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The Cobra Effect : Is clean energy yet another scientific joomla?


The Cobra Effect : Is clean energy yet another scientific joomla? (Like Genome project?)

Case of Hydroelectric power

Poison in the Arctic and the human cost of clean energy

Poison in Arctic and human cost of ‘clean’ energy

Cobra Effect
Cobra Effect

Colonial New Delhi had a cobra infestation. To get rid of it, the government offered bounties for dead cobras, inadvertently turning cobra breeding into a thriving business. When the government got wise and cancelled the program, thousands of then worthless cobras were released into the city streets.

The cobra effect occurs when an attempted solution to a problem actually makes the problem worse.

Methylmercury, a potent neurotoxin, is especially high in Arctic marine life but until recently, scientists haven’t been able to explain why. Now, research from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests that high levels of methylmercury in Arctic life are a byproduct of global warming and the melting of sea-ice in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.

“We found more methylmercury in the water than our modeling could explain,” said Schartup. “All of the methylmercury from the rivers feeding into Lake Melville and from the sediment at the bottom of the lake couldn’t account for the levels in the water. There was something else going on here.”

When fresh and salt water meet– in estuaries or when sea-ice melts in the ocean– salinity increases as water deepens. This stratification allows fluffy organic matter that typically sinks to the bottom to reach a neutral buoyancy — meaning it can’t float up or down in the water column. This layer, called marine snow, collects other small settling debris and concentrates it into a feeding zone for marine plankton. The bacteria stuck in this zone are performing a complex chemical process that turns naturally occurring mercury into deadly and readily accumulated methylmercury.

“Clean energy benefits the entire world but the costs of hydroelectric power are often assumed entirely by the Aboriginal communities who live next to these developments,” said Sunderland. “Our research highlights some of the costs to the community with the goal of helping them plan and adapt to the changes that are about to occur.”

“Scientists have a responsibility to understand and explain how environmental systems will react before they are modified,” Schartup said. “Because once the damage is done, you can’t take it back.”

India so far has 47 major hydroelectric power stations. Can you imagine the havoc it may have created so far in local communities? Neurotoxic impact correlation? Data?

“Because once the damage is done, you can’t take it back.”

Only clean energy is energy where mother nature can help.

Gobar. Got it? Kamdhenu? Desi cow?

PS: Methylmercury is just a case study. Different region, same universal solution, different issue.

It is not that irrigation ponds using dammed rivers were never built. But designs were highly local. Impact was local. And never for energy!


Poison in Arctic and human cost of ‘clean’ energy

Poison in Arctic and human cost of ‘clean’ energy

The amount of methylmercury, a potent neurotoxin, is especially high in Arctic marine life but until recently, scientists haven’t been able to explain why. Now, research from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests that high levels of methylmercury in Arctic life are a byproduct of global warming and the melting of sea-ice in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.

To mitigate global warming, many governments are turning to hydroelectric power. But, the research also suggests that methylmercury concentrations from flooding for hydroelectric development will be far greater than those expected from climate change.

The research, published in PNAS, began as a review of the environmental impact assessment for the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam in Labrador, Canada. In 2017, the dam will flood a large region upstream from an estuarine fjord called Lake Melville.

The communities along the shores of Lake Melville are predominantly Indigenous and rely on the lake as a primary source of food. One of these communities — and two-thirds of Lake Melville — is part of Nunatsiavut, the first autonomous region in Canada governed by Inuit. When the impact report predicted no adverse downstream effects on Lake Melville, the Nunatsiavut Government reached out to Elsie Sunderland, associate professor of environmental engineering and environmental health, for help.

Four years later, that initial review has morphed into a multi-pronged investigation that has led to important scientific discoveries about how methylmercury accumulates in the ecosystem and how it will impact communities who rely on the ecosystem for food and resources.

Demineralized Water: Silent epidemic

Demineralized Water
Demineralized Water

First pollute natural water resources. Dam them. And then come up with costly purification methods.

This is how Greed-based, GDP-obsessed society take care of basic necessities. (Now they have come up with Air purifier for home!! Selling Air to you and me 😀 😀 )

And poorer of the poor suffer. The so called bottom of the pyramid as described by armchair intellectuals and brain-dead economists with no common sense.

From Hemamalini to Shabana Aazami, all are fooling you by selling purest RO water plants. Some of them demean natural purification methods like boiling. Some co-relate it with price of Gas bottles! Builders use RO as catch word to sell their properties. Corporates, emerging water mafias, sell costly water in villages! Ha! ROna or RO – naa!

Since this part of RO plant is exposed, they are now here with new technology! RO + all minerals 😀 😀. Or Ionized water! 😀 😀

Demineralized Water Impact
Demineralized Water Impact

My dear friend, all this costs us. Severe cost of environmental degradation. And hidden health costs due to modification of natural form of water.

In rural India, these companies have already started selling RO water. Expect flood of malnutrition-led sicknesses from this area.

Here are the side effects of drinking demineralized drinking water. Doctors in my city suggest patients with vitamin deficiency to first unplug RO machines at home.

Imagine children growing in these homes! Hampered development!

Free water is fundamental human right. Selling it, polluting it, restricting it, should be crime of the highest order.

Free drinking water is possible. If we all try collectively. Zombies act individually. Like we do. So no free water for us.

Read more here:

Breastfed,Cowmilk-fed and wound healing, ulcer healing

Milk and would healing
Milk and would healing

Career-crazy and/or body-conscious and/or lazy women of 21st century avoid breast-feeding or restrict it up to only 2-3 months. Or rather we have turned into society where there is no collective importance of each child’s basic right i.e. breast-feeding.

I previously suggested that all lactating mothers should be financially supported by govt/society for 2 years. That is how caste-free, reservation-free strong generation can come up.

Cow milk is not more sacred. Mother is turned into machine. And with that, we lose all medicinal values!

Not only that, we have turned into pseudo-sentimentals. Instead of being part of natural cycles, we ignore cycles for false animal-sentiments. And we stop striving for Gau prasad!

Not only growth, breast-milk or desi-cow-milk supports wound-healing. Speedy recovery of injuries.

As this study proves that a hormonal factor, present in breast milk, plays a key role in regulating newborn metabolism. This is the key reason why milk of Desi cow is medicine for kids, weak, sick and elderly with dysfunctional metabolism.

This important growth factor is missing in all so called vegan milk alternatives.


A study proves that a hormonal factor, present in breast milk, plays a key role in regulating newborn metabolism

A scientific team led by Francesc Villarroya, professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Barcelona (UB), together with the Biomedical Research Networking Centres on Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn) and the Danone Institute, has proved that a compound found in breast milk, named fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21), plays a key role in neonatal nutrient absorption and intestinal function. FGF21 also contributes to improve newborn growth and metabolic profile.

This is the main conclusion of the project Estudi de FGF21 com a nou factor present a la llet, implicat en els efectes beneficiosos de la lactància materna, included in the programme of excellent research RecerCaixa, an initiative organised by the Obra Social “la Caixa” together with the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP). The results of the study have been published in the journal Scientific Reports of the Nature Publishing Group.

FGF21 is a hormonal factor produced mainly in the liver. The factor is present in the human body in a natural manner, even if in some people it is more active than in others. To date, it was known that it plays important roles in favouring glucose uptake and energy metabolism, and thus possesses anti-diabetic and anti-obesity properties. The research study led by Dr Villarroya, director of the Institute of Biomedicine of the UB (IBUB), has proved that oral infusion of FGF21 to neonatal gut induces the gene expression of intestinal hormones and increases intestinal lactase activity and lactose absorption.

Animal models indicate that metabolic profile and growth is 25% better in neonates who receive the factor than in those who do not receive it. In order to come to this conclusion, researchers analysed the differences between a group of pups nursed with milk containing FGF21 and another group of pups nursed with milk lacking FGF21.

In a previous study developed together with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, the team led by Dr Villarroya found that FGF21 levels are very low in fetuses, but the blood levels of FGF21 rise dramatically after birth and the initiation of suckling. This fact proves the importance of maternal breast feeding.

Recombinant bovine basic fibroblast growth factor accelerates wound healing in patients with burns, donor sites and chronic dermal ulcers.

rbFGF is effective in shortening the wound healing time and improving the wound healing quality. Accelerating wound healing is of clinical benefit in reducing the length of hospitalization, costs and emotional burden of the patient.

Bovine milk lactoferrin induces synthesis of the angiogenic factors VEGF and FGF2 in osteoblasts via the p44/p42 MAP kinase pathway.

Lactoferrin (LF) belongs to the transferrin family and is present in several physiological fluids, including milk and colostrum. LF has recently been identified as an anabolic factor for bone. Here we investigated whether bovine LF (bLF) induces synthesis of angiogenic factors by osteoblasts. If so, we examined the underlying mechanism. We found that bLF purified from milk increased the mRNA expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF2) in murine osteoblast-like MC3T3-E1 cells and primary murine osteoblasts in a time- and dose-dependent manner. Furthermore, bLF increased VEGF and FGF2 protein levels in MC3T3-E1 cells. In addition, treatment of MC3T3-E1 cells with bLF rapidly induced phosphorylation of p44/p42 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase. The bLF-mediated increases in VEGF and FGF2 mRNA and protein were inhibited by U0126, a specific inhibitor of the upstream kinase that activates p44/p42 MAP kinase (MEK). Taken together, our results strongly suggest that bLF induces VEGF and FGF2 synthesis in a p44/p42 MAP kinase-dependent manner in MC3T3-E1 cells.

Lactoferrin is only present in human milk and cow milk.

Sacred Grove : Lost tradition, lost microbial diversity, lost Prana

Distribution of Sacred Grove
Distribution of Sacred Grove

Every community of pre-British India had social responsibility to grow and protect groves. They were called sacred groves. There used to be rules defined for accessing these forest wealth. Not everyone can go and chop tree. Not in all seasons. Not all trees. All based on mutually agreed intuitive pro-synergy rules. These rules are sacred rules, considering groves alive and part of respected extended family for all.

What happened then?

We were brainwashed by education and having commune with Nature was taught as primitive and idiotic. Disconnected! There is no one to protect the groves. Now the same movement of brainwashing going in deep forests.

‘Sacred groves’ represents a traditional effort to conserve biodiversity. They are rich patches of undisturbed forests and serve as a natural habitat for many endemic, rare, primitive and economically valuable organisms representing a micro-level biodiversity hotspots.

Bacteria native to the pristine niche of sacred groves showed better plant growth promoting activities as compared to isolates from disturbed forest as well as type strains implicating the importance of sacred groves and their potential role in microbial diversity conservation.

Groves are प्राणवर्धक. Growing food without groves? It is nothing but highly unscientific way of greed-based industry. It cannot be called Agriculture (कृषि). Soil cannot grow प्राणवर्धक food without groves, without biodiversity. Without biodiversity, food lacks प्राण. Without प्राण, who can survive? Of course, we can survive. But like a dead body with little प्राण and anything worth to contribute in universal यज्ञ.

Read this paper to know more:

‘Traditional Sacred Groves’, an ethnic strategy for conservation of microbial diversity

‘Sacred groves’ represents a traditional effort to conserve biodiversity. They are rich patches of undisturbed forests and serve as a natural habitat for many endemic, rare, primitive and economically valuable organisms representing a micro-level biodiversity hotspots. In this study, Bacillus spp. and related genera characterized from native soils of the pristine sacred groves of Meghalaya, India revealed dominance of Bacillus, Paenibacillus, Lysinibacillus and Viridibacillus. All the isolates exhibited good plant growth promoting traits when screened for traits like phosphate solubilization, 1-aminocyclopropane-1- carboxylate deaminase and catalase activity, production of auxin, siderophores, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia. Bacteria native to the pristine niche of sacred groves showed better plant growth promoting activities as compared to isolates from disturbed forest as well as type strains implicating the importance of sacred groves and their potential role in microbial diversity conservation.


Sacred groves are of great research value in in situ
conservation of biodiversity. Understanding the
potential roles played by sacred groves in in situ
biodiversity conservation, it would have greater
appeal if efforts are diverted to inventorize the
existing biodiversity, especially the species that
might be of economic importance or facing
extinction. The present study is the first report on
the indigenous aerobic endospore-forming Bacillus
and related genera from the pristine and undisturbed
sacred groves prevalent in the tropical belt of
Meghalaya, India. The observations lead to the
conclusion that Bacillus and related genera isolates
obtained from the sacred groves exhibits stronger
activity and more PGP traits than the disturbed forest
isolates indicating their strong potential as candidates
for promoting plant growth in agriculture and also the
important contribution of sacred groves as a rich
source of economically valuable microbes hence
signifies the relevance of ethnic strategy and efforts
for conservation of these pristine forests



Shopping with Children: Imposing Adulthood and Killing Childhood

Shopping malls - Making of future consumers
Shopping malls – Making of future consumers by arranging kids events like fashion shows, dance shows, talent hunt etc.

Shopping is an adult habit. Especially, modern shopping is very much,exclusive, recently developed (Post 1991 liberalization) habit in society where majority of us are now surrounded by tsunami of choices. We now buy things that are not at all required for living. So basically, it is secondary life habit. One can live without it.

Super markets and modern FMCG companies want to sell things so they use children as Ad actors. And there is no TV restriction at home for children and hence children also force parents to allow them for shopping.

In short, kids (Age below 10 or 7) go to shopping with parents.

When I see, so many parents going to supermarket with their kids, I worry for kids as they are slowly being poisoned to become consumers of the future.

Children carry fragile minds. They learn from environment quickly. They learn from you at rocket speed. And they keep these habits (Good or bad, you decide) forever as they become primary habits.

Unknowingly, when you bring your kids to store, you train them for an unnecessary shopping habit. Their mind becomes confused seeing all choices. It affects their data processing. It affects their ability to take decision as they have not yet learnt to decide by discrimination of right vs wrong. So they exhibit uncontrolled refractoriness(दुराग्रह/जिद). They want all toys. They want all chocolates.


Bad food habits. Bad behaviour. Faulty development. Uncontrolled teens.

Stop bombarding consumer attitude upon developing mind in growing age. Stop them becoming future consumers. Too many choices are not good for adults too! Why expose kids to tsunami of alternatives? Why kill their development?

And if you really want them to learn shopping, take them to local farm or Gau shala and buy things afresh. Take them to local sabji mandi where choices are limited. Super market for kids as any day bad idea in my humble opinion.

Oh yes, when your kid turns 9 or 10. Do go to shopping with them. It is right time for them to learn लेन-देन/खरीदारी/shopping/हिसाब/money matters.

Honey as Antibiotics : Modern Science


When Ayurveda prescribes Honey as Swarnaprashana for children, we not only ignore but make fun of it.


Why? Because modern medicine does not approve it! 😀

Yes, we also prefer so called factory made refined honey 😀 but in reality, it is raw honey that is magic! Processed honey is nothing but insult to the nectar!

And yes! these benefits are soon going to be things of past. Pesticides led flowers, depleting forests and dying honeybees! Worse future ahead if continue living like this! 🙁

Read this to realize why honey is potent solution for so many issues!

Bacteria from bees possible alternative to antibiotics

13 lactic acid bacteria found in the honey stomach of bees have shown promising results in a series of studies at Lund University in Sweden.
  • The group of bacteria counteracted antibiotic-resistant MRSA in lab experiments
  • The bacteria, mixed into honey, has healed horses with persistent wounds
  • The formula has previously been shown to protect against bee colony collapse

Raw honey has been used against infections for millennia, before honey – as we now know it – was manufactured and sold in stores. So what is the key to its’ antimicrobial properties? Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have identified a unique group of 13 lactic acid bacteria found in fresh honey, from the honey stomach of bees. The bacteria produce a myriad of active antimicrobial compounds.

These lactic acid bacteria have now been tested on severe human wound pathogens such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas aeruginosa and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), among others. When the lactic acid bacteria were applied to the pathogens in the laboratory, it counteracted all of them.

While the effect on human bacteria has only been tested in a lab environment thus far, the lactic acid bacteria has been applied directly to horses with persistent wounds. The LAB was mixed with honey and applied to ten horses; where the owners had tried several other methods to no avail. All of the horses’ wounds were healed by the mixture.

The researchers believe the secret to the strong results lie in the broad spectrum of active substances involved.

“Antibiotics are mostly one active substance, effective against only a narrow spectrum of bacteria. When used alive, these 13 lactic acid bacteria produce the right kind of antimicrobial compounds as needed, depending on the threat. It seems to have worked well for millions of years of protecting bees’ health and honey against other harmful microorganisms. However, since store-bought honey doesn’t contain the living lactic acid bacteria, many of its unique properties have been lost in recent times”, explains Tobias Olofsson.


Country and Culture

Culture and Country
Culture and Country
Culture and Country

Your whims and fancies may trigger a thought that culture and nation are two different domains but I suggest that you get rid of this notion asap in national interest. It is nothing but unfitness of immature mind to imagine Bharat without Bharat maa. I have full sympathy and I will pray that our society will work affirmatively to do successful root-canal for this dented chasm.

It is real pastime to insult/denigrate cultural ways of reforms when you really don’t have bent of mind to understand culture.

Also, it is foolishness to oppose systematic changes via laws if your intellect fall short of understanding importance of same in national interest. Get rid of both notions in nation interest. Work unitedly.

Country follows the culture? No. Culture is one’s country and country one’s culture.

Protecting dharma, culture, nation is one in the same things. Spend your personal time selflessly for all of them! There is no great sacrifice than investing valuable personal time for the Nation and culture. Do not waste time in insulting each other.

What is my Prakriti? Before knowing Prakriti

Know yourself
Know yourself

How can I know my prakruti? whether I am Vata, Pitta or Kapha or mix of them?

To know Prakruti, we must know that पञ्चमहाभूत responsible for each dosha.

In your environment, try to be with different forms of nature. Be sensitive. Spend time with nature daily. Maa speaks language of silence. Listen her carefully. Connect your billion+ body cells with Maa. Surrender to her. Worship here daily.

There are signs and ways documented to know someone’s Prakruti but I prefer being with self and seamlessly submerge in the Universe daily to realize own Prakruti. It is good way restore balance of tridosha while realizing nature of self.

War front: Media driven perception management


We are at war-front. Great war against perception-management.

Perception management
Perception management

The TV came on its own as an instrument of perception-management during past many war events. Instruments such as printed pamphlets, books, radio broadcasts, the telephone and the fax, the E-mail and the Internet are good for the hard aspects of psywar for alienating the people from their state and for discrediting the state in the eyes of its people and the world, but have only limited use for the soft aspect of projecting the power or group behind the psywar in an attractive light and creating a desire to emulate its culture, ways of life etc. It is here that the value of the TV as a medium comes. Through a sophisticated production and projection of programmes, one can create in the minds of the targeted audience, particularly the urban-based elite and youth, an uncritical admiration of the Western societies, soften their prejudices towards the West and evoke a desire to imitate them. Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.
Read last line with more emphasis ==> “Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.” ==> This is time to hit hard on people’s psyche. Once they lose faith in their own society and culture, it is easy to mold them as controlled slaves. This is where TV plays monster role.

Do you know why more and more urban youth now castigate their own culture, calling their tradition savage and barbaric?

Read next paragraph carefully.

Writing in the “Washington Quarterly” of summer 1995, Gerald Segal, Senior Fellow, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, said: “It is only when Hong Kong-based consortia began satellite broadcasting of foreign and Chinese soap operas and international sports that the satellite broadcasts were watched by many millions of people on a regular basis. The fact that the BBC World Service TV was carried on the commercial satellite gave it greater penetration of the market, but persistent anecdotal evidence is clear that the viewers (in Asia) were picking up Western values mainly from the entertainment and only in passing from “talking heads” (talk shows) discussing human rights. It was “Baywatch”, “Dallas”, “Beavis and Butt-Head” or “Kung-Fu” episodes that were watched by most people and precisely because they were so much more attractive than more cerebral television, such programmes were more effective in undermining state retention of authority and control over values.”

He further said: “When Rupert Murdoch, well-known for his outspoken criticism of Asian and especially communist authoritarians, dropped BBCWSTV from his Hong Kong-based STAR TV because China warned that its presence put at risk the entire venture, many saw the move as an uncharacteristic pre-emptive kowtow to communists. But, by removing the overtly political message and continuing to provide soap operas about conspicuous consumption and loose morals, STAR was actually beginning to do far more damage to the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Read this to learn further about this subject:

Hindu Marriage: Why Turmeric Paste Ceremony?

Marriage and Turmeric paste
Marriage and Turmeric paste

Marriage is one of the longest rituals of Hindu tradition. Demands healthy state of body and mind. Marriage is the time when young male and young female begins new journey together. Journey of love with so many critical duties towards future children, parents, society, Nation and mother Earth.

To perform all these duties, it is important to have healthy body and mind. Rituals (chanting mantras, taking vows, taking blessings of elderly, receiving wishes from all well-wishers) help in purifying mind. Ritual ingredients nourishes body. Like Turmeric.

Even if you are so called rationalist or intellectual, you are bound by rules of nature. It is always wise to respect them. Keep aside your rational arrogance. 🙂.

Whether you believe it or not, turmeric will do its job.

Turmeric paste ceremony is defacto ritual of Indian marriage, irrespective of caste, region and language.

What is the purpose?

To glow skin so that good photographs are captured? 😀 ;lol. No.

Anti-XYZ (Anti viral, anti bacterial, anti cancer, anti fungal) protection?:D Turmeric’s many “ANTI-“ usages are already known to us. Simply logic is: It improves immunity of bride and groom. Prepares them to handle stress of long rituals. No.

These are all supplementary benefits.

Real purpose is: To balance tridosha. Turmeric can balance Tridosha of body. In earlier times, Marriage ceremony used to be critical milestone of life. Couple decides to start Samsara. Grihastha life. Grihastha life is backbone of society. They have to take care of family, society and entire Nation. All their actions play critical role. They have to be healthy and balanced. So Turmeric Paste Ritual. (Now marriage is a license to do unlimited SEX! Right? That is what I hear in social circles)

They may plan for child too. It is super critical to be in balanced dosha body while planning next generation. This is to give Jiva who is going to enter in life form, a best possible body constitution to perform karmic duties and avoid doshic sufferings throughout entire life. So Turmeric Paste Ritual.

Not only before marriage, before planning a child at any point of time in marriage, one should use turmeric paste ritual for a week before planning night.

Even before starting any new venture of life, use turmeric paste for a week.

So communal and superstitious ritual, right? 😀 Wait and watch, world will soon adopt this. (These educated fools who condemn Indian rituals deserve lack of benefits of them and sufferings. So ignore their mockery 🙂 )

Unfortunately, this ritual is now performed for only fun sake. To click yellow pic and upload them in Facebook. 🙂

PS: If you really want to do charity, provide real curcumin rich turmeric to all poor couples as marriage gift and explain them benefits. Ask them to use this ritual before planning child. We will get more healthy next generation. Cases of polio and other diseases will reduce in slum area. Birth defects will be reduced.

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