Physical work induces stress. Optimum stress. This stress benefits. However when the stress become chronic, it works against the stress principle and causes life-threatening situations. Even excessive exercise at Gym is also chronic stress.

Most of us do two things unknowingly.

  1. Increasing mental stress to chronic level
  2. Never or rarely indulge in optimum stress.

This results into silent killing situation i.e. Heart attack, cancer etc.

Here is the interesting supporting research:


Cell Stress Response Sheds Light on Treating Inflammation-related Cancer, Aging

Human cells have complicated ways to protect themselves from becoming cancerous. One way is to force “premature aging” via senescence, a process that induces cells to stop growing. Although senescence suppresses cancer, which is the good side of this physiological balance, there is also a dark side. Senescence is associated with normal aging, and senescent cells accumulate in aged tissues. This accumulation impairs healthy tissue by triggering hyper-inflammation. This overdrive eventually contributes to age-related diseases including cancer, heart disease, and neurodegeneration. The overall idea for future therapy is to make a small molecule that could stop the dark side of senescence to treat age-related diseases, especially those related to chronic inflammation.

“Chromatin – structures in the cell nucleus in which genes reside – is traditionally viewed as a cell component that stays put in the nucleus to regulate gene expression,” Berger said “We discovered misplaced chromatin fragments outside the nucleus that pinch off from the nuclei of senescent cells.”