The most seasoned hypocrites (દંભી,दंभी) are those who consider to rape their own body 24×7 by indulging in sensual extremes as normal. Any it is “LOL” moment when you see these hypocrites write essays on hypocrisy.

lol. 😀 Just read one such article on hypocrisy by a seasoned hypocrite.


I don’t believe in fear mongering of any sort that modern medicine practices. I know, smoking does not kill everyone and alcohol is consumed by more than half of the world. So?

To drink or not;to smoke or not;to eat animals or not, is your willful choice. You decided it. Most of us select this option based on how much and how prolonged pleasure this action gives us.

So life is all about pleasure? Sensual achievement is the only thing? This type of mindset is rapist mindset. They are worse than criminal rapist we see in society.

Rapist? How?

While you are indulged in sensual pleasure raised from your actions, you forget that you are custodian of 150 trillion and more body cells and microbes whose livelihood depends upon your actions. Your extreme indulgence creates famine condition for them. You starve them daily. Is it not rape of worse kind to torture your body?

But this seasoned hypocrite using power of words convince youth that those who are striving to become sane using dharma teachings are hypocrite and so you must ignore them and enjoy life. Unfortunately, youth has lost power of discriminatory intellect so they get convinced.

Think about. Do you really love your body? If yes, try to love your body by right actions. Live moderate life. Do not live on extreme ends of pendulum.

Beware of armchair intellectuals who are promoting rape of body as normal condition.