Some communities in India do not eat onion and garlic at all (For spiritual reasons and to avoid TAMAS nature and remain sattvik). Imagine what they miss.

As per research, onions work for preventing and curing cancer.

Have you ever seen farm labor or construction labor inflicted by cancer?

No. They have onion in diet and they do hard-work 🙂.

“As per Ayurveda, who does physical work has to eat onion. if our work profile does not allow us to do physical work then TAMAS will increase if eaten onion.” – Dhruv Dave

Modern science experiments don’t talk about conditions 🙂.

Summer is approaching. Eat onions. Since many of us do not do hard work, it is must for us to do exercise so that onion can work.

Only eating onions won’t work.


Inhibitory effects of onion (Allium cepa L.) extract on proliferation of cancer cells and adipocytes via inhibiting fatty acid synthase.

Onion Kills 85% of Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro: An extract of onions was shown to kill up to 85% of aggressive, triple-negative breast cancer cells in vitro in this study. It also dramatically slowed the cancer cell’s growth by 84%, by shutting down their ability to manufacture fatty acids. But can onions reduce breast cancer risk in women? Yes, according to a study out of Italy where women consuming at least one serving of onions daily saw a 25% reduction in breast cancer risk (one serving = 3 ounces or 80 grams). That same dosage also reduced ovarian cancer risk by 73%. Why are onions so powerful? They contain thiosulfinates (sulfur-based compounds which potently inhibit cancer) and they are also a uniquely concentrated source of healthy 4-Oxo-flavonoids: only kale, black currants and the herb sage deliver as much per ounce! Onions may have further health benefits as well: they have lowered blood sugar in diabetic patients in one study, and in a recent clinical trial, overweight women eating 50-60 grams daily of raw red onion actually saw their cholesterol levels drop significantly. Onions are low in calories, are easy to include in a healthy diet in salads, soups, omelettes, sandwiches, even smoothies. Note: just as raw garlic is better than cooked for fighting cancer, raw onion is likely to offer the most benefit (both are allium vegetables).