Couple of days back, I shared that plants and soil await rain, not just for water but the flow or Prana with it.

Does it matter? Is it really Prana that is awaited?

Let me add few more sentences to it.

Rain is not about water! It is about the travel of water with all cloud-chaos! Cellular intelligence(प्राण) travel with chaos.

Monsoon brings प्राणिक (प्राण) replenishment. Its not about rain. It is about the sun energy traveled with rain. सूर्य = प्राण.


2500 years back, Chanakya/Kautilya said

नदी वेगेन शुध्यति

It is common sense imparted to Indians by their Rishi-scientists that it is ideal to drink flowing water of river. Ganga jal is considered most sacred for her unique flow through fertile rocks of Himalaya.

Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research finds relevant conclusion.

They say: Flowing water energises minerals.
We believe: Flowing water instills Prana in minerals.

But…wait…we have converted our rivers into gutters. We dammed rivers mindlessly. What a foolish and barbaric civilization we have become…


Flowing water energises minerals

The electric charge of mineral surfaces changes in flowing water – a finding that is also important for understanding geological processes


When water flows over glass or rock, the chemical changes that occur are more profound than had been previously assumed. Using a sophisticated spectroscopic method, a team from the Mainz-based Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and the University of Namur in Belgium has discovered that the electric charge of mineral surfaces changes radically under a flow of water, as many ions are preferentially dissolved from the material. The type of mineral involved and the acidity or alkalinity of the flowing water determine whether and how strongly the surface is positively or negatively charged. However, the change in the charge can be so radical that it corresponds to a 100-fold change in the acid concentration. The change in the surface charge is directly linked to electrical activity and consequently changes the energy of the surface and its reactivity. This recent discovery could therefore have consequences for understanding numerous chemical processes in nature and in industry.