Aspiring leader? Test your grit!


नृतम: अपाचीने तमसि मदन्ती: शचीभि: प्राची: चकार | – ऋषि वशिस्थ, ऋग्वेद
नृतम: – True leader

अपाचीने तमसि – Those who believe in reforms and constructive work but are always indulged(मदन्ती:) in wicked and short-sighted activities (TV gossip, Cricket score gossip, group politics, cheap sarcasm) and left with no time for constructive work. (Pity the nation that despises a passion in its dream,yet submits in its awakening.- Kahlil Gibran)

शचीभि: प्राची: चकार – awake and direct ignorant and lost in despair type citizens in constructive activities

“True leader devote his/her time, awakening ignorant citizens indulged in wicked and non-constructive activities, gather them together for a noble cause and channelize their non-constructive time for Nation’s progress.”

*non-constructive does not only mean destructive. You may not destroy anything and yet don’t spend time for constructive work as well.

Paid and salaried NGOs can not change the face of the Nation. We need self-motivated leaders. Each one of us, dedicated for a sublime cause.

Those indulged in Cricket Score trivia and Bollywood Gossip, cheap stand up comedy, cannot lead the society. No exception.

Watch for your daily routine. How much time do you waste behind Cricket/Bollywood/Political gossip?