70% to 90% of what you call as your ‘Body’ is non-human i.e. Bacteria. They reside on every inch of your skin, in your mouth, nose, and ears, in your esophagus, stomach, and especially your gut. Women have a rich assortment of bacteria in the vagina.

So when we talk about antibiotic drugs, we are actually talking about raging war against self i.e. 90% of our body i.e. Bacteria 😀.

Think about it.

Bad bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, Predator bacteria, deadly virus, killer virus, super bug…endless terms to define Nature’s little creations.
If you live significant life with mother nature, you will realize, like I did in past decade, that there is nothing absolutely good or bad.

Based on situation, place, time, season, bacteria are either compatible with individual body, and able to exist and perform actions in harmonious or agreeable combination, or incompatible ones who just cannot mingle with specific state of human body.

Our goal should be to regain compatible state, as early as possible so that we all ( I and my bacteria friends) can live together happily.
Viruses anyhow are benign and not harmful.

It will be revolution in medical field if we get rid of all terms starting with “anti-” prefix. No Life form is against anyone. Everyone cooperates heartily. It is just human with free will that disregards duties

If just live life as per needs and nature of our body, sickness becomes alien concept.

PS: “Cutting branch of the tree while sitting on it” is a wellknow story from the works of Kalidasa. Do explore 🙂