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Immune System ‘Remember’ germs to which we’re never been exposed


Vaccines are not necessary, admits mainstream study.

It’s established dogma that the immune system develops a “memory” of a microbial pathogen, with a correspondingly enhanced readiness to combat that microbe, only upon exposure to it — or to its components though a vaccine. But a discovery by Stanford University School of Medicine researchers casts doubt on that dogma.

“Mark Davis and his colleagues found that key immune cells in our bodies have “memories” of microbes they‘ve never encountered.”

Damn! Entire vaccine industry is running on false Dogma!

And when we talk about पितृ legacy, different from genes, and suggest पितृ तर्पण, we are fanatic superstitious morons! 😀

Remember one thing: We inherit many forms of inheritance. Genes are just one of them. Apart from genes, we inherit – memories, minding process, social patterns, विकृति (s), संस्कार (s), प्रकृति and the list goes on


Immune systems of healthy adults ‘remember’ germs to which they’ve never been exposed, Stanford study finds

In a path-breaking study published online Feb. 7 in Immunity, the investigators found that over the course of our lives, CD4 cells — key players circulating in blood and lymph whose ability to kick-start the immune response to viral, bacterial, protozoan and fungal pathogens can spell the difference between life and death — somehow acquire memory of microbes that have never entered our bodies.

Several implications flow from this discovery, said the study’s senior author, Mark Davis, PhD, professor of microbiology and immunology and director of Stanford’s Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection. In the study, newborns’ blood showed no signs of this enhanced memory, which could explain why young children are so much more vulnerable to infectious diseases than adults. Moreover, the findings suggest a possible reason why vaccination against a single pathogen, measles, appears to have reduced overall mortality among African children more than can be attributed to the drop in measles deaths alone. And researchers may have to rethink the relevance of experiments conducted in squeaky-clean facilities on mice that have never been exposed to a single germ in their lives.

“It may even provide an evolutionary clue about why kids eat dirt,” said Davis. “The pre-existing immune memory of dangerous pathogens our immune systems have never seen before might stem from our constant exposure to ubiquitous, mostly harmless micro-organisms in soil and food and on our skin, our doorknobs, our telephones and our iPod earbuds.”

CD4 cells are members of the immune club known as T cells. CD4 cells hang out in our circulatory system, on the lookout for micro-organisms that have found their way into the blood or lymph tissue.

In order to be able to recognize and then coordinate a response to a particular pathogen without inciting a Midas-touch overreaction to anything a CD4 cell bumps into (including our own tissues), our bodies have to host immensely diverse inventories of CD4 cells, each with its own narrow capacity to recognize one single pathogenic “body part” or, to be more scientific, epitope — and, it’s been believed, only that epitope. Contact with that epitope can cause a CD4 to whirr into action, replicating rapidly and performing the immunological equivalent of posting bulletins, passing out bullets and bellowing attack orders through a bullhorn to other immune cells. This hyperactivity is vital to the immune response. (It is CD4 cells that are targeted and ultimately destroyed by HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS.)

Gau (Cow) based Purification in Vishnu Smriti :

Vishnu Smriti Chapter 23
Vishnu Smriti Chapter 23


Vishnu Smriti Chapter 23
Vishnu Smriti Chapter 23
Vishnu Smriti Chapter 23
Vishnu Smriti Chapter 23

To bee or not to be : Agri Tech, Diesel Fume and Bees

Ideal Agriculture vs Stressful Agriculture
Ideal Agriculture vs Stressful Agriculture

Even if bees want to help in pollination, they cannot. Why? Because we use diesel tractors everywhere for farming! And the fume that is being emitted alters scent that bees seek.

So half of the scents are lost. Forget honey, pollination is affected. Crop yield reduction.

“People rely on bees and pollinating insects for a large proportion of our food, yet humans have paid the bees back with habitat destruction, insecticides, climate change and air pollution.”

Is it not hara-kiri to promote self-destructing technologies @ farms ? Tractor is costly and destructive shortcut.

Only solution we have to become सात्विक अन्नबाहुल्य राष्ट्र is to worship and take help from गौ माता!

Mantra for being sattvik world power : अन्नबाहुल्य

We have all संभावना. गौ, गंगा (त्रिदोषहर water in abundance) & गौरी (जमीन) to help us. Better late than never. Revive Agriculture. If we produce सात्विक धान्य for all, we will actually transform corrupted world-psyche in to सत्त्व. It is actually a 7 generation process. We have to start somewhere. Anytime is a good time to start. Sooner the better.

But instead, what do we support as a society?

Male calf? Useless for milk , send him to slaughter!

World without bees
World without bees



In polluted environments, diesel fumes may be reducing the availability of almost half the most common flower odours that bees use to find their food, research has found.

The new findings suggest that toxic nitrous oxide (NOx) in diesel exhausts could be having an even greater effect on bees’ ability to smell out flowers than was previously thought.

NOx is a poisonous pollutant produced by diesel engines which is harmful to humans, and has also previously been shown to confuse bees’ sense of smell, which they rely on to sniff out their food.

Researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Reading found that there is now evidence to show that, of the eleven most common single compounds in floral odours, five have can be chemically altered by exposure to NOx gases from exhaust fumes.

Lead author Dr Robbie Girling, from the University of Reading’s Centre for Agri-Environmental Research, said: “Bees are worth millions to the British economy alone, but we know they have been in decline worldwide.

“We don’t think that air pollution from diesel vehicles is the main reason for this decline, but our latest work suggests that it may have a worse effect on the flower odours needed by bees than we initially thought.

“People rely on bees and pollinating insects for a large proportion of our food, yet humans have paid the bees back with habitat destruction, insecticides, climate change and air pollution.

“This work highlights that pollution from dirty vehicles is not only dangerous to people’s health, but could also have an impact on our natural environment and the economy.”

Co-author Professor Guy Poppy, from Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton, said: “It is becoming clear that bees are at risk from a range of stresses from neonicitinoid insecticides through to varroa mites. Our research highlights that a further stress could be the increasing amounts of vehicle emissions affecting air quality. Whilst it is unlikely that these emissions by themselves could be affecting bee populations, combined with the other stresses, it could be the tipping point.”

This latest research is part of continuing studies into the effects of air pollution on bees. Previous work in 2013 found that bees in the lab could be confused by the effects of diesel pollution. Dr Girling and Dr Tracey Newman from the University of Southampton are currently studying how diesel fumes may have direct effects on the bees themselves.

The Effects of Diesel Exhaust Pollution on Floral Volatiles and the Consequences for Honey Bee Olfaction

There is growing evidence of a substantial decline in pollinators within Europe and North America, most likely caused by multiple factors such as diseases, poor nutrition, habitat loss, insecticides, and environmental pollution. Diesel exhaust could be a contributing factor to this decline, since we found that diesel exhaust rapidly degrades floral volatiles, which honey bees require for flower recognition. In this study, we exposed eight of the most common floral volatiles to diesel exhaust in order to investigate whether it can affect volatile mediated plant-pollinator interaction. Exposure to diesel exhaust altered the blend of common flower volatiles significantly: myrcene was considerably reduced, β-ocimene became undetectable, and β-caryophyllene was transformed into its cis-isomer isocaryophyllene. Proboscis extension response (PER) assays showed that the alterations of the blend reduced the ability of honey bees to recognize it. The chemically reactive nitrogen oxides fraction of diesel exhaust gas was identified as capable of causing degradation of floral volatiles.

Panchagavya : Only Elixir left in Kaliyuga


We have become society that only appreciates visible benefits of everything. Long term and/or invisible benefits, we are least bothered.

Gau mata helps in curing both visible and invisible illnesses.

गव्यं पवित्रं च रसायनं च पथ्यं च हृद्यं बल बुद्धि स्यात |
आयुः प्रदं, रक्त विकार हारि, त्रिदोष, हृद्रोग, विषापहं स्यात |

“The five elements obtained from the Cow are sacred and are medicine for the heart. They enhance bodily strength and intellect. They give long life, purify the blood, balance the Vata Pitta and Kapha doshas. They cure all diseases and detoxify the body.”

‘Pancha’ means 5 and ‘Gavya’ means substance obtained from the Cow. Panchgavya is a blend of the 5 Gavyas obtained from the Cow namely Milk, Ghee, Curd, Urine & Dung. Glorified very highly in Vedic scriptures for its purity and curing Powers, its medical, nutritional, environmental and agricultural efficacies are accepted and respected by modern science, alike.

Detoxifying, Anti-Cancer, Bio-Enhancing, Immunomodulatory, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Septic, Anti-Tuberculosis, Anti-Fungal are some of its properties in modern scientific terms. It has the capacity to control and balance all the three life forces (Tridoshas) namely Vat, Pitt & Kaphaas per Ayurveda. Scriptures declare.

Both independently and in combination with abundantly available natural ingredients, the Gavyashelp to produce wonderful medicines, food, pest-repellents and fertilizer apart from hundreds of daily use items as tooth-powder, soaps, shampoos, hair-oil, massage oil, after-shave lotions and various types of creams, dhoop (incense), phenyle, face-powder, mosquito-coils, hand-wash, etc. Each one has its own unique powers.

Should we now appreciate Maa’s blessings? Protecting her from slaughter houses is very critical. Spread the awareness. Force govt to implement strict laws.

Season Driven Life – Kartik Month : Time To Resume Rigorous Exercise, Oil Massage

winter : season driven life
winter : season driven life

Those who are in sync with their external environment i.e. season change, they alter their life routine based on seasons.

Exercise is one such aspect. Since now many of us prefer isolated insulation called ‘Gym’ for exercise, we do same exercise 365 days! Even those who perform exercise on ground, don’t vary the intensity and type of exercise.

Ideally, we should. Winter is at doorstep. Best season to do heavy exercise, Akhada and oil massage!

Indian Calendar runs on moon’s movements. Soon we will observe first day (प्रतिपदा) of कार्तिक month (In western India – those who begin month with shukla paksha प्रतिपदा). Soon, Deva(s) will awake from 4 months hibernation. Active 6 months of the year to begin soon!

Since calendar is governed by Mother Nature, rituals too are governed based on season. From this month onwards, winter is officially started.

Sesame (तिल/તલ) becomes part of diet and routine. Oil massage in this season plays important role in maintaining Vayu movement in body. Those who do daily oil massage followed by exercise and running during winter, stores energy and health for entire year.

If your child is above age 7, this is ideal time to enroll him/her in near by Akhada (If you are lucky to have one in vicinity 🙂 ). If there is no Akhada, play with her/him in the morning so that good muscle toning happens. If there is newborn or infant or toddler at home, do not forget oil massage followed by innocent masti/play with him/her.

Oil massage from Today until end of winter, will keep heart attack, flu, muscle pain, ALS (Yes! It is great preventive care for ALS type symptoms) away.


Yoga Disorder : Laziness in Following Dharma

Laziness: yoga disorder
Laziness: yoga disorder

When someone is admitted to hospital, do you question protocols and procedures followed?

When someone enrolls in Army, is there any room for careless conduct?

When someone is preparing for Marathon, can non-discipline help?

Then why carelessness and pathetic ignorance about Yogic Practices?

Yoga is not exercise. If you are doing just Asana(s) or teaching Asana(s), call it aerobic exercise. Don’t call it Yoga. Yoga demands much more than mere exercise. Self-control & discipline in life are essential to begin Yogic Sadhana.

What do we do?

We eat junk in the evening and do Asanas in the morning! 😀
We suffocate self while sleeping under AC close rooms and do Pranayama in the morning 😀

This will never help but on the other hand, it may work as contraindicated!

Self-proclaimed routine and life won’t work!

If you really want fruits of Yoga, learn and follow all prescriptions.

In brief the eight limbs, or steps to yoga, are as follows:

Yama : Universal morality
Niyama : Personal observances
Asanas : Body postures
Pranayama : Breathing exercises, and control of prana
Pratyahara : Control of the senses
Dharana : Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness
Dhyana : Devotion, Meditation on the Divine
Samadhi : Union with the Divine

Consider it as westernization of eastern philosophy when philosophy is converted into catalog.

Yoga for men, Yoga for women, Yoga for morning, Yoga for night, Yoga for Chakra ….well save yourself from delusion!

मिताहारं विना यस्तु योगारम्भः तु कारयेत्।
नानारोगो भवेत्तस्य किञ्चिद्योगो न सिध्यति ॥१६॥He who practices Yogic exercises without moderation of diet, incurs various diseases, and obtains no success of any kind.

Moderation of diet is very important in Yogic exercises, dhyana or in any type of sadhana. If this is missed, success of any kind is not possible.

When Yogic exercises are performed as just another way of aerobic exercise, we not only incur any benefit but also damage body severely.

Food Mess without Sanatana Food Duties

Food For Cow
Food For Cow
Food For Cow

Our culture has highest morals set as long as food management is concerned. Because we consider food as sacred as our God. Without food, there is no life. Without food, there is no civilization. This land was known as land of abundance. We used to serve food to entire world.

Here is the quote from scripture:

मोधमन्नं विन्दते अप्रचेता: सत्यं ब्रवीमि वध इत्स तस्य।
नार्यमणं पुष्यति नो सखायं केवलाधो भवति केवलादी।।

ऋग्वेद के इस मंत्र में तो यहां तक कहा गया है कि धन-सम्पदा का अकेले भोग करने वाला व्यक्ति पाप का ही भोग करता है। अकेले भोग करने वाला व्यक्ति तो व्यर्थ ही अन्न, धन आदि सामग्रियों को प्राप्त करता है क्योंकि ऐसे व्यक्ति के लिए उसकी अपनी सम्पत्तियां ही मृत्यु का कारण बन जाती हैं। ऐसे व्यक्तियों का धन न तो सत्यवादी विद्वानों का पोषण करता है और न ही उसके आपत्तिग्रस्त सम्बन्धियों का। वैदिक काल से इस मंत्र का उच्चारण सामूहिक भोज के बाद किया जाता रहा है।

(English Summary: Your wealth is useless trash if you earn just for own sake. All your such wealth becomes reason for your premature death. Such wealth never helps the society in despair and hence useless. We chant this mantra after serving free food to needy)

Before planning for own meal, we plan for cow’s food, dog’s food, birds’ food. We arrange food for them before we eat.

Now, cows eat leftover food from dustbins. Street dogs also fight for sanitary napkins in trash. Birds still get it because someone told our selfish junta that if you feed the birds, you get good fortune! 🙂 You know…greedy give and take! 🙂. No ulterior motive!

We have hoarders who sale staple food at unimaginable prices! Our milk comes from torture cycle setup by dairy.

Society was never in such food mess before as we are currently. God bless our kids. (Y)

Purpose of Education : Mastering dinacharyA

dincharyA education
dincharyA education

Our body is a clock. In fact, several billion clocks together, each in individual cell, each for community of cells i.e. organs. Unfortunately, they are not like mechanical clocks.

Organ level clocks have varied sunrise point (time when it is active most for designated activity). Morning time is the lung time. Midday is stomach time, when we feel hungry. Afternoon is liver time, and late afternoon is when the colon and kidneys operate at their peak.

Not only organs, our vital energy (Prana) also work on its own sunrise time. Our constitution also has different sunrise time. For example, 6 A.M.–10 A.M. is kapha time, 10 A.M.–2 P.M. is pitta time and so on.

Based on these clocks, one should design daily routine i.e. दिनचर्या. Daily routine helps us to maintian harmony among all vital forces working to keep our identity alive (cells, prana, swabhav, ahmkara etc).

Student life is dedicated to learn all of this by self-realization so that one can live Grihasthi jivan with minimal struggles.

Do our schools teach this? Oh no, our schools teach how to help NGOs. How to take care of patients and such after-shock care plans. Prevention is not in syllabus.

RRitU Sandhi Kala

Sandhi Kala
Sandhi Kala

7 days before and 7 days after the junction of two consecutive seasons are the limit during which time the food of one season is to be gradually changed to the of succeeding season, for abrupt change without giving the digestive organs time to accommodate the change in diet, will cause diseases. This is not rocket science. Careful and sensitive outlook towards life can reveal it easily.

Are you dharmic (those who believe in Nature’s unshakable principles) or modern fools who eat Mc Burger and Pizza 365 days (with Cancer Cola)?

There is a progressive lassitude of the body from the end of winter, which reaches its maximum in summer. The energy of body progressively increases after summer and reaches its maximum in winter.

The digestive organs share this outer organic activity in general with other organs, hence the necessity of taking food of different tastes and quantity in each season.


Deepawali Churning : Home Cleaning, lime wash and Immunity


Today morning, I observed some caring guardians doing lime wash on tree trunks so thought to share significance of annual whitewash here.

Like us, trees around us too, pass through low immunity stage after monsoon.

If they are lucky and blessed by caring guardians, annual limewash (चूनो) and saffron chalk /Ochre wash (गेरू) acts as immunity booster for them.

If trees are part of natural setup i.e. Jungle, mother nature takes care of them. But in artificial urban/rural setup, we need to take care.

Annual limewash
Annual limewash

Combination of limewash and saffron chalk wash protects trees from insects and termites.

This ritual is not only limited to trees.

As per traditions, before Diwali, after Navratri, not only trees, annual limewater wash (whitewash) at home was norm. Lime protects us from pathogens proliferated after monsoon as immunity booster. Unfortunately, lime is replaced by dangerous chemical paints who impairs our nervous system by VoC( Volatile organic compounds). Foolish modernity! Costly Emulsion Painted walls does not show only our wealth status but also our ignorance about medicinal value of limewash 🙂. At least in bedroom and Kitchen, we should do whitewash every two years if annual is too much hassle.

Before the advent of chemical-based treatments, traditionally, lime water was being poured into the dug out soil to enhance its anti-termite properties. The annual lime wash done in villages even today is believed to discourage termites from climbing up the wall and destroy the wooden members. However, lime has comparatively shorter effective life – So annual whitewash.

Break your modern life illusion and go back to traditions. It will save your wealth which you can divert for greater societal causes and better health is added benefit!

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