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Having meal: Sacred Ritual

Meal Time Img src:
Meal Time
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Having meal used to consider sacred activity in local culture. It used to be considered critical so people used to eat by sitting on the floor and enjoying food fully.

So when someone is eating, there used to be helping hands to serve them. At special days like marriage, family members take care of all guests (Atithi(s)) and serve them food with love. They feel pride in contributing sacred meals of near and dear ones.


Now we arrange buffet and guests have to arrange queue like criminals do in jail. No respect for guests. It is different thing that guests also have no respect for host in most cases 😀

Guests eat standing and get engaged in talks. Eating happens as background process as neglected task. No self-respect.

Side effects
• Due to lack of attention to food, enough secretion of stomach acids and enzymes does not occur -> lead to indigestion -> sickness in near future
• Due to standing position, Apana Vayu (The downward force described in Ayurveda) is deranged. -> lead to indigestion-> sickness in near future

• Always be seated while eating.
• Give complete focus to food. Talks can wait. Gossips can wait. Cell phone can wait. Food cannot wait.

Gau mutra (cow urine) patents

Urine Patents
Urine Patents

5 patents for cow urine. But colonial mindset of Indian physicians won’t allow to use this harmless medicine. Govt policies will never re-educate farmers to save Gau and seek her blessings for farming. It is now job of awakened citizens to reach out to farmer community, educate them and support them!

This is just a urine. All her blessings are super boons for society (Gobar, milk, ghee, dahi, butter milk)

Disappointed to see new govt’s dismal attention for such a critical issue i.e. conservation of Bos Indicus i.e. Indian Cow breeds i.e. Gau mata.

Here is the lab analysis of Gau mutra collected as per standard procedure (i.e. Desi pure breed, stress free living, enough grazing, good sleep)

Some papers :

Gau Mutra Nutrients
Gau Mutra Nutrients

1 ) Effect of treatment of cow’s urine “Gomutra” and antioxidants in alleviating the lindane-induced oxidative stress in kidney of Swiss mice (Mus musculus).

2) Analysis on the Natural Remedies to Cure Dandruff/Skin Disease-causing Fungus – Malassezia furfur


Gau urine (GU) is live medicine unlike dead and dumb antibiotics. GU helps human-friendly bacteria to colonize and kills/controls pathogens.

This is only possible when Gau is of pure desi breed and is kept in healthy conditions.

It has multiple usages. At home, we use it as handwash, floor cleaner, medicine. Fresh urine as medicine, rest for other purposes.

When organic farming includes Gau in the formula, there is no worry for toxicity or E-coli outbreak as it happens in European organic produce and as stated by researchers recently.

This is just about Gau mutra. Gobar too is wonder prasad by mother.

Should I hate/mock present day self-proclaimed Guru(s)’s deciples ?

Godmen Conundrum
Godmen Conundrum

When you ask this question to arrogant educated Indians, who proclaimed being rationalist/atheist etc (which is btw, fashion only. ), they will quickly response : “Yes, why not. Indians must be freed from religious following”.

What a fatal error of judgement!

I personally don’t like many modern day Gurdoms. I really feel pity for the followers but I will never make fun of them. (Yes, I will criticize their Guru(s) as and when needed )


कामैस्तैस्तैर्हृतज्ञाना: प्रपद्यन्तेऽन्यदेवता: ।
तं तं नियममास्थाय प्रकृत्या नियता: स्वया ।।20।।

Those whose wisdom has been carried away by various desires, being prompted by their own nature, worship other deities adopting rules relating to each.(20)

यो यो यां यां तनुं भक्त: श्रद्धयार्चितुमिच्छति ।
तस्य तस्याचलां श्रद्धा तामेव विदधाम्यहम् ।।21।।

Whatever celestial form a devotee craving for some worldly object chooses to worship with reverence, I stabilize the faith of that particular devotee in that very form. (21)

अन्तवत्तु फलं तेषां तद्भवत्यल्पमेधसाम् ।
देवान्देवयजो यान्ति मद्भक्ता यान्ति मामपि ।।23।।

Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet. (23)

Not all of us are on same mental plane. Some of us tend to worship deity. Many worship god-men. By worshiping God-man preaching principles of Sanatana dharma (however pseudo or half-baked it is), large mass of Bharat, by one or other way, still believe in Fasting (Upavas) , Ayurveda and other life-oriented sanatana practices. Of course, they are not perfect in their practices but as Krushna said in Gita, endowed with such faith he worship that particular demogod/Godman and obtains through him without doubt his desired enjoyments as ordained by myself. Anyhow, veiled by his Yogamaya (divine potency); he is not going to be manifest to all. Hence these ignorant folk fail to recognize him, the unborn and imperishable Supreme Deity. But still, via so called agents of God, they are on the path of self-realization by imperfect implementation of sanatana practices. (Mind you, I only talk about those who are still on the path Sanatana and not those who are acting like Abrahmic institutions )

For example, irrespective of their supreme imagination of Guru, irrespective of their Guru’s reality, millions are awakened to follow Sanatana ways. Imperfect, we all are. Don’t make fun of imperfection. You too were there few births apart.

Instead of making fun of our brothers imperfection, put efforts in helping them, to get a vision of supreme. Get divya chakshu for yourself first and help others.

If you think certain godman is threat to the society and you know dharma better than him-who stops you? Have you ever worked with mass? Did you approach them? Have you ever tried? No ? Then shut your mouth and watch the show.

With this post, I wanted to highlight that, as discussed in Gita, as per our ingnorance and knowing balance, we strive for center of faith.
So many of us associate self with demigods/pseudo-demigods and humans. By mocking them, we will not solve their self-realization path-Conundrum. Best, if we can work with them, those accessible in our life.

Second point is: These Gurus/Sants, irrespective of their personal weaknesses, keep mass aligned to mechanical processes of sanatana dharma. We should not ignore this contribution. If we work in this mass semi-exposed to dharma, it is easy to align citizens to various forms of dharma.

When external forces are hell-bent on breaking India, we must remain united. Our internal conflicts must not become collective weakness.

Unfortunately, we have become so fragmented and divided that breaking us by our own beliefs is now very easy. 🙁

Take care. Work hard for the sustenance of the eternal dharma.


Constitution of Human Body by Gorakhnatha


There is nothing greater than guru, nothing greater than guru, nothing greater than guru, nothing greater than guru.
Shiva is the instructor. Shiva is the instructor. Shiva is the instructor. Shiva is the instructor.” – Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati, V, 63.

This Sanskrit text, attributed to Siddha Gorakhnath, is divided into six chapters called Upadeshas.

Gorakhnath takes a comprehensive view of the nature of human individuality and analyses its constitution from the yogic standpoint. He conceives the human organism as consisting of

(I) the material body called Bhuta-plnda,
(2) the mental body, described as Antahkarana pancaka or five-fold antahkarana,
(3) Kula.pancaka or five-fold Ku!a.
(4) Vyakil-pancaka or five-fold Vyakti,
(5) Pratyakha-ka,ana.pancaka or five-fold perceptible determinant causes,
(6) The system of the Nadis,
(7) Dasa.Vayu or ten Prana.Vayu or vital forces, forming the vital body.

(1) The gross material body :— The Bhuta pinda (or Bhautik .pinda), i.e. the material body, is constituted of the five gross material elements, purposefully organised by the Creative Will of Brahma with the Life-power and the Mind-power immanent in the organism. In different parts of the organism, however, different elements appear in more conspicuous proportions. In bones (asthi), flesh (mãmsa), skin (twak), tissues (Nadi) and hair (roma)—i.e. in all the solid parts,—the element of Bhumi or Prithwi appears predominantly, and Gorakhnath speaks of them as the five gunas (perhaps in the sense of special manifestations) of Bhumi.

In the liquid substances of the body,— such as, saliva (lara), urine (mutra), semen (sukra), blood (sonita) and sweat (sveda),— the element of Ap or Salila appears more conspicuously, and they are called the five gunas of Ap.

Hunger (kshudha), thirst (trishna), sleep (nldra), lustre (kanti) and sloth (âlasya) are conceived by Gorakhnath as physical phenomena, in which there are special manifestations of the clement of Tejas. According to him, these phenomena occur on account of the varying functions and influences of Tejas or Agni in different parts of the living body.

Movement (dhãvana), fidgeting (bhramana), expansion (prasörana), contraction (ãkuncana) and suppression (nirodhana) are bodily phenomena, which are chiefly determined by the element of Vdyu and are therefore called Gunas of Vãyu.

The phenomena of physical attraction (raga), repulsion (dwesha), fear (bhaya), shame (IaJJa) and callousness (moha) are regarded as the special manifestations of the clement of Akasa and are accordingly described as the five Gunas of Akasa.

Thus the Mahayogi describes the gross physical body as constituted of the five gross bhutas and as possessing twenty-five gunas mentioned above.

More to continue.. (From the book mentioned in image)


Vyasa Purnima : Guru Punima

गुरुपरम्परासिद्ध्यर्थं व्यासपूजां करिष्ये ।
गुरुपरम्परासिद्ध्यर्थं व्यासपूजां करिष्ये ।

गुरुपरम्परासिद्ध्यर्थं व्यासपूजां करिष्ये

Tomorrow is Guru Purnima. A day to respect highest possible intellect, Guru’s intellect, Vyasa Intellect.

This is first day of 4-months(चातुर्मास) Tapa that we should pay attention to.

Using Sanskrit words in other languages is successful marketing paradox in Indian context. In one way, you want more and more to know and speak these words and on the other hand, we forget to convey real meaning and hence what remains in mass mind is corrupted meaning of original word. With a mind, full of such corrupted clouds, it becomes difficult to become real Guru or Shishya.

So who is Guru in modern parlance?

– The one who come up with mindless concept of words and visuals, without in-depth experiments. i.e. Ad Guru, Marketing Guru etc
– The one who knows how to earn money, irrespective of ways and source of earning i.e. Biz Guru
– Guru in school/colleges are weak and timid. They take drinks with students and dance on ‘Munni/Chameli’ songs
– Guru in school/colleges have no respect since they sell their information (Mark my word ‘information’. Information is not knowledge). No better than prostitutes.

को गुरु?
अधिगत तत्व:| शिष्य हिताय उध्यत: सततम्|

One who has realized the truth and is ever striving for the good of the seekers who approached him. Guru is the one who create environment for seeker to realize the truth.

In ideal life, चातुर्मास is a time to stay close to Guru. Yearly spiritual conference for 2-3 months. Guru and Shishya, stays together, with very little movements. They contemplate together on different versions of truth by respecting पूर्ण in each other.

ॐ पूर्णमद: पूर्णमिदं पूणात्पूर्णमुदच्यते। पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते॥

Finding Guru is not a job of Shishya. You don’t find Guru, Guru finds you. Till then, I invite Bhagwan Ved Vyasa at home and worship him for next 2 months.

On this day, we should prepare Vyasa Pitha *, invite Bhagwan Ved Vyasa and remain in his छाया for next 2 months. May he bless us! Meditate in front of Vyasa Pitha. Daily. Same time, same place, for 2 months.

This day is not just to pay reverence to our Guru but trigger another attempt to आत्मसात गुरु भाव |

यस्य देवे परा भक्तिः यथा देवे तथा गुरौ।
तस्यैते कथिता ह्यर्थाः प्रकाशन्ते महात्मनः॥२३॥

Intense devotion for Guru!

It is time to spend more time in this तप. Time to walk on ऋषि पथ.

राष्ट्रबल सूक्त

भद्रम् इछन्त ऋषयः स्वर्विदस् तपो दीक्षाम् उपनिषेदुर् अग्रे |
ततो राष्ट्रं बलम् ओजश् च जातं तद् अस्मै देवा उपसंनमन्तु ||1|| – अथर्ववेद: काण्डं १९, सूक्त ११
It is message for intellectuals of the Nation that emergence of Nationhood is not trivial phenomenon. This Nation and National fervor for her was nurtured by great sages by performing dharmik rites since time immemorial. Don’t waste your skills and invest them for Nation to respect hard work of these sages(लोकनेता ऋषि अत्रि,वशिष्ठ ,व्यास etc).

सबके हितचिन्तक आत्मज्ञानी ऋषिओ ने सृष्टिकी उत्पतिसे अब तक अपने *तपसे राष्ट्रिय भावना,बल और सामर्थ्यकी उत्पति की| ज्ञानी लोग उस राष्ट्रसेवको के सामने विनम होकर राष्ट्र सेवा करने लगे|

* तप = live selfless life for the upliftment and empowerment of mass by imbibing National spirit in them and channelizing their energy in Nation building, dedicating and surrendering life for Nation. Follow on their path. Penetrate yourself(or clone of ऋषि who can do तप) in every nook & corner of the Nation. Prepare citizens who can resist anti-national at the cost of own life and time. Let critical mass emerge as soon as possible and topple corrupts from top. Let there be another Mahabharata.

It is time to spend more time in this तप. Time to walk on ऋषि पथ.

* Concept of Vyasa pitha(व्यास पीठ) i.e. Seat of Vyasa, is about व्यास विचारधारा/ideology and not about व्यास /Vyasa as a person. Only those are entitled to speak from व्यास पीठ, who believe in व्यास’s ideology. And as a listener, one must focus on व्यास ideology/विचारधारा and not the embodiment of it who represents व्यास ideology/विचारधारा for particular time. It is psychologically folly to put person ahead of Idea. Idea is eternal, not person.


Monsoon Tapas : Gauri Vrata

Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat

If you are proud parents of 8-10 years old girl child, it is good for her to observe fast and be with nature during these days.

8-10 years old female child is on the verge of puberty. She will go through tremendous physiological changes in upcoming decade. Her reproductive system is on the verge of maturation. During this time, it is important to keep her happy. Her healthy mental state will regulate these physiological changes and won’t allow abnormalities. Fasting will boost her immune system so that pathogens don’t disturb highly vulnerable cervix development.

This ritual becomes more crucial in our times when girls are reaching puberty very early duty chemical cocktails in our lives.

During this time of the year, mother nature is in blooming mood. Mother is in shades of rejuvenation. If she spends more time in nature, she will inspire from mother and do not worry about rapid physiological changes.

In short,

1) Fasting will keep her yearly immunity at best level.
2) Beginning of monsoon is the season of rapid changes. She can best sync her physiological changes with mother nature


Gauri Vrat. Enjoy these moments with your girl child. Make this special period for her.

Side note: There is debate going on at national level about sex education. Sex education? This is ideal time to describe sacred importance of reproduction. Unlike moronic modern sex education who teaches vikruti in name of education (For example, “use condoms and consume yourself safely” type campaigns)

Real sex education will teach kids right actions at right age. Teen age is not the right age as reproductive organs are not yet ready. Indulgence in pre-mature age = havoc in future years. From infections to cancer. Save your children by imparting right values.

I know, you will have question that why not for boys?

Let me explain by one example: Farmers need to take care of both field and seeds. Same treatment cannot be applied to field and seeds.Like that field and seeds in humans should be taken care.

Boys maturation happen little later than girls. They carry seeds. Farmers give different treatment to seeds than fields. Their development happen at Akhada (अखाडा playground) where seeds are protected until good matured spring.


Early Puberty is not only havoc for your girl child but also her future children.

Early puberty is purely an environmental phenomenon. More artificial hormone-bending chemicals in food, water and air. On top of it, filthy Bollywood and TV matures mind early.

On top of it, so called international schools and their local blind copies promote sex education. TV is full of condom ads. Authors and columnists (Chetan Bhagat type) promote free-sex. And then, there is series of planned days like Friendship day, Valentine day etc.

This results into premature sex. Teen-age encounters. Youth engaged in adult acts.

And then we promote HPV vaccines!

Neck like opening to the uterus is called Cervix. In Hindi, it is called गर्भाशय मुख. Opening of Womb.


This Cervix wall act as a protection wall of uterus (divine soil/kshetra where new jiva resides for 9 months). Behind this wall, Prana, architect of human body, is working 24×7 for 9 months, to carve the human body. Any disturbance to this Prana’s work means deformity or miscarriage. Manual abortions do nothing but disturb Prana’s work.

Vagina is full of bacteria. Some of them are healthy bacteria (like lactobacilli which helps newborn to teach breastfeeding) and some of them are pathogens (Any disease-producing agent). This Cervix wall is natural defense against them.

Cervix wall starts developing with first cycle of period in teen age females. It becomes mature by the age 18-21. See picture to understand the difference between cervix wall in adult female and teen age female.

Liberals often talk in favor of sex education in schools. This education and other mediums bombarding sex is not sex education but lust education. This results into teen girls engaged in sex. Some of them become mother before crossing 18.

When teen age females are involved in natural/unnatural sexual acts (which is common in western countries and now in India too 🙁 ), they are early exposed to pathogens and these pathogens passes cervix wall as it is immature and one layer wall (see picture). This lead to infection in uterus and many other issues, including cervical cancer at middle age. So much stress for organ which is still under development.

HPV virus spreads only when immature wall is exposed to it in teen age. It cannot work in females who did not experience sex before ripen age i.e after 21.

Right sex education is education of Brahmcharya. It should inspire teens celibacy for their own wellbeing. No luring, no lust, pure science. Sanatana principles.

Instead of Brahmcharya, our habits, school environment and family environment promotes teen sex. I see many parents laugh on their teens affair relations. Morons!

And as a solution, they suggest HPV vaccine! 😀 . HPV vaccine to innocent female teens is like forceful exposure of HPV virus to immature Cervix without any sexual acts. This is giving ample side effects. Sometimes deadly. Sometimes premature ovarian failure. It snatches right of motherhood for many. And if there is motherhood, children suffer from unforeseen sicknesses due to disturbed Prana during pregnancy.

This HPV infection is increasing in India as teens are not rampant and involved in sex at very early age. No text book covers this 🙁

Sex followed by HPV vaccine is not a solution for teens. Brahmcharya is.

We do not give solid food to infant due to their inability, why can’t same be followed for cervix wall?

Think about it. Learn Vrata(s) of monsoon. Amazing but easy tools to remain in sync with mother nature.

Fat Smart City : Oxymoron

Smart City?
Smart City?
City Heat Sink
City Heat Sink

We aspire to shape existing cities as smart cities. Will it work?

Can you imagine city without steel and concrete? No. Besides usual usage in building homes and other shared usage, it is now part of roads and other land usages (Metro, Flyovers etc).

Steel and concrete absorbs and radiate more heat than their surroundings, raising the temperature in city area and creating the urban heat sinks or islands. This temperature also affects the surface energy balance. This in turn reduces surface moisture in a city. So even land free from concrete and steel is also under constant moisture depression.

A researcher found that high UHI (Urban Heat Island) intensity correlates with increased concentrations of air pollutants that gathered at night, which can affect the next day’s air quality. These pollutants include volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. The production of these pollutants combined with the higher temperatures in UHIs can quicken the production of ozone. You see the cascading impact?

This can be controlled when there is a planned city limit. Right now, we really do not have city limits.

This can be controlled when distance between two habitat (village or town or city) are maintained. No inter-city distance planned.
Public transport usage can also help.

Trees plantation can help but not significantly as it has huge steel and concrete to compete with. City limit is key here. Boundary. No more development beyond certain point. Or better, city mingled with forest.

City centers are growing like a cancer tumor. Attracting more and more from surroundings to make the place more dense and polluted.

Are there provisions for these issues in smart city planning?

Maratha Jury System(Peer Trial) in Satara reign (1808-1839)



Dharma Sabha
Dharma Sabha

Absolute power for Judges is easy to corrupt, capture and control. Sanatana dharma never believed in it. Even in states where Kingship was in practice, Nyaya was always considered sacred duty, and decisions were taken by group of local tribes.

Pratap Sinha, chatrapati raja reigned from 1808-1839 AD in Satara. Fall of Peshwa took place in the year 1818. Pratap Sinha’s reign coincided with British administration in Mumbai. He studied old customs, dharma shashtra(s) and compiled them in a YADI.

Accoding to Nyayadhish chapter of his Yadi, efforts should be made for amicable settlements through proper exertion of neighbours(peers) and panchayet & peers.

Selection of Panchayet  & Jury is not known, however who were included in Panch is clear from this reference

Also, please note the point that MAHAR, who is considered as low caste, were assisting Panchayet, as peers or part of Jury.

When education is compatible with dharma, it is easy to implement Jury trials in Bharat. Unfortunately, under present education system and society, we cannot implement it. However,it is important to know about better judiciary practice.

Book: Bharat Itihas Sanshodhak Mandal, 3rd Vol by Bhaskar Vaman Bhat

Who is raising your child?

Child Development
Child Development

“Who is raising your child?”
“That is weird question. Of course, we, his parents.”
“I don’t think so, you are not alone.Who else?”
“And who? You can say, his baby-sitter helps us.”
“Oh yes, our parents help too sometimes. His school teachers at school.”
“And you miss some more names…”
“TV commercials, soap opera, cartoon network, Salman, Aamir, Sachin, Ajay, Akshay, Dhoni, mobile games, video games, and the endless list of entertainment tools.When he is at home, doesn’t he spend more time with all of these than with you, your parents ?”
“Then who is actually raising your child? Certainly not you. It is damn your electronic monsters at home! Do not expect more from him than a cartoon overloaded with information and blind awe for entertainment.”
Screen entertainment (TV/Mobile/Laptop/Game player) , like nature and books, has by its same power to control the time, attention and cognitive habits of our youth. In fact, screen entertainment is new competing curriculum, killing institution of Bharatiya education by slow poisoning of shallowness.

Needless to add that same screen entertainment is responsible for accelerating ageing, abridging scope of childhood and lengthening adulthood, confused, weak, shallow and directionless youth.

Loggers outside (Power Saw Storm), loggers inside (Antibiotics Storm)

Img src:
Img src:
Internal Loggers : antibiotics Img src:
Internal Loggers : antibiotics
Img src:

This first photo from WWF is very popular meme explaining deforestation. Imagine a virgin forest in tropical area. Dense and full of life. From insects to primates. Richest diversity. Now imagine loggers moving in to cut the forest using chainsaw. Bulldozing 1000s of years of work by mother nature.

Yes, forest will regrow for sure. But never like before. Since reforestation efforts are manual, humane, it will not be complex and natural. Diversity will drop. Sensitive species will die out. Invaders will flourish.

Understand the risk of mindless deforestation by man-made machines? Dangerous, right?

Same thing happens when we take antibiotics. For the complex ecosystem of the gut, on a scale a million times tinier, the principle still stands. As we bulldoze native microbes in our body, unique GUT flora gifted to us by our mother, family members and home we live in, perish. But as I utter again and again, mother nature does not like vacuum, this empty GUT soon will be taken over again. But never like virgin forest. You may get unknown microbes. Some against your nature. Some altering your habits. Good or bad, you cannot predict. Antibiotic chainsaws and invasive pathogens pull apart the web of life that’s forged a balance through countless subtle interactions. If the destruction is large enough, the system cannot bounce back.

Not only antibiotics, unhealthy diet too is the cause. Eating food at unknown places. Eating from unknown cooks.

So for growing children, it is very critical to avoid antibiotics and unknown food. As much as possible.

Logger outside and loggers inside : Avoid. Or expect collapse, sooner or later. Of great intensity or lower. Your luck 🙂 Your kid’s luck. 🙂 Take care. (Y)

Prevention is the only cure. Keep body stress-free. Have good food. Sound sleep. No addictions. Early morning exercise. Evening walk in the woods. Happy moments with family. That is real medicine.

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