Now it is official. Obesity is rampant in rural India. It only gets worse in urban India. In many ways, Indian lifestyle and dietary habits are extremely unhealthy. It is extremely carbohydrate and sugar rich. Green vegetables and fruits form only a miniscule part of the diet. The failure is at all levels:

1. No awareness that Indians are eating an unhealthy diet.

2. Lack of fitness culture. It is only now the Bollywood is introducing the trend of toned and glamorous body. Sadly, it would be a long time before this much needed trend reaches rural India given that much of India is still very conservative where showing off one’s body is frowned upon.

3. Shortage of healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. Very few Indians even realize that fat-free milk which is ubiquitously sold in India is terrible for health because it is packed with sugars.

4. The urban pastime seems to be eating at restaurants and watching mega serials. In Chennai, I am disappointed to see that even residential neighborhoods have been converted into restaurants and every street is packed with those.

This is a ticking time bomb which would drain Indian economy. Do you eat more than two thin chapattis in a day? Do you eat sambar rice + rasam rice + curd rice? Do you add sugar to anything at all? Shame on you. Anything more than 50 g of carb/day is very harmful. Two thin chapattis or a really small cup of cooked rice alone provide it. If you’re eating anything more, you’re eating unhealthy. You’re also preparing yourself for an early and inglorious death. You are being irresponsible because you don’t realize that your children would pay the price for your unhealthy lifestyle.


  1. Hi,
    “Anything more than 50g/day of carbs is very harmful” – isn’t it sever undereating ? BTW is the advice geared for women or for both genders ? As far as I know, its mainly hypothyroidism, gut dysbiosis(a theme consistent across your articles) , lack of vitamins/minerals to process carbs is the problem. Wouldn’t a 6″0 tall man with a TSH ,let’s say between 1.0 – 1.2 ( and normal T3 and T4 production) literally die of starvation on 50g/carbs per day ?

    • Not sure how this post appeared here. I investigated and found that it was someone else post that I posted in FB. Before I started writing here, someone else was managing this blog by copying my FB posts here. I agree, specific carb number given in this post is unscientific and personal observation by someone. I will remove that part of the note.

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