as it is marketed nowadays in sick society seeking instant cure.

प्राणायाम is नित्य process. Once the child is initiated with गायत्री मन्त्र, प्राणायाम साधना begins. When child starts learning it at right age, with practice, by the age he or she reaches ripe age when body starts decay, he or she can maintain the Prana.

Here are some quotes explaining importance of नित्य प्राणायाम. All your physical activities should happen with continuous प्राणायाम.

यथा पर्वतधातूनां दह्यन्ते धर्मनान्मला।
तथेन्द्रियकृता दोषः दह्यन्ते प्राणधारणात् ॥
जिस प्रकार सोने को तपाने से उसके खोट जल जाते हैं, उसी प्रकार इन्द्रियों के विकार प्राणायाम से जल कर नष्ट होते हैं।

प्राणायामेन युक्तस्य विप्रस्य नियतात्मनः।
सर्वे दोषाः प्रवश्यन्ति सत्वस्यश्चैव जायते ॥
तपांसि यानि तप्यन्ते व्रतानि नियमाश्च ये।
सर्वयज्ञफलश्चैव प्राणायामश्च तत्समः ॥
-वायु पुराण
प्राणायाम से युक्त नियत आत्मा वाले विप्र के समस्त दोष नष्ट हो जाया करते हैं और फिर वह केवल सत्वगुण में ही स्थित रहा करता है। जो भी तपस्यायें तपी जाती हैं, व्रत लिए जाते हैं और नियम ग्रहण किये जाते हैं तथा समस्त यज्ञों के करने का जो भी कुछ फल होता है वह सब प्राणायाम के समान होता है।

तस्मायुक्तः सदा योगी प्राणायामपरो भवेत्।
सर्व पापविशुद्धात्मा परं ब्रह्माधिगच्छति ॥
-वायु पुराण
इसलिए योगी को सर्वदा युक्त होकर प्राणायाम में परायण होना चाहिये। वह फिर समस्त पापों से विशुद्ध आत्मा वाला होकर परब्रह्म को प्राप्त कर लिया करता है।

प्राणायामो भवत्येवं पातकेन्धनपावकः।
भवोदधिमहासेतुः प्रोच्यते योगिभिः सदा ॥
-योग सन्ध्या
प्राणायाम करने से जैसे पातक रूपी काष्ठ को भस्म करने वाला अग्नि होता है तैसे ही संसार रूपी समुद्र से तारने वाला बड़ा पुल योगियों ने प्राणायाम को कहा है।

चित्तं न साध्यं विविधैर्विचारै-
र्वितर्कवादैरपि वेदवादिभिः।
तस्मात्तु तस्यैव हि केवलं जयः-
प्राणो हि विद्येत न कश्चिदन्यः ॥
-योग रहस्य

विविध विचारों, तर्को और अध्ययन श्रवण आदि से चित्त का समाधान नहीं होता, मनोनिग्रह तो प्राणायाम से ही सम्भव है।

Translation reference:


Art of Surfing in Microbial Sea: Balance


Infectious means easily spread. Many sicknesses are called Infectious. And we blame bacteria and viruses for it! 😉 🙂

Balance is the key
Balance is the key

In reality, you will be afflicted only when your body is not in balanced state. Read this view.

Skimboarding or Surfboarding is an interesting board-sports for those who live near sea.

Board is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming, breaking wave, and ride it back to shore. Never done it but must be thrilling and mind bending. To balance the self, we have only one alternative, to balance self as per pattern of the wave. We can not control the wave.

Our environment is ocean of bacteria and viruses. Mother nature does not like vaccum. Place your hand anywhere and you will be in contact with millions and billions bacteria and viruses. Infection is a vacuum filling activity by mother nature. Like a giant wave to face when you are doing Skimboarding. You cannot anyway kill all the bacteria like you cannot change the pattern of the wave. One wave will go and another will come (Modern medicine calls it resistant bacteria 🙂 ). Similarly, antibiotics will wipe out one set of microbes and another will take the place.

Like a Skimboarders @ sea, we must learn to balance self in this sea of bacteria. That is the essence of immunity. Killing bacteria is short-sighted solution. Those who cannot envision ocean can only try to control and bend wave. 🙂 My two years old son do it often 😉

Think about it. (Y)

Cow Urine, Ganga and Plant Sickness Management

Cow urine
Cow urine

Modern agriculture like modern medicine maps plant sickness with deficiency of specific element. It is so reductionist and limited world view that despite applying treatment, sickness resurfaces after sometime.
Solution for cellular stress sickness (Viral/bacterial) is not just nutrients replenishment but ability to balance tridosha of the plant. If tridosha are not balanced as per nature of the plant, plant won’t be able to digest physical nutrients.

As we discussed in this post ( , Maa Ganga has magical property of balancing tridosha of the organism. In absence of river Ganga’s water, we have same property available in desi Gau mata’s mutra Prasad.

Gau mutra can balance tridosha of any organism that digest it. Besides, it also increases Apana Vayu so that toxic elimination/metabolic waste by plants become active again. Farming without gau mutra is pseudo-science for Bharatiya Krishi. Inspire more and more farmers to go back to roots and save them from committing suicide. Without Maa Ganga’s blessings, how can we survive?

Saving Maa Ganga = Saving Gau mata = Abhyudaya (rising sun ) of Maa Bharti.

Dharma and Food : Prana Charity

प्राण दान
प्राण दान

अन्नेन धार्यते सर्वं जगदेतच्चराचरम्।
अन्नदः प्राणदो लोके प्राणदः सर्वदो भवेत्।
तस्मादन्नं विशेषेण दातव्यं भूतिमिच्छता।।

– Mahabharat

This physical world is sustained by food (Food, Water, Air). Those who are food givers in abundance, are actually doing प्राणदान. प्राणदान is most sublime giving. And so, being farmer who grows प्राणयुक्त food or being part of प्राणयुक्त food chain, is a great service to the society and sustenance of the world.

On the other hand, those who are promoting प्राणहर (That which consumes Prana of the food consumer) food (Chemically grown food), food price inflation and food profit, doing farming as a business, selling food, promoting farming as a business – They all are destructor of the world.

Dharma and Food Charity (Anna Daan)

अन्न  दान
अन्न दान


चण्डालो वा श्वपाको वा काले यः कश्चिदागतः।
अन्नेन पूजनीयः स्यात्परत्र हितमिच्छता।।

– महाभारतम्-14-आश्वमेधिकपर्व-108

उचित समय पर अगर चंडाल या श्वपचभी आये तो गृहस्थको निश्चयही उनका अन्न समर्पित कर सत्कार करना चाहिए.

On timely arrival of even Chandal (Dead animal eaters) and Shvpacha (dog eaters), householder must welcome them by serving food.

Where is racism or casteism here?

If you don’t follow dharma, it is your fault! Don’t blame dharma scriptures for it!

And dharma bound duties are never stereotypes. They change with time, age, place and context.

About so called out-caste:

Yes, those who share the same living style, prefer to live together. It is for their benefit. It is for entire village’s benefits. There is no discrimination here. Even modern society prefer it. If there is any descrimination that you observe around you, it is certainly not the sign of Sanatana dharma and never prescribed as such!

The verse I shared has some more interesting supporting verses. Separate compilation post for it.

Akhada : Culture of Bala and Shakti


You must read this and take oath to revive tradition of बल & शक्ति. शक्ति पर्व is a favorable time to act. जय माँ!

A note by mitra Aditya Dhopatkar . Do read.

This post is about traditional Indian Akhadas, and I am sharing youtube videos on traditional Indian Akhada culture here.

I extend the post by a frank comparison of the differences in exercise cultures of traditional India and the modern times… comments invited.

Traditional Hindu exercise was quite different from the modern gymming we see today.

1. It was done semi-outdoors; slightly semi-indoors for modesty of the men; slightly outdoors to avoid heat and odours.
Modern gymming focuses on indoor workouts in a high-decibel senseless filmy or Western music (based on your downtownness or upcountryness) airconditioned environment with lights, wasting electricity, sleazy massage sections, locker-room do’s-and-don’ts, deodorants, etc.

2. The focus was on getting both shakti and bal, both of which are translated into strength / power in English. Shakti (physical strength and outward skills) and Bal (spiritual strength, mental strength, purity, ethics, self-control) are different. Under Yoga, Saankhya, Bhakti and Ayurveda, Bal meant something of the sookshma shareer; not merely of the gross body or sthool shareer. There is emphasis on celibacy, abstinence / continence, fidelity and concentration. A lot of Hindu akhadas also were filled with powerful vegetarians who ate saatvik food with lots of nuts / dry-fruits.
In contrast, modern gymming focuses on only will-power and physicality. There is no restriction of what the gymmer does outside, whether he smokes or drinks or not, even whether he is a womaniser or gay or harlot or not (no Talibanic homophobic bias implied here, only talking about wasteful promiscuity here).

3. Hindu exercise was always with invocation to Hanuman. Instruments and the chief of the “Akhada” were worshipped on Vishwakarma Jayanti, Guru Pournima, Hanuman Jayanti, Paaadwa and Vijayadashami. SooryaNamaskaarand ChandraNamaskaar were spiritual exercises, not just physical exercises. Instruments were locally made with organically and locally acquired material like timber trees, locally smelted iron instruments, etc. The Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri were used in Akhadas. Traditional exercises like Mallakhab and Kabaddi were part of Akhada training too, and we need to protect these traditional skills. Brotherhood amoingst tmembers was encouraged. Seniors took care of juniors.
Swami Samartha Ramdas used this as a base to set up Hanuman-Bhakt Raam-Bhakt Maths (Mutts in SouthIndian-ese) which network helped Shivaji. If this wouldn’t have happened, where were Shivaji’s maavlaa soldiers to come from? It also shows that regardless of caste, there was inclusiveness and this was all of Dharma!
The dust of an akhada had over time acquired a culture of human-friendly bacteria that helped heal wounds by competing with unfriendly bacteria; the akhada member developed a better immunity system too. The members wore nothing other than a langot, which also suppressed libido while protecting the vitals.
But in modern gyms, there is reliance on technology. Nothing wrong, but it means a higher investment for the proprietor and more fees for the gymmer member. Everyone has to wear shoes and, dress / gear have sky-rocketing prices.

4. The Hindu Akhada naturally took care of the human body’s need to have pliability maintained, rotator cuff muscles y regular use of the shoulder club (rotators are most prone to injury and their exercises are taught by only a handful of instructors in modern gyms), toughness of the spine, etc. Many traditional houses treated going to akhadas as a necessary sanskaar to be passed on to sons from fathers. A lot of Hindu households had the same Akhada exercises endorsed into a “sanskaar status”, ritually, by being recommended by the family priest (Brahman) himself, to the batu boy for a lifetime, THAT TOO DURING THE THREAD-CEREMONY ITSELF, as a mode of worship of Soorya Narayan.
Weapons were also taught in many Akhadas, and these were available during Dharma-Suraksha requirements.
Akhadas were the centres for preserving traditional martial arts and sports alike, with the concomitant sportsmanship and competitiveness spirit if handled by a good Guru.
Gurukuls of classical times which had their on-campus Akhadas trained Kshatriya princes to take on real-life competitions vide Swayamwars, Ashwamedha Yandya, etc.
Kusti or wrestling was the ultimate in physical endurance and skill! Today, Haryana, UP and Maharashtra have preserved this traditional culture the most.
Necessary skills like horsemanship, as well as a love for organic farming and welfare of livestock, jeeva-dayaa and use for suppressing the evil in society were all off-shoots of a village which managed its Akhada culture correctly, helping make a graam – a village a self-protective unit.
Another Marathi name that comes up after Swami Samartha Ramdas, is that of Sambhaji Bhide Guruji (who is extremely fit for his octogenarian status), who fused Akhada culture with devotion to Hindavi Swaraajya and preservation of the memory of Sambhaji Maharaj who was tortured- as pressure to accept Islam, but who never gave up Hindu Dharma!
Many women were encouraged to exercise too, but were kept out of akhadas to maintain the unigender Brahmachaarya atmosphere. Yet, women always have been trained by Gurus and other women too, as is evident in the demonstration of continuous 1000-count 12-step Soorya-Namaskaars by a Marathi woman follower to none other than Netaji Bose: Netaji was so impressed, he took her into the Azad Hind Fouj; this is something my late grandmother had told me.
In contrast, gyms have no connection with the outside.
Gymmers listen to songs via their headphones as they work out at cardio. They teach no duty and no gymmer would accept his paid instructor as a Guru either.

5. Traditional Hindu exercise knew the importance of both cardiovascular and stillness. The endurance achieved in akhadas allows an Akhada member to have a strong heart, and he is also encouraged to do Praanaayaam…
In cardio-vascular exercise, the aspirant has to keep his / her heart rate above normal for a period long enough to help his heart muscle get fit; there is a concomitant increase in respiratory rate. This is necessary.
But in Yoga, the focus is on reducing the respiratory rate,which requires reduction is heart rate, which requires reduction in mental activity and curbing of thoughts and impulsiveness too.
There is a return to fashionable Hatha-Yoga, disconnected from Hinduism, in modern gyms today, where Yoga is a milch cow giving money.

I dedicate this post to my late paternal grandfather who was a vegetarian bodybuilder, loving patriarch and an expert at Mallakhaamb.

Navaratra Manthan: Why Creative power as feminine? Are we patriarch at roots?

Maa Shakti
Maa Shakti

Why Creative power of the universe is always manifested as Female gender in most of idols in most cultures?

Many friends blame me for focusing more on mother’s role in parenting or why most of the times females in the family cook food for all.

You try all rational logic for equality but you will always fall short for subtle nature of शक्ति that all females posses.

Ayurveda says:

स्त्रीषु प्रतिर्विशेषेण स्त्रीष्वपत्यं प्रतिष्ठितम् ।।
धर्मार्थौ स्त्रीषु लक्ष्मीश्च स्त्रीषु लाका: प्रतिष्ठिाताः ॥
-चरक संहिता- चि० स्था० अ० २

‘‘प्रीति का निवास अधिकतर स्त्रियों में ही होता है। सन्तान की जननी भी वे ही होती हैं। धर्म स्त्रियों में रहता है, लक्ष्मी भी स्त्रियों में रहती है। इसलिए भी संसार स्त्रियों में ही स्थित है।’’

World exists due to love (प्रीति), procreation, dharma and wealth. So without worshiping her or she taking care of us (world/society/family), it is impossible.

(Food cooked without प्रीति is poison for me)

जननी जन्म काले च स्नेह काले च कन्यका ।।
भार्या भोगाय सम्पृक्ता अन्तकाले च कालिका ।।
एकैव कालिका देवी विहरन्तो जगत्त्रये ॥

‘‘वही महामाया जननी रूप में हमको जन्म देती है, कन्या के रूप में हमारी स्नेह की पात्र बनती है, भार्या के रूप में भोगदात्री बन जाती है और अन्त समय में कालिका के रूप में हमारी इहलीला संवरण कर देती है। इस प्रकार एक ही महादेवी तीनों लोकों में विचरण करती है ।’’

If शक्ति is not worshiped and revered, both in her divine form and human form, world will always remain devoid of धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष. Without her blessings, it is impossible to imagine society at peace.

So I think it is futile exercise on female front to chase delusive gender equality. You are in fact the driver of the universe! Realize it!

On the other hand, males must surrender to mothers with reverence. Oppressing energy personified in human-form invites disasters. Mark my words.

And about seeking male child? That is modern pervert society. Ancient India never believed in such pervert ideas. Here are some notes from scriptures where Girl child is desired:

(1) Parents perform Kaamya-sraddhas on the second day of the moon in the hope of having a daughter.
(2) Desirous of having a daughter, the husband touches all the fingers of the wife except the thumb during the marriage ceremony.
(3) Longing for a daughter the bridegroom shows the bride after she has reached her new horme the Dhruva and other constellations.
(4) The parents deem it a favour of god if they can have sons as well as daughters by their side during the performance of sacrifices.
(5) The Rigveda praises the father of many daughters.
(6) The daughter claims her support from parents not for nothing, but for her devotion to them. They care for her as much as they do for their son; or it may be said-even more, as the father is found to worship the daughter (kumari) as an emblem of Virginity, as an emblem of Purity, of Tenderness. Devotion, and what not.

Timing: Time Heals




Part 1

Being in company of wise friends is always a blessing. My cousin was suffering from stomach flu so we sought advice from my doctor friend. All clinical symptoms were indicating viral infection (cellular stress in digestive system). But to make sure he is right, he advised stool and urine tests.

As per reports, there were infection signs in urine. Not significant so my doctor friend ignored report and trusted his clinical observation i.e. not to worry. It is viral infection and your cousin will be fine soon.

I asked him: “Why did you ignore report? Had it been any other doctor, he would have started antibiotics treatment.”

He replied: ” Timing my friend. Your cousin took urine under 104 fever. It is high heat battle in the blood. Toxins are natural in urine. On the other hand, his stool report was normal where viral infection was localized. So I did not start antibiotics since area of concern shows no infection signs.”

My cousin is now fine. And I am stuck with the word ‘timing’.

Part 2

Timing is very important when we interact with living organism. So do all our habits. Right? Timely meals, timely sleep and timely water intake will solve many issues. Wrong timing -> Face the consequence.

Plants have surrendered to mother nature and so all processed in them are accurate and timely, governed by mother nature. (Except humans, everything work based on maa’s orders).

So while collective plant based herbs, timing is important. Untimely uprooting herbs fails to produce desired results or magical healing. Just as we humans passes through life-stages, plants too pass through stages. For example – Pre-blooming, blooming and post-blooming. Appropriate time for the uprooting herbs is during second stage when they abound in their properties. If I want moringa leaves, I should wait for leaves to become mature i.e. full of juices. When plucking leaves of fruit trees, best time is to pluck when fruits are not there or are unripe. Similarly, there are timing for plucking flowers, seeds, roots. (will write on it in separate post).

For desired results, timing is important. We humans do not respect timing and then cry. In brahmcharya ashrams, teen age pregnancies are reality. In Grihasthi, Egg freezing is reality. In Vanprastha, we cannot detach self from grihasthi. All due to missed timing. Not in sync with mother nature.

May Maa bless us common sense to follow her timing(s) by keeping aside all our Tamasik convictions/ignorance and ego

Early morning chat with Madhava Pashupati ji reminded this post about timing.

Madhava ji said about our Matrix living:

“Lets come out of the MATRIX..and look at things… all these challenges are due to the faultlines created by the yore…unless the temples open during surya shakti time (like our islamic brothers do) and pranayam occurs before pujari enters the garbagrih…sandhya done properly…nothing can change… most temples open during ashwa shakti time (after 6.30 am) except during dhanur & karthik maas… well, this is not just about temples..even individual homes which are sanatan prone have to follow this. But as i see this is not happening. so… we will be spending lots of SARPA SHAKTI time…discussing the challenges !”

Upavasa : not just Physical AhAra fasting : Part 1


Common Hindu family following Panchang knows at least three Upavasa. एकादशी,प्रदोष & रविवारका व्रत| There are total 500+ Vrata(s) observed in different parts of Bharat.

The fundamental principle of all Vrata(s) is युक्तआहार| Variations from no food to only fruits to one time meal. Adjusting food based on season and moon cycles.

Instead of prescribed regimes, we see rampant corruption in practice on both extremes of the pendulum. There are few who eat nothing for long against their body constitution and there are those who invent new recipes for fasting and eat more than normal food quantity! 😀

Fasting is new fashion. Good. Appreciated. However, only abstaining from food is not real fasting.

What is Upavasa?

To understand real meaning of उपवास, we must first understand what is आहार ?

आह्नियते मनसा बुद्धयाइन्द्रिर्वा इति आहार: |

मन , बुद्धि अथवा इन्द्रियों द्वारा जो कुछ आहरण ( बाहर से भीतर ) संचय किया जाता है वही आहार है |

All our thoughts taking chaotic birth continuously in mind-womb, all perceptual inputs our senses encounter, all intellectual decisions we take and physical food, water and air we imbibe is आहार .

Only not eating or altering physical food habits, won’t serve the purpose for long.

Continuous stirring in mind needs halt. Mind needs focus on Ishta Shakti. Worship by Japa. Worship by glorification of Godly’s life. Ideals. Restrain. Silence. मौन. Like tortoise.

Not having food but full fledged engagement in social media? What type of Upavas it is? 🙂

Not having regular food but eating double the Upavasa food? What type of Upavas it is? 🙂

Spending no time for inner journey, living life on toes, What type of Upavas it is? 🙂

When you decide to do Upavasa. Before Nazi-control over food change, try to control mind. Reducing wavering nature of mind. Focus. Become introvert for a day. Observe silence. Engage self in worship and concentration of Ishta Devata. Food control is easy then.

If not jungle in real life, simulate it in mind. It is possible. You really don’t need to go to Himalaya every day. Sit. Rest. Chant. Meditate. And as much possible, restrain food.





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