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Rituals and Mind



When you switch ON fan, you get electricity in the form of fan wind.
When you switch ON light, you get electricity in the form of light.

You switch ON your present need of electricity and you get it.

Invoking Devta before chanting mantra is a communication medium that connects the source to the Sadhak.

Mental switches. If you say you don’t need all rituals for spiritual progress, you certainly are under the ignorance cloud 🙂. Instead rejecting rituals, try to follow them, experience them and then decide, what suits your proclivity and what does not suit.

Btw, fire is the fastest medium to get connected with devta. Do homa regularly.


Media And Entertainment : Real Burning War-Front



STAR network is now STAR pariwar. Your family is already digested by this monster! Your values and culture, gone! Beware and save as many you can from your family and friends. Ask them to boycott TV the passive entertainment monster. Spend more time with nature. Be active in local civic duties. Be vigilant citizen.


We are at war-front. Great war against perception-management.

The TV came on its own as an instrument of perception-management during past many war events. Instruments such as printed pamphlets, books, radio broadcasts, the telephone and the fax, the E-mail and the Internet are good for the hard aspects of psywar for alienating the people from their state and for discrediting the state in the eyes of its people and the world, but have only limited use for the soft aspect of projecting the power or group behind the psywar in an attractive light and creating a desire to emulate its culture, ways of life etc. It is here that the value of the TV as a medium comes. Through a sophisticated production and projection of programmes, one can create in the minds of the targeted audience, particularly the urban-based elite and youth, an uncritical admiration of the Western societies, soften their prejudices towards the West and evoke a desire to imitate them. Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.
Read last line with more emphasis ==> “Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.” ==> This is time to hit hard on people’s psyche. Once they lose faith in their own society and culture, it is easy to mold them as controlled slaves. This is where TV plays monster role.


Do you know why more and more urban youth now castigate their own culture, calling their tradition savage and barbaric?

Read next paragraph carefully.

Writing in the “Washington Quarterly” of summer 1995, Gerald Segal, Senior Fellow, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, said: “It is only when Hong Kong-based consortia began satellite broadcasting of foreign and Chinese soap operas and international sports that the satellite broadcasts were watched by many millions of people on a regular basis. The fact that the BBC World Service TV was carried on the commercial satellite gave it greater penetration of the market, but persistent anecdotal evidence is clear that the viewers (in Asia) were picking up Western values mainly from the entertainment and only in passing from “talking heads” (talk shows) discussing human rights. It was “Baywatch”, “Dallas”, “Beavis and Butt-Head” or “Kung-Fu” episodes that were watched by most people and precisely because they were so much more attractive than more cerebral television, such programmes were more effective in undermining state retention of authority and control over values.”

He further said: “When Rupert Murdoch, well-known for his outspoken criticism of Asian and especially communist authoritarians, dropped BBCWSTV from his Hong Kong-based STAR TV because China warned that its presence put at risk the entire venture, many saw the move as an uncharacteristic pre-emptive kowtow to communists. But, by removing the overtly political message and continuing to provide soap operas about conspicuous consumption and loose morals, STAR was actually beginning to do far more damage to the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Do not let perception-managing monsters control your values and ethos. Do you know who all are they? Check this:

Read more about PSYWAR here:

Screen Entertainment : Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction



Not all addictions are chemical. But surely, it is all about mental. Any pattern of behavior that leads to a pleasure, will be repeated by human minds. Positive reinforcement. This is technical addiction. Opium and TV act same as addictive agent.

When you watch TV or any passive entertainment medium, brain activity switches from the left brain to the right hemisphere. In fact, as per research, right brain is twice as active as the left. I call this a neurological anomaly.

The crossover of thoughts from left to right brain, releases endorphins, a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties. i.e. Capable of relieving pain.

11136718_401118426679738_6971567030182555780_n 11146236_401118493346398_5113086435427630449_n

So every time you watch Television, or kids watch it, or play video game or surf internet videos, flood of endorphins releases from the neural gates. Endorphins are same chemical that drug addicts consume for artificial pleasure.

All activities that releases endorphins are habit-forming i.e. prone for addiction.

This the reason why Opium addict and TV addict or Smoking addict or alcohol cannot break the habit easily.

So if you really want to develop addiction, daru, cigar or TV are not good habits. They accelerates your right brain chaos and left methodical brain becomes useless. This leads to vicious cycle of lethargy, procrastination, withdrawal symptoms.

Find out activity that uses both right and left brain. There should be balance of chemical communication between two parts of the brain. TV fails this criteria. Cinema too. Video games too. Epic failures.
So what to do?

Play. Go, play with children. Sports. Go play with friends. Any outdoor sport that demands rules following, methods to execute, timely decision, input processing and gut feeling (Both left and right brain usage), 30 minutes a day, is worth. Try it. My fav is kho-kho. Perfect game where one can use both left and right brain together.

And make sure while you are running, cycling, swimming or doing any physical activity in silo, you do not succumb to pleasure. Addiction of anything is not worth. Even if it is physical exercise. 🙂 I know they are better than watching TV which shutdowns all other areas of the brain but still…addiction is addiction 🙂 misuse of brain 😉 (Y)

The Modern Demon (Media) And Parakaya Pravesh



Who says परकाया प्रवेश is superstition? Though it is very hard to achieve type real siddhi, its superficial form does exist everywhere.

Doesn’t media control your life? From within by governing your choices about life? Don’t you watch more passive entertainment than active recreation? Don’t unnecessary notification galore on phone/pc/tablet/tv distract yourself?

Slap those who says परकाया प्रवेश is superstition. Wake up. Break the fence. Come out of dumb driven cattle.

FDI and Quality Improvement Myth

FDI in retail and quality myth
There is a myth propagated that if you buy anything from Wal-mart like super store, you will always save yourself from adulteration that you face at local Bania.
This is not true always. Two examples:
Not All Organic Foods are Created Equal when Walmart ordered it :
The organic milk that Wal-Mart sells under their own “Great Value” brand is a perfect example of how their influence can negatively effect the quality of organic food. This milk is supplied by Aurora Organic Dairy which is a large company that supplies other retailers such as Safeway, Costco, and Target as well. Aurora Organic has been accused on multiple occasions of selling organic milk that is in fact not organic. Horizon Organic is another large distributor of organic milk that also supplies Wal-Mart and has been accused of the same thing.
In 2007, USDA investigators found Aurora Organic to be in violation of 14 organic dairy requirements[1] and threatened to revoke their certification. Legal complaints have also been filed against Horizon Organic. Unfortunately, no further action was taken and both Aurora Organic and Horizon Organic continue to flood the market with low quality “organic” milk. For more information on this issue, visit the Cornucopia Institute’s page on Aurora Organic Factory Dairy.
[1] :
More than two-thirds of common brands of extra-virgin olive oil found in California grocery stores aren’t what they claim to be, according to a University of California at Davis study. [2]
Instead, the oils were spoiled or made from lower quality olives unfit to be labeled “extra virgin.” Worse, some were outright counterfeits, made from soy, hazelnut, and even fish oils mixed with low grade olive-pomace oil.
“Our laboratory tests found that the top-selling imported brands of “extra virgin” olive oil sold in the United States and purchased at retail locations throughout California often failed the IOC’s sensory standards for extra virgin olive oil.
Our testing indicated that the samples failed extra virgin olive oil standards for reasons that include one or more of the
following: (a) oxidation by exposure to elevated temperatures, light, and/or aging; (b) adulteration with cheaper
refined olive oil; and (c) poor quality oil made from damaged and overripe olives, processing flaws, and/or improper
oil storage.”
Be ready for International Food Adulteration Gangs (IFAG), they are certainly better than local bania as they sell in glossy wrapper :).

Selling Concrete Jungle With ‘Green’ Tag



You try hard but you cannot live without Nature. It is your natural instinct that forces marketers to sell Concrete Jungle by adding ‘Green’ word in their realty project. What green do you get in return? Some thousand odd sq. ft. artificial garden? That’s it? This is crystal clear exploitation of human instinct.

Artificial garden is useless illusion, wasting precious land resources, water resources.
Instead of artificial, why not to use same space for community vegetable farming where all families take part? Why not to use same space for Gau-shala? Why can’t we force our citi authority to approve new residential projects only if they provide land for vegetable farming and gau-shala?

Tibet : Rise (Ancient त्रिविष्टप ) and Fall (Now)



If study about literal and thoughtless implementation of non-violence at individual, social and national level and its impact on individual, society and nation, is focused on India and her Independence custodians then it is often seen that discussion turns into violent affair. So, I thought to take neighbor’s example as case study.


त्रिविष्टप = त्रि + विष्टप -> विश् धातु – To enter : Country or Land where one can enter from three ways(directions).


त्रिविष्टप : In वेद ,पुराण, महाभारत and every book on true भारतीय इतिहास has reference for this land. If we study references from भागवत and महाभारत,we will get to know that त्रिविष्टप is present day Tibbat or Tibet.



त्रिविष्टप  – योग और साध्ना की वैदिक परंपराओं का गढ़



What is त्रिविष्टप known for? –


*    Land where Pandavas were born and brought up by Kunti ( महाभारत – आदि पर्व)

*   Land where Arjun was born and where he learnt शस्त्र एवं शास्त्र from राज इन्द्र।  (महाभारत – आदि पर्व, वन पर्व)

*    Land where King Indra fought war against Asurs and King Dashrath went there to help him ( World War 1 of Satya Yug?) (रामायण अयोध्या सर्ग १२ श्लोक 18-19)

*    Land where humans of देव जाति were living. (People from भारत were known as आर्य )


In short, त्रिविष्टप was known for generating and training warriors and wise men.


Once a land of mighty warriors and wise men, laboratory of Vedic experiments, misunderstood Buddh’s teachings, adopted pseudo-non-violence, fought against mighty China and surrendered finally.


जब महाभारत काल में चीन के राजा धौत मूलक अपने साम्राज्य के विस्तार में दमन चक्र चला रहे थे तब तिब्बत ने अपनी शान्ति प्रियता, स्वतंत्रता और संस्कृति को सँजोकर रखा था।

What is now?

तिब्बत – चीनका गुलाम

How it happen? By embracing non-violent form of Buddhism? Need more research on it.

What happened with them, can very well happen with us with same mindset.

Non-violence? Sure. It always come in combo pack.

शारीरिक एवं मानसिक दुर्बलता + अहिंसा


दृढ़िष्ठ+बलिष्ठ+आशिष्ठ+अहिंसा  ?

What is your choice?

युवास्यात साधु युवाध्यायक : आशिष्ठ: , दृढिष्ठ : बलिष्ठ :।

एक युवा शरीर, जिसका अंग-अंग सुदृढ़ है (दृढ़िष्ठ), बल सम्पन्न है (बलिष्ठ), जो स्वाध्यायी है, संयमी है (आशिष्ठ), जो चरित्रवान है (साधु)

I wish one day, they rise and re-claim glorious past.

Note: I am not Tibet expert. These are some old observations. Welcome any corrections.

Biodiversity Matters, Microbial Biodiversity Matters Most!



Same human mind (collective sum of all of our thinking and scientific progress) who is destroying biodiversity outside (trees, plants, microbes, animals, weather patterns), also working on similar goal within internal universe i.e. our body.

Each one of us has responsibility to nurture and protect microbial biodiversity in our cellular complex or body. Recent research shows that we carry a small number of highly abundant species of bacteria and a large number of much less common ones. For example, you may carry trillions of Bacteroides in your colon and only a thousand cells or fewer of other species. That means, each one of us is a carrier of biological legacy from our ancestors. Not only genes and mental habits but also bacteria that we attract by our early habits and interaction with environment.

Even short-term antibiotic treatments can lead to long-term shifts in the microbes colonizing our bodies. Sometimes major loss of great biodiversity.

It is not just about avoiding antibiotic abuse (misuse of antibiotics) anymore. We as a society, including esteemed medical fraternity, must find alternative, radical, root cause driven approach towards general sicknesses, instead taking risky path of considering nature as enemy.

Read more:

Toxic Mouthwash, Microbes, Nitric Oxide and Blood Pressure



Solution for foul mouth smell is not mouthwash but healthy eating habit. Foul smell is an early sign of faulty GI track (digestive track).

But since we consider ourselves citizens of scientific age, and we trust TV ads as equal to science experiments, trusting superficial perception more over age-old practices, we use mouthwash

And what do we get in return?

We kill part of ourselves. We kill bacteria in mouth who help us in reducing nitrate metabolites from food into NO (nitric oxide). NO (nitric oxide) plays important role in maintaining blood vessel wall pressures. It keeps the blood pressure optimum. So far medical science was ignorant of this usage of NO. In the past 5 years, nitric oxide (NO) has become recognized as a major player in most physiological and pathophysiological processes. Not only blood pressure maintenance, NO plays important role in brain processes.

So when we kill bacteria in mouth, we kill one of the sources of NO (nitric oxide). This results in high blood pressure and related anomalies.

What is the solution?

1) Use natural mouth freshener if needed i.e. Paan without tobacco. Only after heavy meals. Not daily.
2) Do dant manjan (teeth cleaning) using powder prepared from cow dung ash. It is full of nitrogen metabolites i.e. food for bacteria which ultimately results in NO that keep blood pressure normal.
3) Mix sesame oil with dant manjan and use this paste to do gentle massage too teeth roots. Gargle sesame oil.
4) Gau milk, ghee, urine, gobar, chemical free jaggery, honey procured ethically from jungle – these all are rich sources of good bacteria and their food. When you include them in food, body always remain in healthy state.

Reference material:

French Catholic missionary (1799) Account of Indian Social Fabric



Abbe J.A. Dubois or Jean-Antoine Dubois was a French Catholic missionary in India. He was unique missionary because he replied back to his church that there is no need of conversion in India. He was the one who refuted all European propogandas against India.

Here is what he said about Bharatiya Varna Vyavastha.

“MANY persons study so imperfectly the spirit and character of the different nations that inhabit the earth, and the influence of climate on their manners, customs, predilections, and usages, that they are astonished to fine how widely such nations differ from each other. Trammeled by the prejudices of their own surroundings, such persons think nothing well regulated that is not included in the polity and government GI their own country. They would like to see all nations of the earth placed on precisely the same footing as themselves. Everything which differs from their own customs they consider either uncivilized or ridiculous.

“If citizens are not kept within limits of duty and obedience by the system of Varna, their life calling, the whole country would fall into a state of hopeless anarchy, reckoned amongst the most uncivilized Nations of the world. The legislators (Sages who wrote Dharma-shashtras), whoever they may have been, were far too wise and too well acquainted with natural character of people. “

Now, although man’s nature is pretty much the same all the world over, it is subject to so many differentiation caused by soil, climate, food, religion, education, and other circumstances peculiar to different countries, that the system of civilization adopted by one people would plunge another into a state of barbarism and cause its complete downfall.

I have heard some persons, sensible enough in other respects, but imbued with all the prejudices that they have brought with them from Europe, pronounce what appears to me an altogether erroneous judgment in the matter of caste divisions amongst the Hindus. In their opinion, caste is not only useless to the body politic, it is also ridi­culous, and even calculated to bring trouble and disorder on the people. For my part, having lived many years on friendly terms with the Hindus, I have been able to study their national life and character closely, and I have arrived at a quite opposite decision on this subject of caste. I believe caste division to be in many respects the chef – d’ ceuvre, the happiest effort, of Hindu legislation. I am, persuaded that it is simply and solely due to the distribu- tion of the people into castes that India did not lapse into a state of barbarism, and that she preserved and perfected the arts and sciences of civilization whilst most other nations of the earth remained in a state of barbarism.”

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