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Pottery : Essential Life Science

Life Science
Life Science

Sometimes you hear stories about people on the road (frequent flyers) that by drinking water of XYZ region, he or she lost hairs drastically (Vata Prakop) or caught up with new bodily weakness/sickness. This is due to change in water. (And this is the reason continuous travelling is avoided in dharmic civilization)

Water flowing through different soil has different swabhava (Vayu,Pitta,Kapha). Based on predominant dosha of the water, dosha of the population relying on that water is fixed over the period of time.

To avoid the prakop of Water’s dosha, specific shape of the pot is designed by potter scientists. And glass with same shape should be used to take water from pot and drink. Based on individual’s prakriti copper, clay or other metal (silver/gold etc) is prescribed.

Every year, on Ganesh Chaturthi, one should break the pot and get new pot. This is to avoid graha peeda (pain) (We call it viral or bacterial infection) arises due to accumulation of doshic properties from water by pot soil, through out the year.

Pottery is a perfect life science.

Navratri : Potent time of the year for spiritual cure


Abuse of nature’s law upsets the human system and ends up in disease like cancer. It is again the nature, the foremost physician who brings the cure.

To cure to various layers of the body, different treatments are used in Ayurveda. To cure the shukshma sharir (Google: “Panchkoshiy sharir” to know more), to cure the body layers other than physical body, various spiritual healing ways are prescribed.

Some of them are:

(1) Yagna
(2) Mantra Chanting
(3) Bhakti Yoga
(4) Meditation
(5) Yoga asanas, mudras and pranayamas.

Post-monsoon, to avoid epidemics, it is important to cure all-pervading cosmic consciousness embodied in our body. Above mentioned ways help in it.

Duplicity (A fraudulent or duplicitous representation) of modern Indian is hilarious. Since Yoga is famous in west, they don’t mind doing it. Other forms of spiritual healing are not popular so they make fun of them.

In reality, spiritual healing is integrated treatment. Only Yogic exercise or breathing exercise does not work. Mass level healing by bhajans, garba, mantra jap is also needed.

But there is no remedy for foolishness and ignorance of our age. So let the arrogant foolish Indians live in la la land(delusion). For slaves and fools, there is no alternative – they suffer and can never enjoy life fully…May God bless them.

Those who have faith and are ready surrender self to mighty mother nature, will in return have healthy life. They should engage in mass healing during Navratri time.

One such way is Yagna. Navratri is a potent time to perform Yagna. Our PM talks about Jan Andolan about Swacch Bharat (स्वच्छ भारत). Performing Yagna in this season purifies environment from नर्कासुर(s) grown in monsoon. It is biggest social duty one must follow during Navratri time. Yagna/Homam purifies both Atma/Self and environment.

But where is youth busy? In voyeur sessions at Garba ground – annual ogling season. Don’t tell me that all of you at garba ground are for Bhakti! 😀 (Though I appreciate those who genuinely are doing garba as spiritual sadhna)

स्वच्छ भारत does not only mean brooming the streets for selfie 😀.

Who will clean the Air? Who will clean and make environment spiritually healthy?

Must see this PPT by Subodh Kumar ji

अ‍ॅग्निहोत्र /होम भारतवर्ष की वेदों द्वारा विश्व को सब से उत्तम और महत्वपूर्ण विज्ञान के अनुसंधान की देन है.
पाश्चात्य विद्या के प्रभाव से बहुत से आधुनिक युवा अग्निहोत्र की उपलब्धियों को अंध विश्वास मानने लगे हैं |इस दिशा में आधुनिक काल में अक्कलकोट के ऋषि परांजपे द्वारा होमा का जो प्रचार और अनुसंधान कर के विश्व भर में सब पाश्चात्य देशों में जो अग्निहोत्र का सफल प्रचार किया है, वह अतुलनीय है. वेदों में अग्निहोत्र की सब उपलब्धियों को एक ही स्थान पर बड़े उत्तम ढंग से कैसे दिया है, आप स्वयं पढ़े | यहां यह भी बताना आवश्यक हो जाता है कि आधुनिक विज्ञान के अनुसंधान के अनुसार यह सब अग्निहोत्र के लाभ पूर्णतया विज्ञान सम्मत पाए गए हैं |

The hidden cause of Hypertension : Body Posture


Not only Hypertension, we will discuss hidden cause of  Irregular Brain blood flow, mental fatigue, stroke, heart attack, laziness, lack of creativity….list is long 🙂

Body Posture
Body Posture

I work for IT company. Some 300 odd colleagues in my location sit for 12 hrs or more. If I take glimpse of my work area, I find 75% and more of co-workers sitting in worse possible sitting position.

Things don’t stop at work area. Observe on road. You will find many riding vehicle in bad posture.

Go one step further. Prime time TV addicts in households – again worse posture.

Wrong posture
Wrong posture

No wonder, bad posture is the hidden cause of Blood pressure and hypertension.


Sinuses are of various types. A wide channel containing blood; does not have the coating of an ordinary blood vessel is one type of sinus. The carotid sinus is a dilated area in the bifurcation of the common carotid at the level of the superior border of thyroid cartilage. The carotid sinus is sensitive to pressure changes in the arterial blood at this level. The carotid sinus contains numerous baroreceptors which function as a “sampling area” for many homeostatic mechanisms for maintaining blood pressure.

In short, this area of body maintains blood pressure. This area is situated head and neck. The position in which you hold your body plays a major role in maintaining your blood pressure. Good posture could help keep blood pressure levels normal while bad posture could increase it. Posture is the position in which a body is held upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down. And good posture involves training a body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and spine during movement or weight-bearing activities.

New age service sectors fetched dollar salaries for young Indians. As a side effects, we also invited life-style diseases. High Blood Pressure now very common in 30-some professionals. Hours spent hunched over a computer raise blood pressure. Hours spent with bad posture raise it severely. Great dollar effect! Face it. Realize this: We go to our desk job each day, sit with a poor posture for nine hours, deadlines looming and have clients or a red faced boss breathing down our neck. Inevitably we end up stressed with tight neck muscles and after many years, blood pressure through the roof.

Action items:

• Take small breaks if your job demands continuous work on computer/desk after every 30 mins
• Do head and neck exercises daily.
• Do Surya namaskar daily
• During break, do deep breathing
• Maintain correct posture. ZERO TOLERANCE.
• Adjust and correct chair height and position by trial and error.

Minding your posture is about more than just looking pretty/handsome! So, look after your posture. There are more benefits to a healthy spine than you might expect!

Research: Human activity (Fertilizers and Pesticides, Deforestation) affecting microbes in soil


“Adding nitrogen and phosphorous, commonly used as fertilizers, to the soil beneath grasslands shifts the natural communities of fungi, bacteria and microscopic organisms”

Can you imagine the rampant destruction of our soil in last 50 years? So called Green revolution destroyed microbial wealth we once had. Reason why India was known as land of golden sparrows.

Urea Microbes
Urea Microbes

Our present govt is planning to promote second wave of Green Revolution. Few more forests will be cut and soil nurtured for 1000s of years will become desert in few years.

There is only one solution. Gau mata and her prasad. Cow-dung, urine, milk – they can only replenish dying soil in shortest possible time.


Consistent responses of soil microbial communities to elevated nutrient inputs in grasslands across the globe


Human activities have resulted in large increases in the availability of nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems worldwide. Although plant community responses to elevated nutrients have been well studied, soil microbial community responses remain poorly understood, despite their critical importance to ecosystem functioning. Using DNA-sequencing approaches, we assessed the response of soil microbial communities to experimentally added nitrogen and phosphorus at 25 grassland sites across the globe. Our results demonstrate that the composition of these communities shifts in consistent ways with elevated nutrient inputs and that there are corresponding shifts in the ecological attributes of the community members. This study represents an important step forward for understanding the connection between elevated nutrient inputs, shifts in soil microbial communities, and altered ecosystem functioning.


Soil microorganisms are critical to ecosystem functioning and the maintenance of soil fertility. However, despite global increases in the inputs of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) to ecosystems due to human activities, we lack a predictive understanding of how microbial communities respond to elevated nutrient inputs across environmental gradients. Here we used high-throughput sequencing of marker genes to elucidate the responses of soil fungal, archaeal, and bacterial communities using an N and P addition experiment replicated at 25 globally distributed grassland sites. We also sequenced metagenomes from a subset of the sites to determine how the functional attributes of bacterial communities change in response to elevated nutrients. Despite strong compositional differences across sites, microbial communities shifted in a consistent manner with N or P additions, and the magnitude of these shifts was related to the magnitude of plant community responses to nutrient inputs. Mycorrhizal fungi and methanogenic archaea decreased in relative abundance with nutrient additions, as did the relative abundances of oligotrophic bacterial taxa. The metagenomic data provided additional evidence for this shift in bacterial life history strategies because nutrient additions decreased the average genome sizes of the bacterial community members and elicited changes in the relative abundances of representative functional genes. Our results suggest that elevated N and P inputs lead to predictable shifts in the taxonomic and functional traits of soil microbial communities, including increases in the relative abundances of faster-growing, copiotrophic bacterial taxa, with these shifts likely to impact belowground ecosystems worldwide.

Is Medical Science A Myth?

Medical Science Myth
Medical Science Myth

“In some ways disease does not exist until we have agreed that it does, by perceiving, naming, and responding to it,”

– Charles E. Rosenberg

So many of us are now used to live with scientific myths. One of them is, with modern science development, we have been gifted secured hygiene tools. But if you read latest research on The hygiene hypothesis, it postulates that an environment with a high incidence of infectious diseases protects against allergic and autoimmune diseases, whereas hygienic surroundings increase the incidence of these disorders. Read on.

Ever since modern medicine has waged war against bacteria and viruses, using their dumb weapons like antibiotics and antiviral chemicals, world has seen gradual decrease in occurrence of deadly infectious diseases.

War victory! Good, right?


Further, same data points suggests that while infectious diseases occurrence is reduced, occurrence of immune system disorders like Type 1 diabetes , Asthma, Multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, have increased significantly.

Moreover, countries whom you consider DEVELOPED show higher trend of immune system disorders. Oh yeah, development side effects! Epidemiologic data provide strong evidence of a steady rise in the incidence of allergic and autoimmune diseases in developed countries over the past three decades. [1]

In fact, due to overuse of dumb weapons like antibiotics and antiviral chemicals, not so surprisingly, intestinal colonization with gram-negative bacteria, for instance, occurs later in developed than in less-developed countries, both quantitatively and qualitatively [2]. And if you don’t know, early intestinal colonization by friendly bacteria is very critical for physical and mental growth of a child. [3] [4] [5]

For your surprise, countries/regions not affected by so called globalization of life style, do not suffer much from immune system disorder. Common and layman will respond that it is because in less-developed countries, all cases are not reported. Well, then you must study what biologists are saying about UNDERLYING MECHANISMS before passing general statement.

Biologists are saying that infection is good for us! Infections protect against allergic and autoimmune diseases. The term that they use is ‘antigenic competition’. Antigenic competition, in which the immune response to an antigen is decreased by a concomitant immune response against an unrelated antigen. [6][7] Story of this Antigenic competition starts when married couples decide to have baby. The transfer of maternal antiviral antibodies to newborns may also have a role in the susceptibility to autoimmune diseases. Decreased exposure of women to particular viruses before pregnancy may subsequently reduce the degree of protection against these viruses afforded to their newborns [8] Exposure to these viruses could provoke an immune response in the children that could ultimately lead to an autoimmune disease. This hypothesis could apply to the development of type 1 diabetes, in which rubella virus and coxsackie B virus have been implicated. Now imagine our educated urban middle class young females, influenced by western life style and bombarded by TV ads, using tons of antibacterial chemicals, taking antibiotics for trivial cold and fever, using toxic cosmetics….what should we expect from future mothers?

One more example: Hay fever or Allergic rhinitis, is an allergic inflammation of the nasal airways. Excess nasal secretion), itching, and nasal congestion and obstruction. Nasal allergy may cause recurrent sinusitis because of the obstruction to the sinus Ostia. It may lead to the formation of nasal polypi. Nasal allergy can result in serious otitis media and orthodontic problems. Patients of nasal allergy have four times more risk of developing bronchial asthma.
Number of people in the U.S. who have either allergy or asthma symptoms: one in five.
Percentage of the U.S. population that tests positive to one or more allergens: 55%. [9] Same stats is true in metros and tier 2 cities of India, under the influence of massive and mindless urbanization.
But farmers in my village, despite living in so called hell full of pollens, rarely experience this condition. And this is worldwide true for communities living close to nature.
In short, there is a certain irony in the fact that we must now search for new ways to reproduce the infectious diseases against which MODERN MEDICINE have been fighting with great success over the past three decades. Whom you consider as developed countries are nothing but nations living on continuous confused, chaotic and self-centered trial and error methods about standard of living. On the other hand, when we talk about Manu and his smriti prescribing certain code of conducts, we either laugh on them or ignore considering them as ancient, designed for some ancient civilization.

Seriously, we need to relook to our scriptures, including Ayurveda and start re-designing life styles. Otherwise, Type 1 diabetese and asthama like immune system disorders are here to stay with us.

The philosophical result of chemical medicine’s success has been belief in the Technological Fix. Drugs became the best or only valid treatments for all ailments. Prevention, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, the patient’s physical and mental uniqueness, environmental pollutants—all were glossed over.

No one who’s seen the decline of pneumonia and a thousand other infectious diseases, will deny the benefits of technology. But, as most advances do, this one has cost us something irreplaceable: Degenerative diseases— heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, cancer, stroke, arthritis, hypertension, ulcers, and all the rest—have replaced infectious diseases as the major enemies of life and destroyers of its quality.

The failure of technological medicine is due, paradoxically, to its success, which at first seemed so overwhelming that it swept away all aspects of medicine as an art.


Keep aside your intellectual arrogance, have faith in nature, read Manu Smriti (and other scriptures), unveil ageless hints, do research, find truths behind instructions, design solutions in present context like start nurturing gau mata (desi cows), start using cow-dung, urine for basic cleanliness and discard all foolish weapons against so called enemies i.e. bacteria and viruses.

[2] Adlerberth I, Carlsson B, de Man P, et al. Intestinal colonization with Enterobacteriaceae in Pakistani and Swedish hospital-delivered infants. Acta Paediatr Scand 1991;80:602-10.
[7] (Google book link for ADVANCES IN IMMUNOLOGY, Volume 18)

Difference between Rama’s Bharat and Ravana’s Lanka

Ayodhya vs Lanka
Ayodhya vs Lanka

What is difference between Raam ‘s Bharat and Ravana’s Lanka?

Bharat had abundant of Natural forest/Natural landscapes. Lanka had naturalized(Make more natural or lifelike) forest.
Look around you. What do you see most? Artificially grown lawns/Golf Course(Modern Asoka Vana) or Natural green pastures for cows?
We are living in Lanka. And we want to call it Raam Rajya 🙂

How is your life? Natural or Naturalized (Inspired from Media driven green campaigns)?

Ladder of Societal Service

Seva - Service ladder
Seva – Service ladder

सेवा or service or selfless acts should start from your nearest peripheral activities (bottom up approach). If we directly jump to समाज सेवा/राष्ट्र सेवा, we may succeed but the success is not reflection of our full throttled capacity. Why waste our efficiency? And if we fail, the frustration will keep us away from selfless work.

Go step by step.

Start with your body. Service to Body. Keep it fit and healthy. Keep it away from laziness, lethargy and procrastination. Play sports. Do exercise. Eat fresh food.

Take care of your senses. Save them from indulgence traps (Bollywood, Cricket, Lust, Food cravings)

Take care of your mind. Let it not engaged in useless thoughts.

Take care of your intellect. Stop intellectual involvement in devilish plans to destroy others, office politics, pastime debates, gossip etc.

Let there be no attachment with your work. Work for the sake of work.

And when all of above are serviced selflessly, work for family, society and Nation! See the difference! Experience true fulfillment of life!

Natya Shashtra (Fifth Veda) vs Present Entertainment

Natya Shashtra
Natya Shashtra

For those who live under the shadow of Veda, don’t really need entertainment. But we have our own Kalaj (Time-bound) limitations. But, does that mean we accept anything and everything in name of entertainment?

I personally consider present day entertainment as dangerous weapon, destroying various shades of Indian society. One new friend asked: Why animosity against entertainers? Anyhow no one take them seriously in life.

Entertainment for mass is not new for our society. Annual Ram-leela for example or all dance forms from various regions.

Central theme of mass-entertainment (As per Natya shashtra) was always to rejuvenate tired minds (due to total commitment to grihasthi) and re-instill principles of dharmic living by audio-visual demonstration. The life-degenerating or life-decaying forces were never glorified. Sickness of mind was shown won and triumphed. Relative goodness win. Sattva and Rajas glorification.(Based on target audience)

Modern entertainment glorifies psychos, sick and decaying factors related human existence. Tamas Glorification.

न तज्ज्ञानं न तच्छिल्पं न सा विद्या न सा कला ।
नासौ योगो न तत्कर्मंनाट्येऽस्मिन् यन्न दृश्यते ।।

कोई ज्ञान, कोई शिल्प, कोई विद्या, कोई कला, कोई योग, कोई कर्म ऐसा नहीं है, जो नाट्य में दिखाई न देता हो।

No Wisdom, No Craftsmanship, No Knowledge of Subject, No Arts, No Yoga, No Work which is not seen in Dance(Natya). – Natya Shastra, 1-116

Our folklores, poems and stories were never written for the sake of providing entertainment. Take any scholastic work beyond Ramayana and Mahabharata, you will find reference to niti shashtra, Ayurved and other terrains of life.

Totally opposite to this purpose, current form of Bollywood is so destructive in nature that it consumes all senses at full throttle and yet there is no benefit produced. Time wasting and life destructive activity. This is the fundamental reason why external sensuality focused Bollywood is useless to society and I will keep opposing it.

What were the circumstances which led to creation of the fifth Veda or Natya Vidhya? And for whom it was created?

When you put yourself as audience with self-analysis mode, you realize certain impact of plays/drama. One of the primary thing we all realize it that any drama brings self-identification with the focus on drama situation. Purpose of drama was to make audience realize through experience 4 purpose of life 1) Dharma 2) Artha 3) Kama 4) Moksha (Modern entertainment does not fulfill this criteria so it is not entertainment but peversion to me)

But why when the 4 Veda(s) already teaches the same?

As per the Natya Shashtra, during treta yuga, gods (Deva) headed by Indra requested Brahma to create play thing which can automatically silently drive humans towards the path of dharma. This was needed because, under the influence of Treta Yuga, majority were with Rajas predominant nature. Since Rajas dominates, life is lived for selfish desires and emotions. They lead to pain and pleasure mixture. Play-thing is for them as a diversion to make them realize dharma. Such diversion was necessary for humanity. For humanity, deviating from right path under the influence of Rajas, it was necessary. This could not be achieved by the instructions of Veda (As majority’s senses are not fit for Vedic recitation).

In short, purpose of dramaturgy was to keep humanity aligned with sva-dharma.

Now, do your own fact check. Is Bollywood or any modern form of entertainment medium doing it? No. Hence, it is junk and we really shouldn’t waste precious life behind it.

Reference: The Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Comparative Aesthetics Vol.1 by Pandey, Kanti Chandra, 1950 (Chapter 1, Page 6)




Man is known by the company he keeps : We all have individual microbial cloud

Man is known by the company he keeps.

Above phrase is popular cultural conclusion. There is no science involved but this is what wise from us have concluded.


CAPTION We each give off millions of bacteria from our human microbiome to the air around us every day, and that cloud of bacteria can be traced back to an individual. New research focused on the personal microbial cloud -- the airborne microbes we emit into the air -- examined the microbial connection we have with the air around us. The findings demonstrate the extent to which humans possess a unique 'microbial cloud signature.' CREDIT Image created by Viputheshwar Sitaraman, of Draw Science. Also view this graphical abstract at
We each give off millions of bacteria from our human microbiome to the air around us every day, and that cloud of bacteria can be traced back to an individual. New research focused on the personal microbial cloud — the airborne microbes we emit into the air — examined the microbial connection we have with the air around us. The findings demonstrate the extent to which humans possess a unique ‘microbial cloud signature.’
Image created by Viputheshwar Sitaraman, of Draw Science. Also view this graphical abstract at

Humans emit upwards of 106biological particles per hour, and have long been known to transmit pathogens to other individuals and to indoor surfaces.


Here is an interesting paper discussing same. Microbes are प्राणिक signature. You can say, floated and distributed cellular intelligence. Your home, your work area, your family members, your colleagues, they have their own signature. Museum of their own microbes. More time you spend with them, more you exchange this प्राणिक signatures. And slowly, above saying becomes true.

And so it is critical to keep good company. It is critical to do सत्संग.

One more reason why we restrict children to visit alien places alone. They have very sensitive प्राणमय शरीर. They are in growth or learning phase. So they are susceptible to imbibe alien signatures. And same is true for persons with weak mind.

“Our results confirm that an occupied space is microbially distinct from an unoccupied one, and and demonstrate for the first time that individuals release their own personalized microbial cloud,” the authors concluded.

It is always preferable to live life in tribe who share your roots, habits and customs. 🙂 (That is where Varna and Jati played critical role of sustaining Indian societal fabric)

One more reason why it is advised to keep newborn in quarantine area of home in company of mother only i.e. to avoid incompatible microbial clouds that may hamper growth. And only after निष्क्रमण संस्कार (4 months) , infant is allowed to go out and exchange with environment. It is called वृध्धि सूतक.

And same is the reason why unrestrained sex with multiple partners is causing severe immune deficiency. We call it AIDS. 🙂 (As there will be chaotic exchange of incompatible Pranic Footprints)

Microbial cloud
Microbial cloud

Microbial cloud = प्राण in distribution = Floated intelligence. Some compatible with you, many not. ==> Infection, Immune disorders.

Reason why we clean homes regularly. Reason why we do grih-shanti before moving into new home. To stabilize the Floated intelligence of the home.

This does not mean that you cannot live life without doing all of this. 🙂 Just there may be unforeseen obstacles. Being sensitive about environment around helps us to perform our duties toward the world effortlessly. That is the purpose of life.


“We each give off millions of bacteria from our human microbiome to the air around us every day, and that cloud of bacteria can be traced back to an individual. New research focused on the personal microbial cloud — the airborne microbes we emit into the air — examined the microbial connection we have with the air around us. The findings demonstrate the extent to which humans possess a unique ‘microbial cloud signature.'”

New research finds that people emit their own personal microbial cloud

We each give off millions of bacteria from our human microbiome to the air around us every day, and that cloud of bacteria can be traced back to an individual. New research focused on the personal microbial cloud — the airborne microbes we emit into the air — examined the microbial connection we have with the air around us. The findings demonstrate the extent to which humans possess a unique ‘microbial cloud signature’.

The striking results were driven by several groups of bacteria that are ubiquitous on and in humans, such as Streptococcus, which is commonly found in the mouth, and Propionibacterium and Corynebacterium, both common skin residents. While these common human-associated microbes were detected in the air around all people in the study, the authors found that the different combinations of those bacteria were the key to distinguishing among individual people.

“We expected that we would be able to detect the human microbiome in the air around a person, but we were surprised to find that we could identify most of the occupants just by sampling their microbial cloud,” said lead author James F. Meadow, a postdoctoral researcher formerly from the Biology and the Built Environment Center at the University of Oregon.

“Our results confirm that an occupied space is microbially distinct from an unoccupied one, and and demonstrate for the first time that individuals release their own personalized microbial cloud,” the authors concluded.

The research sheds light on the extent to which we release our human microbiome to our surrounding environment, and might help understand the mechanisms involved in the spread of infectious diseases in buildings. The results also suggest potential forensic applications, for example to identify or determine where a person has been, though it is unclear whether individual occupants can be detected in a crowd of other people.

Humans differ in their personal microbial cloud

Dispersal of microbes between humans and the built environment can occur through direct contact with surfaces or through airborne release; the latter mechanism remains poorly understood. Humans emit upwards of 106biological particles per hour, and have long been known to transmit pathogens to other individuals and to indoor surfaces. However it has not previously been demonstrated that humans emit a detectible microbial cloud into surrounding indoor air, nor whether such clouds are sufficiently differentiated to allow the identification of individual occupants. We used high-throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA genes to characterize the airborne bacterial contribution of a single person sitting in a sanitized custom experimental climate chamber. We compared that to air sampled in an adjacent, identical, unoccupied chamber, as well as to supply and exhaust air sources. Additionally, we assessed microbial communities in settled particles surrounding each occupant, to investigate the potential long-term fate of airborne microbial emissions. Most occupants could be clearly detected by their airborne bacterial emissions, as well as their contribution to settled particles, within 1.5–4 h. Bacterial clouds from the occupants were statistically distinct, allowing the identification of some individual occupants. Our results confirm that an occupied space is microbially distinct from an unoccupied one, and demonstrate for the first time that individuals release their own personalized microbial cloud.

Surya Namaskar : Remedy for premature weaken heart, skin and early aging


आयुर्वेद , अथर्वेद का उपवेद है। अथर्वेद में सूर्य की रश्मियों से उपचार की कई विधियाँ मिलती हैं। जैसे ” अनुसूर्यमुदयतां हृदूद्योतो हरिमा चते.। गो रोहितस्य वर्णेंन तेन त्वापरिदध्मसि ।। ” यह ऋचा हृदय रोगी से सम्बोधित है। इसमें कहा गया है कि ” तेरा हृदयोत्तेजन , हृदशूल , हृददाह , आदि हृदय रोग , हलीमक , पाण्डु रोग , सूर्य की किरणों के माध्यम से देह से बाहर निकल जायें। अतः तुम नारंगी रंग वाले सूर्य की प्ररंभिक किरणों का सेवन करो। ”

Sunrise Worship as remedy
Sunrise Worship as remedy

उद्द्यन्नाद्य मित्रमह आरोहन्नुत्रम दिवं
हृदयरोगम मम र्सू हरिमाणं च नाशाय||

इस ऋचा का अर्थ है कि सूर्य की किरणें हृदय और त्वचा के अनेक रोगों को ठीक करती हैं।

Surya Namaskar during Sunrise is a best (preventive medicine) way to stay away from Heart Attack and allied life style diseases known to suck vigor out of life.

Sun is the ultimate source of cellular intelligence. If there is fault in your cellular intelligence, only he can save. Go, surrender to him with revered heart, without any arrogance and rationality. Worship him daily.

But wait!We wake up at 8! 😀 😀

Don’t you know new mantra? ‘Work hard, party harder!’ We go to bed at 1 am and you expect us to in front of Sun at sunrise! No way! Then be ready for consequences! 🙂 Invite dooms day for you and your kids!

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